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  1. I'm rather scared to think this is very nearly 20 years old, still with some of the most twisted baselines I enjoy listening to
  2. boof
  3. If you open up a trade account (you just have to say you are a trades person - choose your profession) they will cut your boards to size for free
  4. Spent an hour last night on you tube listening to various tracks and live performances, thank you album on order
  5. I love this, walls of sound
  6. Bon Iver - Bon Iver -Quiet sunday night
  7. Thanks to one of the other threads on here
  8. That was a good little watch, thank you
  9. For me not just repackaged stuff I've listened to before, the first disk in particular is all new; quite breathtaking playing
  10. Can't help you but it will be an amazing legacy, good luck!
  11. dink
  12. trickle