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  1. I've replaced all the belts and have used manufacturer supplied lubricant. As for sound, when it was working I was quite happy with it . I think I'll stump up the cash and go for the upgrade. I put a brand new rb202 arm on it a couple of months ago, so with the new motor I've replaced all the big stuff and would like to get a few years out of it. I'm not big on box swapping to be fair and I am pretty brand loyal . Plus I'd only get about £150 for it , having spent all the cash.
  2. Evening all, having had a bit of a run on charity shop vinyl buying yesterday i came home to find my Rega Planar 3, bought at least 2nd hand off the wam some time back, running at 30rpm or less - not good. As usual cash strapped, so I am weighing up 2 options. Should I buy a second handheld motor which may be 30 years old for £30 , or should I buy the new 24v model which is being sold as an upgrade? I have heard that the 24v model can be noisy, and that has been an issue with the current motor, which i think has probably had a wonky bearing for some time, hence the noise and speed issues. Thoughts?
  3. I've got 6 fingers ! Surely this is progress .
  4. in terms of lubrication, what should I use? I've tried contacting local Rega dealers on this one,but no one has replied as yet.
  5. It's an older model, although I have replaced the bands in the last year.
  6. So I've had my Planar 3 for about a year now, and I've just upgraded to a RB202 arm which is very nice. Trouble is , I am still getting a low grade rumble from the motor ( a sort of wop, wop, wop noise), which is a nuisance. I had wondered if the pulley on the motor was coming into contact with the glass platter. i have tried to push the pulley down onto the motor spindle, but i don't think that there is any further travel there. I also wondered if lubricating the bearing would help. I have read similar older posts on other forums, but so far no solutions to the problem. It is relatively quiet, and once the music starts it isn't that noticeable, however I would prefer to get as close to silent as I can and given that this is a a very popular turntable, I wondered if anyone else has had this issue and what they did to remedy ? All suggestions gratefully received etc ,etc
  7. I'm looking for a Rega tonearm for my Planar 3. Ideally looking for something fairly newish, to replace my knackered RB200 which has given up the ghost, and I can't be arsed refurbishing it. Anyone got anything which fits the bill for a reasonable skull ?
  8. Having purchased a Rega Planar 3 with a R200 tonearm some months ago I have noticed a hum from the Rega Brio 3 amp (with built in phono stage) which increases with volume. I have replaced the cartridge ( because the one supplied was of indeterminate age and use) with a audio technical AT95E which if anything has increased the hum. I have identified that the tonearm has earthing problems ( i.e. I hold it , creating a path to earth and the hum disappears) which I have not been able to correct by earthing off the earthing point on the back of the amp box. Essentially I am considering 2 options: 1) try and source a rewiring kit to address the hum and also see if I can get an equivalent bias band ( the band has snapped ) or 2) buy a new rega tonearm which will probably solve my problems at a stroke but might cost me £200 Which of these is the better option and has anyone first hand experience ?
  9. I had a listen to this on Radio 4 on the way home and to be fair the lady who was interviewed did concede that there may be other factors at play also. This will be a long list which will include: variety of diet, genetic disposition to bowel cancer, stress - which for me is the biggest of them all, background factors ( do you live next to a metal smelter ?). This is supposedly based on a distillation of several hundred surveys.......I am a maths and statistics graduate, so naturally suspicious of anyone who starts throwing numbers around randomly. Slow day in the world, so time to fill the news with a throwaway story . Wasn't the whale watching death toll enough for them today ?
  10. Was in posh Bridge of Allan yesterday and went into a local hospice charity shop where I picked up a mint copy of Don McLean Amercian Pie and The Police's 'Zenyatta Mondatta' - £1.50 a piece, 1980's secondhand lp prices - result !
  11. I feel your pain; I have 62.5 m (house wrap around as I live on a slope) of softwood which makes the annual paint like the Forth Bridge. If I was starting from scratch I'd use the new composite plastic boards which don't need painting - it is such a pain the arse.
  12. I halved the weekly shop changing from Tesco to Aldi/Lidl; we are lucky and have all the main chains within our town . One thing I have noticed is that Aldi and Lidl have very regimented product lines; there isn't a great deal of variety ( apart from seasonal fruit and veg). I find their own brand ranges are pretty good, but inevitably the kids turn their noses up some things. I have never seen marked down foods in either Aldi or Lidl - interesting previous comment.
  13. Interesting thread; is there a recent what hifi (or similar article) which does a review on interconnects to this value ? I have always been of the opinion that a change of interconnects ( certainly in my price bracket) makes an improvement/ at least a change in the overall sound delivered. Saying that my recent purchases were Oscar's Audio £9.99 pre burned in off eBay and very good they are too. A friend of a friend did a demo many years back showing the difference in sound between amp and cd player from £10 up to £150 interconnects with there being marginal difference towards the top end ( imho) but then I'm not a musician or a sound engineer ! As with everything hifi the benefits are subjective.
  14. Well you could buy a replacement pc system box ( second hand even); plenty of options on that score and in fact there are even a few charity bodies who specialise in IT reuse. It would save a packet . Macs are good; I have several now, but they do work slightly differently so you might want to factor that in too. If I was starting again and didn't have the wife and kids ongoing requirements to factor in I would buy a pre enjoyed system box, download 'Ubuntu' ( or variation) free from the web and then downloads 'Open Office' ( you would need a friend with a pc, internet access and cd rom with read write for this. Cheapest way of doing things.
  15. I think the list posted by Tel is accurate enough to be a rule of thumb; but seriously if this is the case, is anyone buying this shit? The assorted emproria should strike these items from their inventories, since even at 50p a throw no bugger is biting. It would save the misguided few (including myself) from spending literally seconds per shot looking for hidden gems. Remove the tat, and the gems will be more apparent. Simples.