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  1. Arm mounting distance: how critical?

    I would have thought you might get away with up to 1mm as all measurements are a compromise but 4mm might be a bit tall ask. I would have thought setting up any cart would be made more difficult if the tonearm is not positioned properly.
  2. Recommendations for a phono stage.

    There is a Graham Slee Era Gold V in the for sale section. I've got a reflex m which is a slight upgrade on the Gold V. I think it's on at £350, it would be a great option at that money. As said above and a head amp or SUT in the future and you'd have a great MC set up too.
  3. Linn Basic Plus and Ortofon 2M cartridge

    Go fir the blue. it's worth the extra outlay
  4. Linn Basic Plus and Ortofon 2M cartridge

    I had a 2m blue on my Linn Basic. It was fitted by a dealer but it worked well and sound quality was good.
  5. Great news

    Thanks Paul and all you guys for your kind words and support for Jack. He did very well in Korea and It still has hardly sunk in that he is the World Champion. He started this journey at 12 years old and has worked very hard to get to where he is now. There is still a long way to go to Tokyo 2020 but this is another step along the road to the Paralympics. thanks again guys.
  6. Great amps those Creek's, I think that at the heart of this system is one of the reasons it sounds so good. look forward to hearing it at the Show.
  7. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Nice Build the Lenco looks great, I bet very different to your inspire TT.
  8. New phono stage perhaps

    With your turntable set up I'd be looking at something like a Paradise, trilogy 906 or Vida if thinking SS, but if you've never had a valve stage perhaps you should try one. Audio Innovations P2 with a good quality SUT, Rick's Graaf is brilliant if you can find one, then there is SJS or Art Audio which would be good options too. Of course it all depends on budget and availability is buying used.
  9. Will there be a new spreadsheet to fill in or will appear as it was with new title of kegworth HiFi show soon?
  10. Rob loves his gear though !!!! I'll miss Scalford I've only just got used to finding my way around it. I'm sure new venue will bring its own character to what is an amazing event.
  11. Sorry I can't do 23rd I'll be in South Korea, perhaps next time.
  12. I would try to make it depending on date. Could maybe bring my 94db Bastanis Kurt’s
  13. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    What a great evening of tunes, food, and laughter. Brilliant Chip butties as usual. It was great to see lots of Wammer's and to have a really good laugh. Thanks Rick for hosting such a good night, (I've not laughed that much for a long time) BTW new speakers sounded great too and had us sat up listening way later than we should have on a Thursday night. Look forward to hearing them again soon.
  14. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    Only one sleep to tunes night