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  1. Happened to me before. All paid for. Excellent customer service, Frederik is a top bloke! Enjoy.
  2. I am sure they are. What's driving them and going to make them sing...amplification?
  3. Still for sale?
  4. Me like it a lot. The new version has good reviews as well
  5. Wow, that's lots to take in. Thanks, to all, for your ideas and knowledge, much appreciated. I would have placed the hi-fi along the long run of the room but furniture etc and wife wouldn't allow. Playing across the width of the room isn't ideal but life goes on. Isn't the sound just reflecting off the floor? Do I need a large rug? I came to my current set up form many hours listening and moving speakers. This helped: But as we know compromises need to be made as we do live in our front rooms as well. Reference my speakers S.F. veneer 2.5 does anyone have personal recommendations on placement. I've toed mine in, to face the listening spot. Thanks again. Neil
  6. I found out just by chance a have a better listening experience when I climb out of my listening position and sit on a window sill directly behind me. It's a good 2 foot higher 1 foot back from the proper listening position. Bass is deeper and more solid. Soundstage is improved. This shouldn't be the case! Currently, have the floor standing speakers on 1" granite slabs 8 foot apart, slightly towed inwards, 400mm off the back walls. I'm normally sitting on a sofa two and a half meters away and from the speakers, which are slightly pulled off the back wall. The windowsill is directly behind me where I find the sweet spot. Have wooden floors with no carpet, just a small rug. Medium furnished room. The room is L shaped -speakers are on the ninety degrees facing the shorter run. What are the hells going on? What's causing this effect? Any ideas how I can get the same sound at my listening position. I don't fancy being perched on the windowsill forever.
  7. Yes Thanks, all good. Thanks again for letting me come and look & Listen. Lovely sounding system. Thanks for your warm hospitality, very rare these days. Hope I didn't overstay my welcome, time flew! Welcome to return the offer, just PM me when you are free. Best Regards Neil
  8. Thanks, but dont want to change the synology yet.
  9. Looking at meeting up with an expert...someone to share knowlage on computer based systems idealy Rjiver/synology nas. Have a look, listen, learn and chat.
  10. I love jriver, but having a computer always on for this sole purpose is a bit of a pain. SOMEone always closes the programe or switches of the computer (or even jriver freezes)...also the computer isn't in the same room as it's too NOISY. Can't jriver make it work with my synology nas yet without the computer being always on...just the app? Thinking of this to solve the computer issue: MINIX Z83-4 Fanless Mini PC Desktop Windows 10 OS (64-bit) Intel Cherry Trail Quad-Core X5-Z8350 64-bit 4GB/32GB Gigabit Ethernet 2.4/5G Wi-Fi Dual Output Mini DP and HDMI 1.4 BT 4.2 Any good? It's Fanless and noiseless. What is my best options for the best sound and flexability? Have used plex server on and off with my synology and MoonMind...what do people think of plex? Does plex play my hi-res files from my nas in high quality format? How do I check? MoonMind & Synology apps doesn't cut the mustard in my books- limiting. (on a different topic- Please could someone help us out and confirm the best multitude of sound set up options in jriver- flac files on pc over cat cable to MoonMind to DAC) Lots of jumbled up questions I know.. but hope you understand it all? Thanks in advance. Neil