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  1. Be fair a drunken owl is an unusual sight
  2. First apologies for tardy response somehow I seem to miss a lot of response notifications. Firstly no I don't think underfunding of public services is trivial minor irritation or a "First World Problem" depends on how you judge a society by it's overall wealth or what it does with it. No we don't live in the slums of a third world country nor do we live in a hole full of owls which is why I made neither comparison.
  3. Maybe they might also look around their communities and wonder why their local GP is no longer accepting new patients , why their local hospital has had to cancel operations because they can no longer cope , why their local council has boarded up every public convenience in town closed their local tip no longer clean streets and only collect your refuse once a month . Maybe they might notice many other shortcomings in such an apparently wealthy country . Maybe just maybe they might wonder where all that wealth is .
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  5. Europic (relating to compounds of europium in which it is trivalent )
  6. Which institution has been the main driving force both politically and financially behind hydrogen fuel cell powered public transport in the last 10 years .
  7. First Toronto visiting friends I hadn't seen for 7 years Second one of those magical nights . 3,500 miles for the first shot 50 yards for the second.
  8. Seasons greetings and thanks for all the inspiration.
  9. Two sides of Niagara Falls Fuji X-T20 18-55