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  1. Didn’t get any picture apart from one in my own room. Thanks to everyone who visited us and for all the great comments.
  2. Roads fine around Keggy Clearing by the minute get along to see all the amazing systems on offer
  3. Lots of boxes littering the house at the moment, records all over the place and turntables in bits. Defo questioning my sanity right now. A bit worried about emptying the hotel room to make enough space for all the gear. But Looking forward to great weekend and all those smiling faces on Sunday morning
  4. I’m hoping to get there around midday but it may be a bit after that depending on how picking the van goes and if Kate can get ready in time. It won’t be any later than 1pm.
  5. Hi Raphael, You are next door to me, I've only done one year myself but happy to help you if needed and kegworth is new to us all so we'll all be in the same boat. See you Saturday.
  6. Sorry didn’t look that closely but it looks like the desk is free standing in the picture so I reckon it could be used to stand some gear on.
  7. Yes I was passing this morning after a Mother’s Day visit to Nottingham with kate, and as you say they very kindly let me take a look at my room. Although the receptionist was a bit confused and asked me “what’s a HiFi?” Defo bigger than my Scalford room last year, just a bit worried about the amount of furniture in the room. I hope there is an empty room where furniture can be stored during the day. @Duvet indicated this might be the case. Pictures for your info, I’m guessing all the rooms are very similar.
  8. Spent an afternoon putting a few boxes of stuff together. Spare RCA leads, extensions, lighting rig, made posters and selected a large pile of vinyl to take with us. Still got to get all the stands I use for Scalford to get out of storage and cleaned, pick up van, dismantle system, check cartridge alignment. Pack van, buy food and drink, plan layout, find folding chairs, pack van, etc etc etc etc. better get a move on its next Sunday
  9. We’ll try our best to get something going for a while on Saturday night too. Can’t promise all evening as we want to get around and see a few people we’ve not seen for too long. You and your drinking partner being two of them.
  10. With just a couple of weeks to go and I’m starting to look forward to this years show. I’m making my plans on what to take and trying to decide how best to show my kit. Filling boxes with vinyl and cables, door posters and tool box. Is anyone else looking forward to a great weekend of seeing friends, playing music and celebrating our hobby/addiction.
  11. I've got loads of Gardening he can do at my place.
  12. I was thinking about bringing a few folding chairs with me too. Would that be a problem?