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  1. garcar

    WTD Audio note AX -2 speakers

    Yes,thanks for the heads up Ian, i saw them, bit pricey and i am very wary of using fleabay for hifi kit.
  2. Anyone have a pair for sale ?
  3. garcar

    Sonus Faber stands

    I think you are right, i had them with the Concertino's though....Amator out of reach £wise
  4. garcar

    Sonus Faber stands

    These gorgeous babies will be strutting their stuff at Kegworth at the bring and buy
  5. Primaluna is ok with them Rob, but i don't think it is a great match up , the PL certainly sounded better with my Triangle Geneses.
  6. Had a look Ade, but i may be in the same situation as now - the 104's are 90db into 4 ohm and need some grunt - your lovely Marantz is not much more output than my PL. Much less if in class A mode. Surprised it hasn't sold though, mind , my SF stands haven't either and i thought they were a bargain.Funny what does and dosen't sell. What have other 104/2 owners found success with ?
  7. I am looking for either as titled. Sadly my PrimaLuna One does not have enough grunt to do these speakers justice. So anything anyone has that will work with them? Up to £500 or swap if someone fancies trying some lovely valvey watts .Tempted to try some Naim perhaps.
  8. garcar

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Very nice Paul, well done
  9. garcar

    Sonus Faber stands

    The pads on the top plate are Atacama isolation pads, Whichever model you have.
  10. garcar

    Sonus Faber stands

    Hi Joolz The stands are bolted to the marble from underneath. Min height is 24" max is 31" when fully extended. Top plate is 17cm x 20cm. Marble base is 12.5" square. Hope that helps.
  11. garcar

    FS : Meadowlark Kestrel speakers

    Price is on first post, at least i can see it ?
  12. Stunning pair of Sonus Faber stands, marble and walnut , fully adjustable height (alon key supplied) with acousti-something anti vibration pads atop the top plate. £375 collection only or can be picked up at Kegworth
  13. garcar

    FS : Meadowlark Kestrel speakers

    Should have been in first post !
  14. Reluctantly selling my Kestrels , i just can't get them right in my room and had to place them either side of the fireplace with not enough room behind . Have now bought Triangle stand mounts . In our other house they had the room to sing .Really are very good speaker's , loads of positive reviews online. Grill cloth things that wrapped around have long since perished, never felt the inclination to replace them. Small nick on one rear corner and a scratch on same on the top which would polish out . Otherwise great nick and soundwise superb.Previous owner upgraded the 5.6uf caps to tweeter's with Mundorf Supremes £270 Collection only or could bring to Kegworth upon cleared funds.