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  1. Spider

    Free tix to Audio Show 2018 Sep 22-23

    Venue was easy to find and very nice, with free coffee and tea. but The layout was a tad confusing when trying to find the rooms you wanted to listen to. overall 8/10
  2. Spider

    Free tix to Audio Show 2018 Sep 22-23

    O and MFA room with Nagra R2R was very good, Great recordings making for a superb sound.
  3. Spider

    Free tix to Audio Show 2018 Sep 22-23

    Me and Kate went today. It was very quiet not very many people there. The Malvern Audio room was interesting, a very eager to please system and none of it expensive, a very good real world HiFi. The hornings were good but when we were in there the music was not to our taste so I was a bit underwhelmed I know they can be better. Art Audio room was good but I think a better choice of speakers might have helped, they were a bit big for the small room. There were a lot of middle of the road rooms that had nothing to tell them apart from each other. Then there was the AudioNec room, which sonically was stunning, every sound was so real and right there is the room. Unfortunately it was £250,000 and the ugliest speakers and boxes I’ve ever seen. Anyway brought a few pictures back to pop of the forum. a
  4. For Sale Two Cartridges both Ortofon Quintet Black. 1. Ortofon Quintet Black S Sold STP 2. This has been my spare cartridge which is a OrtofonQuintet Black with original Boron Cantilever retiped by ESCO with a paratrace stylus. I recently sold this and it was returned to me as the buyer told me it would not trackproperly. I have tried it since and had no problem and I never had a problem before. The cantilever is slightly off at a angle but when properly lined up it has never been a problem. So bearing in mind what happened with last sale I'm willing to do a mega bargain on this one of £220. Bearing in mind what it is worth as a part ex against a new Ortofon cart it is worth that. I think it is fine but I want to be fair and honest so I'm doing a deal.
  5. Spider

    For Sale Trilogy 906 phono stage

    They are different beasts to be honest. The Remton is a tad warmer in its over all presentation. The 906 slightly more detailed and neutral. Sound quality wise it is very close its down to your personal taste more than anything I would say.
  6. For Sale Trilogy 906 phono stage The reputation is well deserved these are brilliant phono stages. In as new condition not a mark on it. £500 inc postage anywhere in uk. F2BC2B5C-1E2E-40B5-91C2-77E25F2CC31A.jpeg1536x2048 468 KB
  7. Spider

    Wanted: Tune Audio Marvel

    I remember these from Cranage. That room was very very good 😀
  8. Spider

    Summer Record Sale

    Can I have please. can you bring to Yorkshire bake off. Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie - A Classy pair (dc, US) (VG+/Ex) £4 Nina Simone my baby just care for me cream history vol 1
  9. Spider

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    oooo yes please
  10. Spider

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Cost me a few pounds tracking down a Jap pressing of the David Bowie. Found one on Ebay, hope it is as good as Paul's And while I was there I found Vanessa Fernandes so I got that too.
  11. Spider

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Great day out very enjoyable. Japenese pressing of David Bowie was particularly good. thanks for a great afternoon.
  12. Spider

    My 1974 Capri

    That is lovely. I've had lots of fast fords but never a Capri. I loved my XR3 and mki XR2. I also had a Sierra Sapphire 2000e which was fun. lovely job on the Capri