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  1. Forgive me. The Gato DAC/Amp dia250 can run roon with a PC via USB but my Moon MiND 180 streamer cant? That don't make any sense.
  2. Been using Jriver for some time now. Not so intuitive at the start as one hopes but once learned you can do anything, make endless tweaks and configurations. New Layouts, multiple endpoints/rooms is it strong points. Searching for tracks is so easy to. The fact I just tried roon and it failed in so many ways. sound and connection issues. Couldn't connect to my moon mind 180 as I found out needs an £800 upgrade to be roon ready Happy to pay 20-30£ every few years for an jriver upgrade. Works well for me.
  3. The cost of the upgrade for my moon180 to the mind 2 platform is £800!!!!! I buy a whole new Roon ready streamer for that!!!
  4. Problem is the PC is 6m away. I have the cable under the floor. Not the best of cables. Would the sound be equal to the mind?
  5. If I plug my Gato 250 dac into the PC via USB that would work? Bypassing the mind completely? What are my best options for sound quality?
  6. So let me get this right. It has to be a roon ready device to work, regardless. The PC is doing the grunt?
  7. Hi, Free trial of roon and it's not going as well as expected. What to play music via my moon mind streamer but it can't be found by the roon OS on my network? Jriver works fine, was hoping roon would too. Please help newbie to roon. Cheers
  8. Happened to me before. All paid for. Excellent customer service, Frederik is a top bloke! Enjoy.
  9. I am sure they are. What's driving them and going to make them sing...amplification?
  10. Still for sale?