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  1. Hi I got your machine at the NW audio show

    I would like more fluid

    how best to contact  you

    I am new to the forum ...

  2. Spider

    Spider's Xmas Bake off 1st December

    Hi Just to let everyone know I can't include the subs bench at this time I just don't have enough room for anymore people. Sorry If any of the list cancel then I'll let any subs know. Sorry just can't fit anymore in on this occasion, hopefully next time.
  3. Spider

    Garrard 401 vs Technics SP10

    I've had a 401 and I loved it everybody enjoyed listening to it. It was set in a layered ply plinth. Very musical and enjoyable with good bass as mentioned before. I will have another in the future I'm sure. I've just bought an SP10 in a slate plinth I put the same arm on it that was on my 401 and I've got to say it is the best formed bass notes I've heard in my system. I am planning on fitting it into a ply plinth as the slate plinth is huge and heavy but in my opinion the 401 and SP10 actually compliment each other in a lot of areas but in the bass the SP10 has it.
  4. Spider

    Wtd Queen on Vinyl

    Just been to see Bohemian Rhapsody and it made me realise I’ve got very little Queen on Vinyl. So anybody got any they might be happy to pass on. Cheers
  5. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Yes I am still doing these for members of the forum.
  6. Spider

    Spider's Xmas Bake off 1st December

    Last minute change out of my hands the bake off will have to be on Saturday 1st December rather than the Sunday. Let me know if you are all ok with that.
  7. Spider

    SP10 advice

    Just picked up SP10 from Ed this week. I had to see what the fuss was about with these turntables. Set it up with a Origin Live Silver mki and a Ortofon Rohmann and I can see what people see in these things. It is very very good. Which has led me to a couple of dangerous thoughts. The slate plinth is too big and heavy for my sideboard so that will have to be replaced with something else and I’m thinking ply plinth for a single tonearm. Any thoughts on if layering it with corian or something like that is a good idea or not. Mark will be looking at this for me as his plinths are lovely just wondering what people have had success with and if plinth really makes a big difference with the SP10. Tonearm? Now I was thinking of fitting an Alphason HR100s mcs. Which I still think is a great option but was just wondering if there was something else out there 9 or 10 inch that might suit better (£1k max budget).
  8. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    All built up with new larger stickers and lots of tweeks I’ve been doing now I’ve got my own CNC at home and a lovely drill press so I can get every drilled hole bang on. Motor box is also CNC machined now making it extra accurate. The Velvet Vortex as a product has benefited from the workshop at home now sporting some lovely new machinery.
  9. Spider

    Jack is European Champion

    For all of you who have taken an interest in Jack’s Parabadminton career you’ll be pleased to know he has just won the European Championships. So he is now World No1, World Champion and European Champion. Not many sportsman pull off the triple. Very happy dad.
  10. Can I have hugh maskela hope dark side of the moon marvin Gaye collection cheers
  11. Spider

    Yet another Lenco build

    Top job
  12. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    My new CNC machine has made a difference to the parts I can make and what I can do to make the Velvet Vortex even prettier. Tonights upgrade machining the logo into the motor mounting box lid.
  13. Spider

    Ortofon Cadenza Black sudden death

    I had a Cadenza Blue retipped by ESCO it didn’t cost a lot and it sounds fantastic with their paratrace retip on it. I would consider a retip before stumping up £1k + for a new cart.
  14. Hi Everyone, This year has been bonkers busy but I've set a date for a Bake off at mine on 1st December. Have to be a standard two room Bake off this time as no time to empty house for a big one, we'll do that next year. So my system in the lounge and an empty room for you guys to fill with gear in the study as usual. We'll do food mid afternoon, you guys bring cakes and pie's as usual. Room for about 15 to 18 people. Start at around 11am finish at 6-7pm. We live near Chesterfield. Team list: Rick - Bandit Pilot Rob - Freefallrob Paul - Maverick Mark - Divedeepdog Des - Hap Hazaard Edd - Ed9000 Barrington - Mayebaza Lee - Settingson Darren - Belliore Ian Russell Nick Steve - Shipbroker Mick - Mickey Ricky Bruce - Brucer 2 sap7 mickbald Dean Subs Bench from here: coogie spenagio kenipster
  15. Spider


    What is the difference between the two tapes and what do the numbers mean?