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  1. No grounding screw on Exposure's ?
  2. That was very nicely put, thank you. The words my wife uses to describe my collection are rather more to the point and a lot less polite! Think both your wife and mine would have a lot in common !
  3. Thanks for your input Steve, appreciated
  4. After 2 years being vinyl free i have succumbed again to the shiny black stuff and bought a used Yammie YP800. It has a ortofon MC200 fitted, good job i checked that the Exposure XV i also have coming has the mc module fitted ! Anyway, for those who know or have heard any of this kit , what are your thoughts ? Both were too far away to get a listen first .
  5. Anybody got one of these please ? Failing that has anyone had success using a universal remote with the 77 's ? Cheers
  6. Genesis at Knebworth 1978 , had finished my last o level the day before, hitched down to the park early the next morning with 2 schoolmates. Tom Petty was brilliant , purple suede top hat and tails, mirror shades. Devo got canned off, jefferson airplane were just crap and then the main event. Still the best gig i have been to, and i have seen a lot since then. Honorable mention to Tina Dico, Tears for fears and for a rocking good night Whitesnake/Motley Crue double bill circa 1987.
  7. Yes,thanks for the heads up Ian, i saw them, bit pricey and i am very wary of using fleabay for hifi kit.
  8. I think you are right, i had them with the Concertino's though....Amator out of reach £wise
  9. These gorgeous babies will be strutting their stuff at Kegworth at the bring and buy
  10. Primaluna is ok with them Rob, but i don't think it is a great match up , the PL certainly sounded better with my Triangle Geneses.
  11. Had a look Ade, but i may be in the same situation as now - the 104's are 90db into 4 ohm and need some grunt - your lovely Marantz is not much more output than my PL. Much less if in class A mode. Surprised it hasn't sold though, mind , my SF stands haven't either and i thought they were a bargain.Funny what does and dosen't sell. What have other 104/2 owners found success with ?
  12. I am looking for either as titled. Sadly my PrimaLuna One does not have enough grunt to do these speakers justice. So anything anyone has that will work with them? Up to £500 or swap if someone fancies trying some lovely valvey watts .Tempted to try some Naim perhaps.