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  1. With 10 frames left he's 13-12 up but the Queens a famously strong finisher.
  2. Looks like you get the gig!
  3. Prince Harry: No one in royal family wants to be king or queen Doesn't look much fun anyone fancy applying?
  4. Mightn't your tog rating get dangerously low?
  5. Everybody needs a favourite a day. 50 years old and still cracks me up
  6. Totally impossible to answer but today its this one for 4/20
  7. As from yesterday for indyref read general election for Ms Sturgeon read Mrs May for independence read brexit wonder how many of the comments in the above posts would still apply ?
  8. I think there are some users out there - does this model play true gapless via usb and portable hard drive ?
  9. Andrew that's a very kind offer and much appreciated but I think I'm sorted one of my mates son has offered a few bits and pieces and a primer course for raspberry idiots so if I can hack being taught by a fifteen yr old I might learn something. Again thumbs up for the offer.
  10. Man in a van / Bencat Thanks for your time, input and kind offers of assistance. Regardless of the whether or not I ever find the magic box thinking about it over the last few weeks has left me somewhat embarrassed by my lack of the most basic understanding of computers and as the Pi seems to have cropped up a lot in my searches I think I'm going to try experimenting with it on the theory you can probably learn more by building and buggering it than you can from reading about it. The salve looks good but I don't think 1oz is going anywhere near 'all over'. Meanwhile still like to hear from any any owners of the Audiophonics units Cheers
  11. Thanks to the above posters for their timely posts. I'd been checking out the Audiophonics site as they seem to have got a few recommendations here and was quite interested in their network players and this model seemed to be an easy plug in and play option together with the RaspDAC and RaspDIGI. Their seems to be a lot of posters looking for a fit and forget one box solution at the mo. I have been using a Yamaha CDn-50 reading off a portable drive just for stored music (with a separate transport/dac for cd) unfortunately it does not do gapless through the usb and I listen to a lot of live recordings. The nearest solution I'd come up with was one of the Pro-ject Stream units which seem to do most things I need but have quite few lukewarm reviews soundwise. The RaspDAC and RaspDIGI still look like interesting and cheaper possibilities and maybe someone can clear up a few queries on these : I'm assuming as there are 2 models that the RaspDAC has no feed to an offboard dac ? Can you use the RaspDAC as a dac for a cd transport ? Any advise on server software such as the Rune Audio ? The Yamaha has a very basic file structure app which does the job and I'm quite happy with that. All I can think of at the mo except to avoid wasting peoples time my music system and computer system are physically (and mentally) separate and this sort of setup is as near as I want to get to combining them also I suffer from acute acronymittus after a week searching the web. That's all folks .
  12. Really! Oops clumsy..
  13. Obituary It is my sad duty to report the passing away of an erstwhile resident of this thread. Man With A Mousetrap On His Penis passed away at home sometime on December 10 in what is believed to be a tragic Duvet related incident. I am sure that MWAMOHP, better known as Cheesy to his many friends, would like to be remembered for his unstinting and proactive protection of the humble Mus Musculus a passion that caused him much physical damage during his short life and ultimately his sad demise. Farewell Cheesy you brave Mouseketeer.