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  1. I had a Chevron pre amp I used with Avondale amps it was very very good.
  2. For Sale my Audio Origami Uniarm. In excellent condition I’d say as new. These tonearms are hand built to a very high standard and are easily one of best unipivots ever made. This one is Rega Geometry and as these are no longer available from AO is to become a rarity in the future. I’ve just got too many tonearms and need to thin out the collection. Original box and all instructions, protractors etc included £1050 delivered to uk address (cartridge and turntable not included in sale)
  3. Spider

    DIY record weight

    More fun with the CNC this morning
  4. Spider

    DIY record weight

    Linn users tend not to use record weights because of suspension but I’m not 100% that Axis is suspended so it might work fine. You could try a light one as Bigrod said he has a 220g one he uses on his LP12.
  5. Spider

    DIY record weight

    Could glue them my idea was slightly different but I might try some proper corian glue.
  6. Spider

    DIY record weight

    Have an idea how this might be possible. I’ll have a go.
  7. Spider

    DIY record weight

    As it is it weighs 450grams. So very very close to 500g 👍👍 @wizmax @orbscure
  8. Spider

    DIY record weight

    Can easily make it 500g by adding another layer of corian or adding a couple of extra bolts. I’ll weigh it properly and see what it really weighs and let you know.
  9. Spider

    DIY record weight

    Yes I’ve got a Technics one already cad drawn ready to try this week it weighs about 400 grams, our scales are broken so estimated weight comparing it to the ones I’ve got that are 360g will weigh it soon