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  1. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Another few Velvet Vortex have gone out over the last week or two. Feedback has been good. I still have one or two available if people want one PM me.
  2. Sold Anyone who can help with Wam Taxi from Chesterfield to Kent to help with delivering it to Pacelmonkey please let us know.
  3. Not received a pm yet so I’ll need your phone number so I can call you. Im sure a wam taxi can be organised
  4. Are you close to Speedracer? He is picking something up from me for NSM soon, perhaps the AAA5+ could get closer to you with him.
  5. Arcam Alpha 5+ CD player masterfully modded by Les at Avondale The mods cost £350 on top of donor player. I believe Les puts in a whole new Non oversampling DAC and chose this player as the base for his mods due to great transport it uses as standard. It will compete with players that cost very much more money and rarely come up for sale. I would prefer collection as postal system is not always kind to CD players but will post at the risk of the buyer. £200 + postage costs if needed I'm told that Les retains the DAC chip (it’s a 1541), but removes the upsampling and then most of the mods are to improve the power supply.
  6. Spider

    Acoustic-Energy-AE2 & Stands

    These are beautiful Rick ran his on my 18w 211 valve amp at Scalford and they sounded great. So they are maybe easier to drive than you might think.
  7. Spider

    [FOR SALE] Summer Record Sale

    Hi Dean ive been looking for a decent Beatles - White Album for a while, do you happen to have any in your bag of goodies. cheers Tim
  8. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a day Building the Velvet Vortex and after a full day of machining the custom parts with ED it seemed rude not the build them. So today I put a few together . These have a couple of new bits added to easy loading. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of the full build. The amount of positive reaction to my Cleaner has been very flattering. I’m glad you guys like them.
  9. Spider

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    Another 2p’s worth I filled my photography quota with photos from Scalford show. So now I have nowhere to upload any photos I wish to share but I don’t want to remove those show photos as I assume they disappear from the original thread. Is there anything can be done about this? Also the photo upload is fine, the management side iPod it is clunky anspd non intuitive. Could this be improved or a FAQ section added? thanks
  10. Spider

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    Classifieds section back. Megastore just doesn’t work, ditch it. The Uber systems that used be at Scalford need to return to the show as they are obviously an important part of the Wam show. I’m not precious about the venue but some big rooms with unobtainium gear would be a good addition. i think the return of classifieds might help generate more traffic and make the forum more active. The bake off scene needs nurturing back to where it was two or three years ago. It seems to have slowed down. pretty much all points on poll above apply to the wam as it is now, I’m not too worried about being phone friendly but needs to be tablet friendly.
  11. Spider

    Northwest Audio show 2018

    Thanks to everyone who visited our table at the show. We had a very enjoyable weekend with lots of positive feedback, lots of old friends to meet up with and forum members we have never met to meet for the first time. It was very flattering to have requests from exhibitors who having already cleaned their records for demonstration purposes wanted me to clean their records again because they were still noisy or distorted and they wanted to be sure their demo records were at the very best they could be. Special thanks to Edd and to Guy and Stuart at Puresound for all their support and I must say the Puresound room was excellent I wish I could have stayed longer in it. The show was very busy and is growing year on year it is well worth a visit.
  12. Spider

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Been a bit busy lately so progress has been slow. Hopefully in July I'll get this 4 board finished I'll update as soon as Spdif board is wired up.
  13. Spider

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Put me and kate down for this one. Good to welcome another wammer to the area. if you want any gear bringing let me know. cheers
  14. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Next set of parts built up today. Motors to add and this lot will be going to the next lucky owners soon.