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  1. toms wait

    your favourite films of all time

    Also The intouchables another French film about a disabled guy and his aide. Set in Paris and just very funny, well written with lots of plot throughout.
  2. toms wait

    your favourite films of all time

    You like B&W films try The girl on the bridge, it's a French film about a knife thrower and a nymphomaniac, enough said really. Very very good.
  3. toms wait

    saga continues

    Not really, the re-wire was a necessity to get it to work and try and future proof it. A means to an end if that is into it again! Most of the other stuff was done as repairs over the last 3 years or so. Actually the whole home loan/trying/scrutinising/agonising is so pointless and frustrating that I have no intention of trying again.
  4. toms wait

    Help on renewal of turntable platter.

    very fine sanding and then t cut, worked on my Kuzma
  5. toms wait

    saga continues

    Bencat, it was a loose wire between a circuit board and one of the valves at the circuit board end, quite obvious when looking. Whilst in there another broke so I decided to rewire the lot. I did that over a couple of afternoons during which time one other broke. I replaced it with solid core copper, so with Juancho's upgrades and the rewire it is a new beast altogether. In fact the full upgrade/repair list for those interested is as follows, ceramic gold valve bases alps blue volume pot quality source selector switch 5881 valves properly biased upgraded capacitors and resistors Juancho's power upgrade board phono removed and remaining valves upgraded solid core rewire orange leds to top plate, adds to the valve glow!! blue led under the chassis bling balance control removed record wiring and selector removed It should be good for a few years now. About the only AI DNA left is the case and transformers, even then I polished the front plate of the case and put polished aluminium knobs on. It sounds fantastic, no stridency, no fizz or pops or burps, bass is great, stereo imaging is better than it's ever been. It has depth and width. Just hope this isn't famous last words! All that is with CD haven't tried vinyl since the rebuild. I noticed it has no background fizz like it used to have. The original wiring was quite a state, corroded and frayed.
  6. toms wait

    saga continues

    FIXED and playing
  7. toms wait

    saga continues

    To be brutally honest although very well built. It was too big and although the sound is good. I found it a little sterile and grey. Accurate and deep bass etc etc but just no life or colour. Mind you the AI500 although repaired still has issues but then its a senior citizen really. A lot of the wiring is frayed and I decided to rewire as much of it as I can get to. Having done that it plays but very quietly almost as if it is running on a pre-amp and the power amp side is not connected. Which actually might be the cause intending to have a rummage around today. Any thoughts on why a rewire would cause this other than being stupid and forgetting to connect something up or connecting wrongly which is the most likely thing.
  8. toms wait

    saga continues

    AMP IS FIXED Brittle 30 year old wiring! Shocking how crap the internal hook up wire is when you plan to get stupid priced interconnects/speaker cables etc. I am going to go through it and replace, most of it is frazzled with dodgy insulation, dry joints, hanging on with two strands and exposed wires where rubbed or worn through. Check your old amps boys.
  9. toms wait

    What are you listening to right now?

    Midlake , the courage of others.........on both channels, amp fixed This and trials of van occupanther are fantastic
  10. toms wait

    saga continues

    The amp is an Audio Innovations 500 valve amp, which has had lots of work/changes and repairs in the last year and when it comes back it finds another way to fail. The Luxman fiasco relates to a home loan/dem that turned into a purchase by the dealer processing my card and setting up a direct debit for a loan on the Lux and then being tricky about a refund! I eventually got a refund, when it looked like I would not get one I suggested a compromise to which he threw in the Soundsmith cartridge I am now trying to sell. The whole travail is detailed on a post on here look up quad artera, its a long tale of charm and smarm and wriggling and one of the reasons apart from my constantly failing AI500 why I am peed off with hifi.
  11. toms wait

    What are you listening to right now?

    I nearly bought this,is it any good, I guess the answer is youtube!!
  12. toms wait

    What are you listening to right now?

    Half of Little Queen, the right hand half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. toms wait

    saga continues

    The Luxman fiasco is over. My amp is back sounding good for about a fortnight now the left channel packs in. I have swapped valves, input leads, speaker leads, all point I think to an output transformer. Unless there are other tests to do. I really really hate hifi it is such bullshit in every corner!
  14. Last time in shop was a discussion about focusing with or without glasses. The guy insisted that even on manual focus the camera would ignore me and do it anyway, can't be right, see worra mean!