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  1. Black Kirin - 箫韶 Xiao Shao Second time I’ve played this tonight. An acoustic, instrumental album from my (current) flavour of the month Chinese, Symphonic/Folk Black Metal band. Throw away your preconceptions!
  2. A dealer willing to spend more of your budget on a rack than the speakers tells me every I need to know. I really do hope you get a positive outcome from starting this thread and can start enjoying your music again.
  3. Looking at what you have in your system it appears a disproportionate amount has been spent on items that are of questionable benefit. I would look at stripping the system back to basics, selling the Entreq, HFC Cables, Stillpoints, Melco etc.. while it still has a reasonable resale value (although I think some items may be hard to move on). This should free up some money which could go towards getting the system sounding how you would like. I’m sure there would be plenty of local Wammers (some have already offered) to provide help or bring kit for you to try.
  4. If it’s the kit listed in the OP’s profile, I have a pretty good idea who it is.
  5. Just checked what the weekly pay cap is, it’s £525. I was made redundant at the height of the recession and because of the weekly pay cap I received a couple of thousand less than I had hoped.
  6. Just a heads up... Weekly pay is also capped, so depending on what you earn, you may get less than you thought.
  7. It’s good to see that the supplied cable has ferrite cores on it already.
  8. The picture was nicked from an eBay sale, the seller of the original ad is actually a member here.
  9. @kernow looks like you’ve been well and truly scammed. Was it a classified advert on Adpost UK?
  10. Don’t forget to budget for the 8 channels of amplification they require.
  11. As long as the MCB in your consumer unit is rated equal or lower than the cables maximum current carrying capacity, then what you have described is fine. Pretty much every circuit supplying sockets has the potential to be overloaded.
  12. Using multiple earth rods on a TT supply can lower your earth impedance but it may already be at a sufficient level. Adding earth rods should only be done by a knowledgeable electrician as location and distance from existing earth rods are important. It also requires the use of specialist test equipment to take readings. I do struggle to see how adding an earth rod could help with audio quality. In the past Russ Andrews has been know to advocate things that would not comply to regulations.
  13. From what you describe, you probably have a TT electrical supply and your earth is provided by an earth rod. It is perfectly normal for the earth to be carrying current, usually it will only be a few mA, most domestic appliances produce small amounts of earth leakage current. By installing an additional earth rod you are introducing another earth which could be at a different potential, incoming services (water/gas/oil) using metallic pipes do this, so to avoid the difference in potential they are all earthed back to the main earth terminal (either in or next to your consumer unit).
  14. I wish you had asked me this before I had started on the rum! The problem arises with mixing TN-C-S (more commonly referred to as PME these days) and TT earthing arrangements. With PME the neutral acts as protective earth and neutral, it is connected to earth at multiple points on the supply network. It is then split at the cutout in your home to provide a separate neutral and earth conductors. PME has its benefits, it’s cheaper for the the network operator to install and guarantees a decent low impedance earth but the downside is that a broken neutral on the network side can result in all earthed conductive surfaces potentially reaching mains voltage. Picture a road of houses fed from one supply cable. A broken neutral at the start of the road will result in an open circuit so you would think all the houses would lose power. But with PME the neutral and earth are linked in the cutout out inside each property, so it will use the earth to complete the circuit via any path available ie. metallic gas/water pipes, to bridge the broken neutral. The earth of the first house on this road could be acting as the return path for the rest of the houses on the road. Earth bonding extraneous conductive parts is an important part of the wiring regulations and requires certain conductor sizes to cope with the potentially large currents caused by various faults. Hopefully you can see the potential issues with an audiophile randomly banging an earth rod in their back garden with an unspecified conductor size and connecting it to any old earth in a socket.