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  1. Blackmetalboon

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    If only someone could engineer a cable to avoid these RF emissions! 😉
  2. Blackmetalboon

    Trying to embrace the modern world, but hopelessly lost!

    Thought I’d update this thread as I’ve reached a milestone! I’ve finally ripped my entire CD collection, I now have 13,383 songs over 1,165 albums, which gives me 43 days of continuous playback. So here is what has happened since; My requirements have changed slightly since my OP, I no longer want access to a dedicated streaming service (I don’t find them fair, financially, to the artists I mainly listen to) and use Bandcamp for music downloads (often direct from the artist). I ended up purchasing a Melco N1A, it ticked all the boxes at the time, then out of nowhere a Chord Electronics Media Engine appeared on the second hand market at a very good price and, as I am a Chord Fanboi, I just had to buy it! In total I have 14TB of storage between the two which is far more than I need for my music collection and locally stored backup. Both worked flawlessly via usb to my DAC using a £10 cable from PC World. The Melco did its job, slotted into the hifi rack nicely, was easy to transfer my music from the laptop, is quiet, loads of storage, looked good, sounded good, but the lack of a decent app to control it is a pain. At the time of purchase I did know that there wasn’t a dedicated app for it, but an app was promised well over a year ago and it still hasn’t materialised, this realistically a deal breaker. UI needs to be simple and intuitive for me and this isn’t the case. I have tried various app for it and they have all had their problems. Until Melco pulls its finger out and finally (if ever) releases an app for it I honestly could not recommend it. Good job I have the Media Engine! I’m using it rip CD’s with iTunes to ALAC (I use an iPod on my way to work so makes transferring music to my iPod so simple) and can control it with my iPad, crap loads of storage and it’s easy to add/correct metadata. The down side is it’s f***ing massive so I’ve had to have a temporary rearranging of my gear and I do have audible fan noise when I occasionally do listen to certain genres of music at very low volume. But between the two, I have what I require, even though it’s not ideal all the time.
  3. Blackmetalboon

    Attitude adjustment...

    I’ve had plenty of snobbish attitude from dealers in the past. I ended giving up on buying in store at one point as I generally wasn’t given the time of day or I was spoken to in a very condescending way. One dealer, based in Worthing, uttered the immortal phrase “Oh, they are very expensive” to me when I enquired about an optional extra on a piece of equipment. It was funny watching the prick back-track when I told him what my current source was. But dealers please take note; Some of us work in environments that mean we can’t wear a suit and tie. Due to the hours we work we don’t have time scrub up before visiting you. Some of us are actually older than we look. Just because some of us have long hair (I had 2ft long dreadlocks at one point), beards, facial piercings and tattoos does not mean we don’t have money to spend on hifi. So next time you see a customer that fits the above description with a fashion sense that could be described as “hobo chic”, be aware that they could have a Chord DAVE sized fund burning a hole in their pocket!
  4. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    When buying gear I do try to stick to UK manufacturers purely as it makes repairs/servicing/upgrades a much more straightforward affair, not to mention reducing courier or shipping costs. I’m not a massive box-swapper so I usually buy for the long term and one thing I want is support many years into the future, so tend to buy from established manufacturers. I am guilty of discounting products from newly established companies and small one man operations purely on the there being no guarantee of long term support, especially at the prices some of this stuff costs.
  5. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    Yes, there was an analogue and digital front end, although issues with a lack of gain(?) from the analogue source meant that we didn’t get to hear it running with the miniDSP. It made enough difference to pique my interest in room correction.
  6. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    I’m not entirely sure, we were all ushered out of the room while the measurements/magic & set-up was undertaken.
  7. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    I think it was the miniDSP DDRC-22A, I believe it belonged to Baggawire so he should be able to confirm if that’s correct. IIRC it’s was connected between Pre & Power Amp. Here is a link to the Bakeoff.
  8. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    There definitely are. I haven’t spent much with them over the years, but the guys in my local Jeffries/Audio T have always been courteous and professional even when I’ve not ended up buying from them.
  9. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    No apologies needed, it won’t be long before I’m in the over 40’s club! My neighbours have never complained, I’d like to think I’m a nice neighbour. Weekdays the systems usually turned off by 10:30pm and weekends it’s at a reduced volume late at night. It helps that I’m available to feed cats when they’re on holiday or they need a washing machine carried up two flights of stairs! I’m happy with my system. I was in my early 20’s when I bought my speakers, along with the original MF Nu-Vista CD player and Chord Pre & Power, but local dealers sure did make it hard for me. Most made me feel very unwelcome, if they even bothered to give me the time of day. Getting demonstrations was borderline impossible so ended buying everything elsewhere over the phone. Not a very inviting atmosphere for the next generation of audiophiles. Perhaps if some dealers weren’t such pretentious, judgmental dicks they wouldn’t be struggling to stay afloat.
  10. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    I’m under 40!
  11. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    My ex-girlfriend popped over at the weekend for dinner and a catch up, during the evening she turned to me and said “Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone”... ...she then continued “the sound system my house mate has got is rubbish, it sounds really muffled” To cut a long story short, I’m now tasked with finding a Bluetooth speaker for her!
  12. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    I wonder what sort of numbers some manufacturers actually shift and if sales really have fallen so much in recent years that it has pushed prices up so much? But thanks to Dr Dre, his mates and Premiership footballers, large On & Over Ear headphones are cool. The stigma of wearing massive headphones and instead choosing the smallest discreet pair you could find are gone, opening up a thriving market for portable music. In the past you had to buy a dedicated device to listen to music on the go now everyone has that capability on their phone. Has the market sidestepped traditional audiophile set-ups? Is the new entry level now in portable, headphone and desktop systems? There seems to be plenty of competition in the DAC, headphone, headphone amp and small active monitor markets at decent prices. Recent visits to shows and online reports seem to show there is a younger demographic interested in audio. Will they make the step to a full blown system? I guess only time will tell.
  13. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    Says the guy touting active speakers costing £9k+!!!
  14. Blackmetalboon

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    If hifi forums were around from the 70’s I’m sure we’d have had the same “lifestyle products” discussion about Mini & MIDI systems. House prices and rent are through the roof, new technologies have become part of daily life (along with the monthly bills they incur), interior trends seem to be focussed on contemporary/clean/minimal so a hulking great hifi doesn’t really fit in. Everyone I know likes listening to music but none love listening to music, at least not enough to warrant spending more than a couple of hundred quid.. Going back to the OP, I took a self imposed exile from the hobby (I was happy with what I had) for decade and when I returned to the fold I was pretty shocked at the prices. The equivalent models of my gear had pretty much all doubled in price, something I did not see coming! But there is a plus side, for £20 a month you can get lossless streaming, a laptop for a few hundred quid, decent DAC’s for <£100, there are plenty of capable entry level amps and an abundance of decent speakers available on the second hand market. You can get an almost limitless music library and half decent system for less than I used to spent a year on CD’s! Hifi doesn’t need to be expensive.
  15. Blackmetalboon

    Going large with loudspeakers

    I can almost hear the collective groan from numerous Vivid owners as they look up from the screen knowing that every time they look at their speakers this is what they will see!