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  1. Hardly used supplied with original box. MQA Decoder. £99 ono + postage.
  2. I am after another set of open back headphones and have long been intrigued by the Grado line. I listen to a real mix of music so they need to be a bit of a jack of all trades with clarity and sufficient (not overblown) bass. Any views on the Grado RS2e from owners? Thanks.
  3. Hardly used, unmarked and with supplied pouch. £50 + £2.50 postage.
  4. I have both the Bose QC35 II and Sony WH1000X M3 and the Sony is the better pair IMO.
  5. I have recently changed jobs and will be spending a far greater amount of time on planes and trains so want to invest in some NC Headphones. I have read the reviews on the following: Bose Quiet Comfort II Sony WH-1000X Mk 3 B&0 Beoplay H9i I had always thought that the Bose was the best for NC if not sound quality but reviews appear to suggest that Sony's NC is as good these days. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. I use Kazoo on a number of devices to control my DSM. On all but one the volume increases and decreases in increments of 1. On my iMac it increases in increments of 2 - anyone know how I can rectify as I am not sure whether it's a Kazoo or a Konfig issue. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kazoo plus system reboots etc but no joy.
  7. I haven’t actually got my hands on it yet David but thanks for your insight if that’s where the evidence lies......
  8. I'm old and cynical - I need evidence 😊. Not sure there's a lot in Konfig to confirm judging from your picture.
  9. I am looking at a few options as an upgrade; one of which is an ADSM that has, apparently, had the Katalyst upgrade done. Other than taking the lid off is there any way to verify (for example via Konfig) whether the Katalyst board has been fitted? If so what do I look for? Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Hi Nopiano - long time. Hope you are doing ok? Essentially yes I am after the full preamp/phono capability so am having a nosey around to see what is out there. I really like the look of the Lumin kit and everything I have read suggests that it’s very analogue sounding so that’s quite appealing. Glad you like the Akurate - congrats on your new kit
  11. Thanks I agree. I think Lumin and Moon also support MQA.
  12. I like Linn stuff but have never been comfortable in spending another 2k on something I already paid 6k for - but that’s just me,. I am ambivalent about DSD/MQA so it’s more a question of what’s the best value for money at a certain price point.
  13. Also posted elsewhere. I have recently discovered Roon and it’s given my music listening a completely new dimension. It coincides with my almost annual consideration of upgrading my kit (Linn Malik DSM and Acoustic Energy AE1 Actives). I had always felt that my next upgrade would be to an Akurate DSM with Katalyst but am somewhat put off by the cost and also the limitations of that particular unit, good as it is. In looking at alternatives, and with Roon in mind, I have been looking at the Lumin A1 and Moon 280 D and can’t really decide between them. The attraction of them both is their DSD and MQA support and the fact that they are more cost-effective than the Akurate. Before I demo just wondered whether anyone had heard both/either and had a view as to relative merits? Cheers.
  14. Wholly agree and that's the reason for gathering views and/or experiences of other bits of kit really. I don't plan on adding something in for the sake of it and am rather fond of the DF Red - for the money it's quite a significant improvement. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks. I use Audirvana or the native Tidal app both with good results. The Dragonfly Red is already pretty decent but I am curious enough to want to understand whether a desktop unit would be an improvement or whether the DF is adequate enough.
  16. I have been a long time user of iPhones (I know....) and have become a bit tired with their early obsolescence as my experience with them has been that their performance degrades significantly over relatively short periods of time and also the call quality ain't all that crash hot. The main reason I have used them is that I use other Apple devices and the sync of stuff over iCloud is easy. I also travel a lot and find them great for music from an ease of use pov. The reason for the post is that I have started to use a Dragonfly black and, when adding 24/96 files I noticed that Apple's software dumbs them down to 44khz - the Dragonfly glows green which is indicative of CD quality files being played. In itself, that's not an issue but as I have 24/96 files I want to listen to them. I came across this article: and this morning followed it step by step on an iPhone, copying across a 24/96 version of Steven Wilson's To the Bone. Fired up the VLC app with the Dragonfly plugged in and hey presto......yet another green light. The same file on a borrowed Android phone glowed pink on the Dragonfly indicating the full resolution file. I am at a point where I am going to buy a new phone so am curious as to whether the article is gubbins and you can't actually place FLAC files at full res on an iPhone expecting hi-res playback or whether there's something I am missing. I have to say it sounded pretty amazing on the Android. As the new iPhones don't have a 3.5mm jack I'm somewhat forced to use a different way of listening and the Dragonfly meets that need if it can be used properly. I am aware this may turn into an Apple vs Android debate and whilst that's all very good I'm not really bothered about the phone itself - just the music playback ability. Any thoughts folks?
  17. Excellent bit of power prog for a Friday. Well, technically it's Saturday but it was Friday when I put it on.
  18. I like the look of the Auralic stuff. Am curious to know what you think of the control app - is it easy to use and stable? Congrats on the G1 - I spotted the volume at 100
  19. Final reduction to £1500 + postage which is a steal!
  20. Still here so further reduction to £1550 + postage.
  21. Needs to go this week so a (silly) reduction to £1600 ono + postage.