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  1. اکوان (Akvan) - شکوه فراموش شده / Forgotten Glory
  2. @George 47 I think your decimal points are in the wrong place!
  3. @uzzy I don’t think anyone is doubting that a CD players digital output will be a minimum of 16/44. The question is whether CD players, that feature upsampling, output the upsampled signal through their digital outputs as well as their analogue outputs.
  4. Surround sound formats are not “Red Book” but use SPDIF.
  5. Rob Zombie - American Made Music to Strip By
  6. My CD player (Chord Electronics Red Reference MKIII) upsamples to the three above frequencies which are user selectable. The three digital outputs (Toslink, S/PDIF and AES/EBU) are limited to 88.2kHz unless using the “Chord-centric” dual data mode, which allows up sampling to 176kHz, which in my CD players case requires the use of two AES/EBU cables to connect to a compatible DAC. I think you've asked a very good question as I’ve never really thought about it before.