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  1. Don't forget to get some new sleeves, inner and outer, to protect those puppies...
  2. I think this is about the crux of it really, unless you're getting drop-outs from devices or slow speeds then there isn't a issue really... Strangely, here it's 45 pounds for 100(10MB/s)/20(2.5MB/s) but only 50 pounds for 950(120MB/s)/500(60MB/s).
  4. The Audio-Technica VM540ML is a good shout...
  5. Yep, just burn it off with a soldering iron... Dependent on strands, solder pots are useful, but if only a few strands an iron will do.
  6. Just buy a 4TB HDD (WD or Seagate) and an Orico USB 3 enclosure and plug it into the back of the CXN as it has it's own USB input for local media...
  7. Thanks for that Stefan. That was my first thought, a smaller footprint to... Do sealed enclosures require large quantities of damping considering the size of the driver?
  8. Ahhhh, that's good! If I couldn't even get that right I may as well have stopped this idea then and there...
  9. I was thinking of an MA Alpair driver for a desktop speaker, is your top half a sealed enclosure? Quick calc puts it at around 15L, is that right?
  10. Check out the online marketplaces for Audioquest Nighthawks, well liked and reviewed...
  11. Might be of interest in this discussion...
  12. These guys seem to do them, don't know about cost though...