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  1. toms wait

    D-Day celebrations by the BBC

    My ire was directed at both, I realised the govt had passed the buck to let someone else do the dirty work
  2. toms wait

    D-Day celebrations by the BBC

    In a similar vein I was just reading about the moral gutter that Oxfam dug themselves in Haiti, and compare that to the release by Radiohead of OK Computer demos they were being blackmailed about. It would seem that the UK's moral compass is in some safe hands but those of the little man not the institutions, funny that, who would have thought that of the civilised world.
  3. toms wait

    D-Day celebrations by the BBC

    Current leaders line up at the cenotaph/monument and with open heart and voices quavering in emotion offers thanks to a near gone generation for saving the world from a dark scourge. All the current leaders are reverential and say what they are expected to say. Then a few days later the BBC steal from the wallets of many of the same generation.
  4. toms wait

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Violent Femmes
  5. toms wait

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Joe Henry, The Low Anthem, Jason Isbell, Jayhawks
  6. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    I have had a poke about on all circuit boards and hard wire and anything that looked dry, frayed, etc has had a waft of solder over it. Have it playing now and d'yer'know it ISN"T crackling or fizzing so maybe just maybe we are in love again. None of the components look fried and many are new or recent. The reason I was so hacked off is it has had a lot of work and still keeps trying to wind me up by breaking down. If it was a car and I was a Torquay hotel proprietor it would have been thrashed with a stick by now.
  7. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    I swapped them around and it stayed RHS, it's definitely a dry joint/duff wire. After round 1 it is not crackling yet
  8. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    I shuffled the 5881's and it stayed RHS. I tired the KT77's and found them bright. My amp has David perplexed, it is the only Friday afternoon after the pub amp he has encountered.
  9. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    The phono stage is out of it and sat in a drawer, I use the Parks.
  10. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    If this doesn't fix itself that might be a possibility, you guys could buy tickets for a treasure hunt and that'd be the prize. Might get near its value.
  11. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    I have calmed down a bit now. Thought I had found it, fixed a busted cap lead, but nnnooooohhhh still crackled. In a fit of impotence I bashed the top plate and the crackle so far (20mins!) has gone! This amp has had loads done which is why its so damned annoying. The phono stage is out and all the tape loops, balance, it runs 5881 valves. Has a David Coe PSU inside and all sorts of new bits. Sort of looks/sounds like a loose/dry joint. I rewired all the front wiring, left the transformers alone though.
  12. toms wait

    absolutely had enough

    I got my Audio Innovations 500 upgraded significantly. Including to run 5881 valves, no tape loop, no balance control, no phono, upgraded selector switch and volume pot. David Coe fitted a power supply and all sorts of new caps etc. Since then most of the hardwiring has been replaced. It has now developed a crackle in the RHS channel. Whilst it is doubtless a simple repair, I think I have had enough of valves faff, should it stay or should it go? Replaced all the pre-amp valves to no avail. Checked wiring nothing loose. Probably driver valves but had enough!
  13. toms wait

    your favourite films of all time

    Also The intouchables another French film about a disabled guy and his aide. Set in Paris and just very funny, well written with lots of plot throughout.
  14. toms wait

    your favourite films of all time

    You like B&W films try The girl on the bridge, it's a French film about a knife thrower and a nymphomaniac, enough said really. Very very good.
  15. toms wait

    saga continues

    Not really, the re-wire was a necessity to get it to work and try and future proof it. A means to an end if that is into it again! Most of the other stuff was done as repairs over the last 3 years or so. Actually the whole home loan/trying/scrutinising/agonising is so pointless and frustrating that I have no intention of trying again.