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  1. Spider

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    Great turntable this, I’ve heard it at Ian’s bake offs and it is lovely. Great price too.
  2. Spider

    Technics sl1210mk5

    I’ve seen and heard this turntable and it is well worth taking a look at it. It is in very very good condition and is the very rare mk5 not easy to find, you don’t see many for sale.
  3. Spider

    Record cleaners

    Your mix sounds fine, a little more wetting agent might help perhaps 15ml. Ultrasonic doesn’t need 20% alcohol in the mix. 200ml is enough. 30 to 35 Degs is fine and turning off heater is also good practice as the ultrasonic process warms the fluid anyway. 15 mins is usually enough for most records, some really scruffy ones might need a bit more time but rage vast majority 15 mins is plenty of time. hope that helps
  4. Spider

    Record cleaners

    I don’t think I would recommend this, car parts cleaner is a degreaser I would of thought, not really suitable for vinyl. If the fluid used is the right mix then a rinse is not necessarily needed, if you do want to rinse then distilled water is the best thing in my opinion.
  5. Spider

    Record cleaners

    I have used ultrasonic cleaning for over a year. And built cleaners for many people on this forum. Several people have used the window vac type machine to vacuum the vinyl after cleaning. Most apply sticky back Velvet to blades of window vac to protect vinyl as in most scrub and vac type machines. There are several cheap window vacs on the market that do the job for around £25. I often air dry vinyl after ultrasonic cleaning and don’t experience any problems with residual dirt drying back into grooves. There is a lot less fluid left on the surface than with conventional machines as the vibration helps evacuate the fluid during the ultrasonic cleaning process. That’s my experience of using ultrasonic, which is the best way to clean vinyl in my opinion. 👍
  6. Recently heard one again and would like to have a go with one in my system. I know it’s a long shot but if anyone has one that it gathering dust they would consider selling drop me a line.
  7. Spider

    Terminator air bearing fitted

    Last week I spent a couple of hours CNC machining an armboard for @bandit pilot for his Terminator as he has wanted to try this arm on his Acoustic Signature for some time now. Last night I went over and we spent three hours getting it fitted and set up. The armboard I had made fitted very snuggly and the three point clamping arrangement worked well. We made an alignment jig and spent time getting the carrier spot on, which is more difficult than it looks. Rick chose to load his Decca Gold on to a tomahawk arm and we set about setting VTA, tracking weight etc. To cut a long story short it took a while. Then we had to track down a hum which turned out to be RCA leads. But eventually we got there. The result was worth it. It sounded fab! Records we are both very familiar with had layers of instrumentation neither of us had heard before. Bass is fast, tight and controlled, sublime voices, backing vocal, great piano and guitar, sparkling highs. I found nothing to be a negative about the sound quality. Yes the Decca was fussy about some of the vinyl we played that is to be expected and loading a record under the Terminator is a delicate procedure but the resulting sound quality in Ricks system was impressive. The Terminator and a Decca aren’t for everyone but I thought it was fantastic perhaps there is something in the linear tonearm theory.
  8. Spider

    FS SP10 Slate Plinth

  9. Spider

    FS SP10 Slate Plinth

  10. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    A day at the CNC turned out these little beauties. Got a few in stock now so waiting times are minimal at present.
  11. Spider

    Arm pod setting gadget

    Better idea of how it works
  12. Spider

    Arm pod setting gadget

    I’ve made this tool to set the arm pod for a friend who has an FXR 12 inch tonearm. The flat ply arm fits over spindle and the shaft fits into the collar or fitting for tonearm. Then the armboard or arm pod can be moved to get exactly the right position and a super accurate spindle to center of bearing position. The tool holds it in place while you tighten the armboard or arm pod in position. Then remove the tool and pop in your tonearm hey presto it is set exactly in position. I made one at 211mm for my Alphason and it is spot on 211. It should work on any turntable with a adjustable arm pod such as Acoustic Signature, Acoustic Solid, all the Michell orbe’s, Oracle’s etc etc. I hope the pictures give an illustration of how it works. E84DDF01-E825-4239-A9D1-6D8CEC06071C.jpeg2048x1536 596 KB 74D9D7FD-51B7-43EA-AB6B-BA6AEC9F1955.jpeg2048x1536 759 KB D0DF7176-4146-4694-8171-1CB3C16D181C.jpeg1536x2048 1.31 MB 23A0CE5E-4B9C-46AF-937E-C4799BA5DD63.jpeg2048x1536 773 KB 8D28C8A1-E865-45F8-8FCE-B3DB6A4C07DE.jpeg2048x1536 630 KB
  13. Spider

    FS SP10 Slate Plinth

    SP10 Slate Plinth can take two arms Armboards for Rega and Ed has SME 12 inch board somewhere. Armboards can be made for most arms to fit. Very heavy. It’s a decent enough plinth not much else to say. SP10 sounded great in it. It is just too big and heavy for my circumstances. £200 ono 8429C2D0-D3A9-4292-9E79-FBDB0D47B128.jpeg1536x2048 954 KB 7DEBDA83-460E-4F94-9796-CEEF08C355C4.jpeg2048x1536 916 KB D9D8BE4A-6C19-4143-9468-52A888F9274D.jpeg2048x1536 924 KB 361DEB7C-42CE-4AB9-A475-D64F7F1A9349.jpeg2048x1536 947 KB 496641A4-953F-43C2-B1FB-021C38D11536.jpeg2048x1536 821 KB