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  1. Talk to @divedeepdog he makes excellent bespoke plinths. He has made lots of different shapes and is a skilled joiner. His polished finishes are excellent. I'm sure he could help you. He did the plinth for my SP10 and it is excellent.
  2. Spider

    SP10 advice

    Another good feature that DDD did to my plinth was to cleverly mount the motor in such a way that it isolates the motor from the arm, all these little things help it to sound it’s very best. I thought this was a really good idea.
  3. Spider

    SP10 advice

    I think DDD was making the point that a modded pmat AT1010 will cost £1200 which is around the price of a used SME iv. So it should be a lot better than any of the other arms mentioned as it is around two to three times the cost of any of them. If the PMAT 1010 was £500 then fair enough but at £1200 it’s hardly a fair comparison.
  4. Spider

    SP10 advice

    Hi Marks covered all the bases there. I've added an Art9 since he built it and I am very very happy with the result. It sounds great and I think it looks fantastic too. I'm not a fan of skeletal design plinths regardless of the design I think they all sound a bit light. I'm not convinced that a plinth with mass is a huge advantage with the SP10 in the same way it makes a big difference with a 301 or 401. But I'm sure some of you would disagree with that. I've had it in slate plinth that had loads of mass and it sounded good but I don't hear any difference in the ply plinth it is just as good. I like yours Pete it looks superb great job with that plinth and arm it looks great and I'm sure it sounds great too. I did have the chance to use mine in a two turntable set up with same amps and speakers with a very expensive high end, high mass, belt drive turntable with a linear tracking arm and Decca gold cartridge. To be honest I found them hard to tell apart both sounded superb. Which I was pleased about because I think the Decca in linear tracking arm sounds amazing. As I said I'm sure some will disagree but I think my SP10 is just right and I'm very happy with it.
  5. Is this any good? https://audioabattoir.com/t/hutter-hifi-rack-7-tiers/7133/3
  6. Spider

    Recent armboards made

    The next job I did for him was to re-house his SUT. It came in a wooden box with a copper top and bottom and looked a bit worse for wear. He also had a problem with it humming and interference. So I used the copper top and bottom and built a corian box for it all to live in. Then I lined the box with copper tape to help with the hum and screwded it all together with some nice brass screws. @Turningjapanese reports it is now silent. No before pictures this time but this is what it turned out like.
  7. Spider

    Recent armboards made

    Helped @Turningjapanese recently with a couple of projects. He wanted to fit a nice new 12inch Ikeda to his Denon DP80 Turntable and didn’t have a spare armboard. So he brought it all to me to take a look at. The plinth was never meant to take a 12 inch tonearm, but I managed to get it to fit by moving one of the plinths feet and routing out some of the plinth from below the arm for the cable. I recessed a nice Ortofon sprit level into the armboard to disguise the old roughly cut hole which was for a Rega arm and remachined the mounting hole for the Ikeda with a recess underneath to fit the huge solid ring that fastens the tonearm to the plinth. I must say the Ikeda tonearm is beautifully made and I thought the whole thing tuned out well. Before picture after pictures
  8. Full up subs bench still taking names for any cancellations nearer to the date. 👍😀
  9. Hi Everyone, Spider’s Oktoberfest bake off is back. Will be a three room bake off, maybe 4 if Jack wants to join in with his system upstairs. So my system in the lounge and two empty rooms for you guys to fill with gear in the study and downstairs bedroom as usual. I’ll find some racks to put gear on just needs some nice HiFi to make beautiful music. Saturday 12th October 10.30am start finish at 6pm. We'll do hot food mid afternoon, you guys bring cakes and pie's as usual. Room for 22 people. We live near Chesterfield. Team list: Rick - Bandit Pilot Rob - Freefallrob Divedeepdog - Mark MickyRicky - Mick Coogie - Mark sap7 - Steve w.t.f - Colin Mayebaza - Barrington octh - Dave SCIDB - Dean Jim - Jim Ijrussel - Ian ed9000 - Ed Catcando - Gregg Myrman - Nick RMSshipbtoker - Steve Bromwellm - Mark turningjapanese - Darren Mickbald - Mick Jpg - Paul Belloire - Darren settingson - Lee subs bench hap hazzard maverick docp aejoker Steve Jessica K
  10. Great day thanks for the brilliant hospitality me & kate had a fab day
  11. Here is Parabadminton player Dave Follett winner of the Velvet Vortex Trophy. Very pleased to be involved with such a fantastic event.
  12. Velvet Vortex is happy to sponsor the Uk parabadminton trophy for the Wheelchair 1 category.
  13. Pictures from Kegworth this year with Neat's on duty. These are great speakers and in fantastic condition a lot of people enjoyed them at Kegworth. Obviously these are to help with pictures of the speakers no other kit included