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  1. My mate had the 11Ls and upgraded to the 12Ls. I thought he'd get the 22Ls next but then he got some Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors and was very happy (no surprises given the price differential!!).
  2. Simple economics suggests if you have a captive audience you put the prices up. Look at airports, stations, service stations etc. The economic concept that relates to making things cheaper to get people to buy who wouldn't otherwise is marginal pricing. But that requires them to be able to differentiate between consumers to offer different prices to them according to their willingness to pay. Otherwise everyone will buy the cheaper options and they'll lose revenue
  3. I'm still looking for someone to share a room with if they want to exhibit together. You need to provide car/lift from N London near the M25. I'll pay for the room. Can also supply the system/help with yours/mix and match.
  4. Apparently line speakers work better than you'd expect in this respect.
  5. If Dire Straits opened your ears what were you listening to before?? (That's coming from a fan too!!)
  6. I picked up a couple of pot noodles from the Coop in town on the Saturday!
  7. Did they do an original and a freedom version? might help to say which it is.
  8. The Hifi range holds it's value well in the s/h market as it's such good value to begin with. If you're lucky you'll find some well used ex pro blue going cheap on eBay though.
  9. They'll sound great I'm totally sure. (As long as the surrounds are close to the original foam.)
  10. How did you get them off the NAS onto the Zen then? Oh hang on are you using the Zen to play the files off the NAS? In which case maybe the streaming settings do affect that, I was assuming they were playing off the Zen itself. If the new setting is working then leave well alone. And don't waste any time deleting any files and re ripping them!
  11. Yes very different from mine I'm not sure there's an equivalent page to the one I used to sort it out.
  12. Why not try just a passive or a croft for now, why are you so sure you need both?
  13. Yes I did by doing that thing in the web gui I said but you can't get into that you said. Do you not have a page where you select a dac? I'm now trying to deal with my next problem which is it won't play Tidal in Hires or register on That's after the disc drive broke but I've just found a new one the same model and thankfully it works fine. This file based malarky is not as easy as I'd hoped...