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  1. As a Musical Fidelity customer (around 15? years ago) I remember receiving a news letter from them inviting me to purchase a limited edition Musical Fidelity watch from them.
  2. Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism Immortal - Damned in Black
  3. I hope it sounds better for the additional cost!
  4. Dimmu Borgir - Forces of the Northern Night Recorded alongside an orchestra and choir, apparently almost 100 people on stage at times. I've been waiting for this for almost 6 years! It's such a shame the CD has such an appalling mix, can't quite put my finger on it but it doesn't sound right. Luckily the sound on the Blu-ray recording of the performance is fantastic as is the video.
  5. Johnny Cash's cover of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt", one of my personal favourites. Another favourite would be Emperor's cover of Bathory's "A Fine Day To Die".
  6. Every once in a while when flicking through the glossy hifi magazines you come across something that you just dream to own. It becomes an inch you have to scratch, no matter how many years it has been (in this case over a decade), but my wait is finally over... sorry for the crappy camera phone photos & temporary set-up. The big lump on the floor is the "Holy Grail" of discontinued Chord Electronics, The Media Engine. >30kg of aluminium containing many, many terabytes of storage. I have no idea how many of these were ever built, but at last got my hands on one!
  7. 1. Very nice, I'm intrigued to hear the Blu MK2 with DAVE. 2. Yes. 4. Tell me more...
  8. From a sound quality point of view it was getting my current speakers, going from £750 stand mounts to these was a massive jump. But moving to the digital age with computer based music has been such a major change in our listening habits. From streaming using Bluetooth to slowly having our music library ripped on the laptop then the Melco, we just find ourselves listening to more and more music. There have been some days where we have had the system playing for 12-14 hours straight.
  9. On a more sensible note, while my system was in the process of a few changes, I had my CD transport sitting in the floor in front of one of my speakers. Even when I when playing at reasonable levels there was no difference in sound quality. In my experience, isolation of digital and solid state seems grossly exaggerated.
  10. This might have helped... long before we get "Audiophile" booster seats!
  11. I removed the spikes from my N802's for the same reason but as an added bonus it marginally improved the sound. The speakers sit about an inch lower which lines up better with my seating position.
  12. Funnily enough I have an almost full loom of Nordost on my 2 channel set up and thought I was only a few power cords away from reaching "audio nirvana" (or should that be Valhalla?) until discovering that I now need to add cable lifters to eliminate any transference of electrical charge from my floor to my cables to avoid static build up in the cables dielectric! To be honest, I haven't done any intensive blind ABX comparisons but the cheap pro-audio cables I also have sound no different.
  13. Unfortunately I'm quite frugal when it comes to wine so the stuff I buy has screw tops.
  14. I think you're right! It did make me laugh that they had to state the minimum required.
  15. So you need "at least 3 sort cones per device". So if I opt for the cheaper all aluminium option, £65 each, it would cost me £1,755 for my system. Then it struck me, why don't I just buy 4 and put them under my rack with the potential saving of nearly £1,500!!! This Foo malarkey's simple.