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  1. Yes but their old turntables have to go somewhere, I've always got space for a few more. I must see the doctor about my turntable addiction, there must be a rehab centre that only streams digital music somewhere to fix it.
  2. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Hi Jack, It was good to chat at Kegworth. I enjoyed listening to your Rock and Alphason on Saturday eve. Steve is quite right air drying works fine, it just takes a little while longer. If you have a vacuum available it does help to finish off the process but it’s not a compulsory part of the process by any means. The record turns very slowly only 0.5 rpm and the vibration that is generated by the cavitation effect actually leaves very little fluid on the surface of the vinyl, very much less than would be left if using a conventional scrub and vac type machine. So it drys in the air relatively quickly. I hope that helps.
  3. I think it is a totally fudged article to maker content for the BBC website on a slow news day. With a sample size of 2000 people with no indication of age spread or any other detail on the survey and it’s content then I don’t think it is representative of the trend in vinyl sales. I probably buy about 12 - 15 new albums a year but I buy a lot more than that from the used market. Is that a super fan? Looking at the reports and pictures from the Munich show turntables were evident in great numbers with lots of new models. Who is buying all those if two thirds of buyers are already super fans who have a turntable? It doesn’t add up to me.
  4. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    After a busy few weeks I've got a bit of time this weekend so I might be able to have a go at the spdif board and see if I can get it to work. I'll report on progress later in the weekend.
  5. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    I’ll look into those options to see if it makes a difference. in the meantime I’ve managed to fit some pins into the spdif converter board. I’m watching ting for some more pins from eBay before going any further. Testing my eyesight and soldering skills this is!
  6. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Brilliant Thank you for the comprehensive instructions, I'm hoping to have a go at this tonight, lets see what happens. Cheers for all the help. Does the wire used to connect up boards have an effect on SQ and what would you guys recommend? cheers
  7. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Thanks I'll try that. Right in the meantime I've go the 4 stack working but what I really want to do is use the DDDAC with a spdif input from a CD player so how to I add this board. I can see where 5v power input goes the rest of it is beyond me at this piont, any ideas how to add this board? Also will the 5 v power supply power this board and the wave IO? Here is link to picture of the board I have. Thank you https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/diy-kits-boards/module-source-selector-ak4113-spdif-to-i2s-lcd-screen-4-input-p-10554.html
  8. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    I downloaded it from their website on trial, I had no success with exactaudiocopy either, that just kept ejecting the CD. iTunes worked fine and ripped to Apple lossless no problem.
  9. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Trying iTunes and will try exact audio also. in the meantime, the dac is working, my repair to TP122 has worked and tonight I took out the single board set up and put in the 4 stack and miraculously it works fine. So what I’d like to do next is add the spdif input board so I can use it with a cd transport. So some diection and instruction on how to do that and how to wire it all together would be good. pictures so far. 4 stack not that tidy but I’ll tidy it up when it goes in its box. 😀
  10. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Tried three different CD’s all done the same thing.
  11. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Foobar2000 or groove Beth play the hires file I downloaded perfectly
  12. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    I downloaded a 24bit 352.8khz file from 21.no and it plays fine on groove and Foobar2000 so it must be the rip. what might I be doing wrong? it is a trial version of dbpoweramp I’m using. I thought it was the program most people recommend.
  13. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    First time I've ripped anything on this laptop. Funny thing is if CD is the drive it spins up and plays through usb to DAC and sounds great. Take out the CD and nothing just a click noise.
  14. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    It’s as if there is no file there just the photo of the album cover. foobar says files are corrupted. No sound from laptop speakers good news is my repairs to DAC look to have worked it’s just getting laptop to feed it music.
  15. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    I rip a CD with trial version of bdpoweramp. then go to Foobar2000 or media player and it shows picture of album cover and just goes click click through the speakers and that’s it. No music. As if there is a picture in the file and no music, but in properties it says it is a .flac file. if I play cd while in the drive on dbpoweramp it spins up and music is played, so I think the dac must be working ok or there would be no music. but the ripping to flac thing is doing my noodle.