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  1. omsoc

    Alpair 7.3

    This will give you a line level high pass filter for your full range driver.
  2. omsoc

    DIY Turntable?
  3. If it is similar to the original B1 it's purpose is to let the source and amp see the impedance that they require.
  4. Hi Gordon, I have been tempted many times to give his designs a go but have always been scared of building some and not liking them and loosing money on them. The Fusion looks great, he also seems to really rate the Ekta MK2 - his favourite 3 way floorstander. As does his new Satori 3 way classic. Cheers, Cosmo
  5. How about a Karan integrated, this one is cheap enough to buy, try and sell on if it's not for you.
  6. How big is an average sized room? I had the BE10's in an 6x15 m room firing length ways, they needed at least 1m between the wall and the back of the speaker which made the front baffle 1.7m from the wall. They are massive! Good though.
  7. Often thought of taking a chance on a pair of these. I think when he refers to them being the best he is talking about the bass quality rather than the best speaker overall. Well that's how i read it anyway. Would love to know what you think of them, if you take the plunge.
  8. Happy to bubble wrap and ship on a pallet if that helps.
  9. Having a bit of a clear out (not my idea though!!) Very nice condition pair of Model 70's with 13" bass driver to 400Hz and electrostatic panel covering the rest of the frequency range. Have been fitted with 8 Ohm Leak Sandwich drivers which is a big improvement over the stock items (more control but just as deep) Will come with original bass drivers as well although they will need new surrounds before use. See second picture for small bit of missing veneer. If I had space to store them i would keep them but that is not the case. £800 ovno Cheers Cosmo
  10. I bought your La Scala's which are really nice but I see that you have moved up a rung, or two.
  11. omsoc

    SOLD Dynaudio LYD-8

    Seeing as it's a bank holiday and I got them for free how about £600 for a speedy sale. It's got nothing to do with getting grief for having too many speakers in the house
  12. Hi all,Won these in Dynaudio's monthly draw.Sealed boxes.Cheapest online are about £1200.Price £800 NOW £600