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  1. Knebworth Zeppelin 4/8/79 Floyd Man City 8/8/88 Smiths Liverpool Uni 14/3/84 Genesis sheffield city hall 17/4/80 Leonard Cohen Manchester MEN 30/11/08
  2. Mine has had a lot of "messing about/improvements" it runs 5881's, phono and tape loop removed, wiring replaced, balance removed, it played up a bit after all the surgery but touch wood seems fine presently. Drives my RFC Impulse H6 really well.
  3. 1991 first real separates. LP12, K9, Akito arm, Cyrus 1 amp, Rogers LS4a speakers, VDH CS122 cable. Actually really very good and if I knew now etc could have saved a fortune. Cyrus replaced with Audio Innovations 500 in weeks and the slide started.................................... Years later have an Audio Innovations 500, and CS122 cable other bits changed often.
  4. thought it might be Tori Amos
  5. saw 3/4 Floyd at docklands in about 1989, 3/4 Floyd man city ground 8/8/88 and Roger's wall twice, but never together!
  6. Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets Proper old Floyd stuff
  7. Generally yes but I always think as the nights draw in I could get better speakers but have tried dozens and nothing is as "homely and listenable" as my Impulse H6/RFC'S.
  8. I'd like these from you if possible. I'll do pm to sort out.........
  9. Audio Innovations 500, I think.
  10. I had the first Nola Boxers, £1200! At first I liked them, then literally had a hearing test and hearing aids and found them dreadful, tinny, bright, etched, call it what you will but all top end. My other half said they were and I stuck with them until I really heard them. Took ages to sell, and went for about £300! They spent more time boxed up than in use. The guy that bought them was disappointed as well.
  11. I can't remember, had them ages but found similar here It's not sorbothane though it's dense rubber but I'm sure you could find sorbothane types for lighter applications. I am sure any machine isolation feet will do, just shop around for the right thread size and the look you like. If I get a minute I'll pop a photo on.