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  1. German loudspeaker company Canton have added domestic HiFi wireless active speakers to their Vento range of HiFi speakers. The Vento Smart series includes floorstanding and stand mount speakers, as well as AV options such as surround and a sub. https://www.canton.de/en/hifi/vento-series/ https://www.canton.de/en/smart-wireless/multiroom/
  2. Dali have now added another active speaker to their line up. The active version of their Rubicon series (Rubicon C) includes the wireless streaming tech from their Callisto range and can be used in conjunction with the Dali sound Hub, with its (optional) built-in BluOS streaming module. https://www.dali-speakers.com/uk/loudspeakers/rubicon-c/
  3. Just out of curiosity, has anybody here heard any, or bought one of Feliks Audio’s valve amps? This up and coming Polish company have been getting really good reviews in both the European and American HiFi media, for their valve driven headphone and pre-amps. Build quality and choice of quality components are said to be features of these well regarded and competitively priced amps. I would have posted in the Headphone section, but.... a. that isn’t a terribly active part of the WAM forum atm, b. some of Feliks’ headphone amps double as pre-amps, c. Feliks are now moving into the production of integrated amps.
  4. Those 3 ranges aren't differentiated or marketed on sound quality, they're differentiated by being sold for different applications. I use the Van Damme UP-LCOFC HiFi in my main system. I've also got a pair of the Blue which I've used on another system elsewhere in the house. When I bought my last pair of speakers, the dealer tried, ever so nicely, to get me to try some expensive speaker cables. I wasn't very keen, but he offered to loan me a couple of different makes, so I gave it a go. I subsequently borrowed another lot as well. IIRC it was Chord Odyssey, TQ (Silver I think?) and also some new European brand he had just taken on, that I forget the name of, which worked out at about £350 per metre. I was interested to see if there was an improvement to be gained over the QED Silver Anniversary I'd been using up to then. Lots of listening to see if there were any differences. None that I could positively detect. At times I thought I might be hearing some subtle changes, but couldn't really be sure. My son, who is in his mid 20's couldn't hear anything either, nor could a mate of mine who came over for a listen to my new kit. I then ordered The Van Damme and found it to be just as good and cost fraction of the price. All this will be academic in the not too distant future, as I'm intending to do away with speaker cables altogether and go active, preferably with wireless. . .
  5. Can you only play Rock and Roll? ...or a bit of Be Bop Bob .
  6. I'm not disputing what you say. Just curious. I know a few companies make their own cable. I don't know about Atlas. Do they have a wire drawing, plastic extrusion coating, winding and cable fabrication facility? Surely that would require a fairly descent sized industrial facility? Hot metal processes etc. They appear to operate from a modestly sized industrial unit in Kilmarnock. I note their slogan is "designed and assembled in Scotland". Most of these HiFi cable company's manufacturing processes, involve cutting lengths of wire off bought in reels and fixing connectors on them, before packaging the results, ready to be shipped on. I understand that Supra do their own manufacturing, from base products. Cardas are another. Have you seen the AudioQuest factory tour video? That's a pretty big manufacturer. No sign of actual wire and cable manufacture. They "assemble' cables and other products.
  7. The "cable brands that make audiophile claims" (and charge ridiculous prices) also purchase their cables (on bulk reels) from those very same "major bulk cable manufacturers". They just order custom finishes, often with their own branding printed on.
  8. Bass, Clarity and Soundstage. They sound like solicitors specialising in the audio industry. . .
  9. If the other way round doesn’t work, try it some other way round.
  10. Thread it through a couple of lengths of garden hosepipe and impress your audiophool friends with what’ll look like some posh wonder wire.
  11. I'm not sure about the price comparison holding up. KEF Ref 1 = £4500 or £5000 depending on cabinet finish. Hegel H390 = £4900 Darko's €400 of speaker cable = around £345 Total £9,745 or £10,245 depending on speaker cabinet finish. The Kii 3 + Control + streamer are going to cost thousands of pounds more. . . 5
  12. There were some Performa3’s playing at the Ascot show. They sounded quite impressive on a short listen. I’m more familiar with the cheaper Concerta2 range, which are very good and well worth considering at the lower price points. Have you considered the ATC SCM40 ? I would have thought it would be high on any short list at this price point. I’d Personally give the Concept 500’s a miss though. They’re punchy, but a can be a bit bland and dare I say, not even in the same league.
  13. The question of musicality or sound quality in this case, isn’t a factor of whether the speakers are active or passive. More a question of the voicing and sound of the particular speakers, the drivers and the sort of sound field being projected. There are some superb active speakers available, across a wide range of prices, that are easily a match, or superior to equivalently priced or more expensive passive set-ups. I thought there was something missing with the Kii demo at Ascot, but at the last Windsor show, they were easily the one of the best, and most musical speakers at the show. The room?