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  1. Blackmetalboon

    Needs some help finding this song who sung it ?

  2. Blackmetalboon

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    Yep, no evidence. As I said earlier a DAC would fall under a general household appliance category. I was actually having a “discussion” rather than an “argument” and was after clarification on a few observations I had. As as you are so insistent on facts how about you confirm wether your DAC; carries the CE mark has an earthed metal enclosure if the enclosure is not earthed, does it carry the square in a square Class II marking
  3. Blackmetalboon

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    I listen to music. I own a Hifi. I’m a member of a Hifi forum. That’s all the “skin in the game” I require. The clue is in the “EU” part of that. I don’t believe there is a DAC section where these facts would be recorded, in fact I doubt there is a Hifi section either. Generally they would be lumped in with household appliances. Being in a black metal band in the early to mid 90’s probably should have come with a health warning. There is a tale that has done the rounds on the forums over the years*, I’m sure you may be familiar with it. It started with an amplifier that went faulty (these things happen, all types of electrical appliances can fail) but it was connected to a pair of speakers which had parts that, allegedly, didn’t meet CE Regulations. As the story goes, this caused a small fault that normally wouldn’t be a serious problem to escalate and almost end up with a fire. Luckily no one was hurt but the potential was there for the outcome to be far, far worse. *I’m happy to amend this story if evidence is provided that it is not factually correct.
  4. Blackmetalboon

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    I’m sure you know what a CE mark is. I’m sure you probably also understand the reason why Class I appliances are required to be earthed. I see you own a MHDT DAC, instead of trying to pick an argument with me perhaps you should ask the manufacturer if it is earthed and if not, why? Careful you don’t drown in your drink.
  5. Blackmetalboon

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    Very helpful post. If you see no issue with a item that may not meet basic safety requirements then I’m very happy for you.
  6. Blackmetalboon

    Guess the album cover

    Upon closer inspection, it turns out my guess is wrong. But I was soooo hoping it was this.... ...any album that features the “Japanese Samurai Line Up” has to be awesome!
  7. Blackmetalboon

    What are you listening to right now?

    Opeth - Ghost Reveries
  8. Blackmetalboon

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    I’ve just read your review then popped over to PFM to look at your original review as your pictures haven’t shown up here. Hate to be a ”party pooper” but this unit (or any others on the manufacturers website) don’t appear to be CE marked. In fact, judging by the photos elsewhere on the internet, it doesn’t appear to be earthed either! I don’t know if any other owners could confirm or deny this?
  9. Blackmetalboon

    Chord Qutest

    It would be a case of trying it in your system and seeing what works best for you. I know it will please you for me to bring up Keith’s aka @PuritéAudio advice (), but when comparing side by side components, volume matching can be important because of this reason.
  10. Blackmetalboon

    Chord Qutest

    Pretty much. Chord’s DAC’s and CD players have generally had quite a high voltage output, 3V, this would basically result in a higher volume compared to most other products which are around 2V. In layman’s terms, the higher output voltage meant less travel on your amplifiers volume knob. Just a small adjustment in volume could result in the volume going from whisper quiet to too loud with very little adjustment in between. This seemed to be a common problem hence why their newer DAC’s have the option to choose different output voltages to suit.
  11. Blackmetalboon

    What are you listening to right now?

    Realm of Wolves - Oblivion
  12. Blackmetalboon

    What are you listening to right now?

    Moonsorrow - Viides Luku - Hävitetty
  13. Blackmetalboon


    Speak for yourself! You need to get out more.
  14. Blackmetalboon

    What are you listening to right now?

    Thrawsunblat - Fires in Mist (EP)
  15. Blackmetalboon

    Balanced v unbalanced

    This is a good point. I went Balanced throughout my system (it’s used for home theatre duties as well as music), but the increase in gain caused an increase in volume, which could easily be interpreted as sounding better. Unfortunately, the increase in gain meant I had very little control over low level volume control for late night listening levels. Just the slightest of movement of the volume control went from whisper levels to normal listening levels. I currently use Balanced connections between Pre-amplifier and power amplifier but single ended (RCA) between source and Pre-amplifier, which has remedied the problem. If you do want to try Balanced cables in your system, depending on your listening habits, if possible, it’s worth trialling some before you take the plunge.