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  1. Hi Richardo, are these the straight ones?
  2. Greengoblin, is the preamp still available? I will send PM.
  3. I'm not saying the Wyred4Sound's STP-SE Stage2 is not a fine preamp, but wasn't the reviewer referring to the Nagra Jazz preamp when he said: "In this mix I appreciated the slight softening of focus and fine 'suede' textures which the tubes inserted." There are no tubes in the Wyred... He was comparing the Nagra Jazz (in passive mode), Wyred4Sound's STP-SE Stage2 and a Vinnie Rossi LIO fitted with the dual-mono Slageformer control (no tubes). e.g. taken in context: "Take something as hyper transparent hence lean like the nCore 500 monos from Nord Acoustics with Sonic Imagery discrete opamps. Add silver cables and our Accuton-driver speakers with Aqua Hifi Formula source. In this mix I appreciated the slight softening of focus and fine 'suede' textures which the tubes inserted. On the warmer bassier denser Pass Labs XA30.8, the STP-SE II's twitchier vigor and higher contrast called it. In either case, LIO was close second" Not sure who does your marketing... insert witty comment here...
  4. Well I'm glad you found a pair, looking forward to see how they sound.
  5. I use one with an Isotek Titan and it makes a solid improvement, it's a bargain at this price, mine cost £1400 last year.
  6. Not sure if this will appeal, but I upgraded several years ago from a pair of H6's to the Beauhorns B2.3, which due various reasons, are now up for sale with a sub. Apologies for shameless plug... Russ
  7. I have to say my partner had much the same thoughts when she first saw them, but in the end she said she preferred them to the usual coffin boxes and they have become a rather splendid talking point. (How many of your neighbours will own a pair!) But in the end it was the sound which won her over. I've used them with 2A3's, 300B's and First Watt SIT's, all sound splendid and it is a reluctant sale. Anyway, they are as not quite as big as you think, (my son below for reference,) and they can be placed closer to the back wall than I have them, but if you point them straight out then they will need some space from the side walls. Otherwise angle them in a bit. [ATTACH]14508[/ATTACH] Hope you find what you are looking for...
  8. Shamless plug, Beauhorn Speakers B2.3 - now only £1,299! Now includes a 'Horn Shoppe' 'Cube' oak sub.
  9. Hi Televator, I just went to their booking page: [ATTACH]13210[/ATTACH]
  10. Thanks meninblack & rockmeister, I shall check them out.
  11. Since the Scalford Hotel is fully booked and as it is my first time to this show, does anyone have some hotel recommendations nearby. We'll be travelling from Manchester, so I guess we will stay overnight, perhaps two nights.