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  1. @HiFiWigwam Made payment for my sleep room number 12 £85 Rick @bandit pilot will pay for exhibit room (room 6) and his sleep room as one payment in next few days Thanks Tim
  2. At £120 that is a stone cold bargain. It’s at my house and I can tell you it is like new. You’ll owe Darren a couple of pints he has done you real favour here.
  3. If it is the one at my house it is 3 point fitting so making it a 303 👍
  4. There are two Premier Inn’s both just 5 mins drive from the venue. Both less than £40 if booked in early Jan. I’ve stayed at both in last two years both great for the money. yes it’s a good day out there is always something interesting to see
  5. BigRod is bang on take off platter wedge a couple of bits of cardboard under the sub platter baggy tie arm to its rest take off counterweight from the tonearm take off lid transport as level as it possible. thats how I’ve always done it and mine went to three Wam shows with no problems hope that helps
  6. As already said it was great to see all the guys from the wam. Thanks for all the support from everyone there and hope everyone got home safely. kate decided she wants to start a collection of vintage radios and started with a lovely 1960s Bush. (No jokes please ). 😀 The Audio jumble is a great day out there is always something interesting to buy or just have a look around.
  7. Weather starting to subside now. Get out and enjoy the Audio Jumble.
  8. Shop around for a deal and buy an Audio Technica Art9. It has everything that the AT carts you are looking at deliver just more of it and under better control. Your SME and Voyd TT will thank you for it, as will your ears. You may be slightly over budget but the extra couple of hundred will deliver so much more enjoyment to you.
  9. Come out to play guys much more fun than sitting at home. We are inside a lovely big sports centre and there is tea and cake
  10. Hi @Maverick Thanks for all the work sorting things out On the room list it shows us (me&rick) as keeping the Room (number 6) for Sunday night We don't plan on staying on Sunday evening, can you remove that please. Thanks
  11. PM Sent It was me after the Otis Blue
  12. Are we doing this in a bedroom or somewhere else.? Any ideas yet as we can’t leave all the gear unattended unless we can lock it up in a bedroom. Just wondering if we have got any further on locating the service. 😀😀👍👍
  13. Thanks Thanks Paul I didn’t see that on the spreadsheet. Yes just need room 12 to sleep in and room 6 to exhibit in thanks.
  14. Yep just to confirm what Mark is saying. Kate and I require a double sleeping room as well as our exhibition room please. Mark and Jane need an extra sleep room too. thank you