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    Off set tweeters

    Sonus Faber recommend inside.
  2. Now 20 months later, after many upgrade itches (that went away because I couldn't afford to scratch them)......... First thing. About a year ago I bought some Z banana plugs for the speaker ends of the NACA5 (which were bare wire screwed to the speaker binding posts). I seem to remember cutting off the Deltron bananas because the NACA5 was pulling them out of the sockets. Surprise, surprise. The treble increased. Not like that of the Tukans, but in a pleasant balanced way. I did not imagine there would be such a difference between bare wire and Z plugs. Guess there wasn't so much contact area with the few strands of NACA5 compared to soldered Zs. Then just recently I decided to replace the NACA5 because it snapped one of the Z plugs on the back of the amp when I moved it. Just had enough of its unfriendly nature. Think it would be better to use it for rodding blocked drains! Bought some nice cheap Van Damme UP-LCOFC Hi Fi 4mm/2. Subjectively seems to have more base, clarity and balance than NACA5. And this is without putting any hours on it. Regarding amp power, the B100 is rated at 60W into 8 ohm and 120W into 4 ohm. The Sonus Faber Concertos are 6 ohm so I am guessing at this impedance, the output will be around 90W. Anyway, all sounds very nice.......till the next upgrade itch.
  3. I've got a very nice Rock II with SME V supplied by Mik. I was running it for a while without before building an out rigger and procuring some silicon. In that state it sounded pretty good. Eventually I got around to making an out rigger and paddle and got some silicon. The difference was an extended bass, more powerful presentation and more detail. For what a Rock II costs second hand, they are amazing value.
  4. Some words from Max. Repair_Rock_Bearing.pdf
  5. Has this recently sold on eBay?. If not, someone used your photos.
  6. My son has an NCSE MkII. He's very pleased with it.
  7. I've got an old LFD Mistral phone stage. Sounds very sweet. Can be adjusted for MC/MM via a couple of solder links on the PCB.
  8. Well it applies to any TT with a mains frequency dependent motor. I never owned an LP12. Just interested in what is the best PSU solution for my Townshend Elite II.
  9. What about the Norton Airpower? How does that rate against the others?
  10. "Geddon" = "Armageddon" "Herc" = "Hercules" Both different types of TT PSUs.
  11. Just wondered what the consensus is on the difference one could expect to hear between using a Geddon or various frequency stabilised electronic turntable PSUs. Does anyone have experience of both types and why they may prefer one or the other?
  12. So it would seem there is some reasonably good, and some high end (which you don't see much of over here).
  13. Just trying to do some learning here. I see various Japanese TTs cropping up from time to time, in threads and for sale, and just wondered which are considered to be the best of the best, or if there is an outright winner?
  14. An un-sticky sticky. Brilliant!
  15. My SME IV works really well on the Townshend Elite II. It has a paddle fitted for the silicon trough. Tight bass which goes nice and low. I was surprised when I first got it because it will track just about anything. As someone from an engineering background, I can appreciate the quality of the design. A lot of R&D must have gone into it. A lot of thought has gone into the setting-up, which is very user friendly. As for me upgrading, there is simply no need. Everything else would have to go first. I heard some history that huge resources were invested in the development of the V. Can anyone shed any light on that?
  16. Wow! That looks amazing! Whats the story on that one Mik?
  17. IV because its the only one I have.
  18. Arhhhh! Noooooooo!!!! Can't resist any longer. I'll take em.
  19. Is this the one with the 3 button remote or the more comprehensive one?
  20. Maplin do spray cans of label remover, otherwise get on the meths
  21. Yep. Bang on. With my sources, speakers and taste, the B100 MK V sounds great to me. A subjective statement which means absolutely nothing to anybody else.
  22. Maybe it wasn't suited to your source and speakers.