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  1. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Velvet Vortex is happy to sponsor the Uk parabadminton trophy for the Wheelchair 1 category.
  2. Spider

    Neat Ultimatum MF5

    Pictures from Kegworth this year with Neat's on duty. These are great speakers and in fantastic condition a lot of people enjoyed them at Kegworth. Obviously these are to help with pictures of the speakers no other kit included
  3. Spider


    Thanks for a good couple of hours Julian. Lovely system. I also had a few records 👍👍
  4. Spider

    Audio Note (Japan) AN-S6C

    Heard this so many time at Rick's place. It is a fabulous SUT and rarely comes up for sale. Buy with confidence Rick is a top bloke.
  5. Robin is your man with the R2R he has helped me on my journey with reel to reel and is a very generous chap. When it’s at its best there is nothing that can beat R2R. 👍😀
  6. Spider

    Zingali Feast

    Heard a pair of those Overture 3’s at Scalford 4 or 5 years back they were excellent. Kept going back to that room all day. Never owned any but I do remember that room being really good.
  7. Spider

    Recent armboards made

    Did This armboard for a Thorens TD124 recently that worked out quite nicely.
  8. Spider

    Recent armboards made

  9. Spider

    Recent armboards made

  10. Spider

    Recent armboards made

    Hi Spent a couple of hours on the CNC this week. Made an arm pod for my Acoustic Signature to accomadate a OA arm and some SME blank spacers for Mark. Played with a design for cable lifters too.
  11. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Just taken delivery of a new batch of ultrasonic baths all lovely and new and waiting for you wammers to super clean your vinyl. Ultrasonic cleaning still amazes me every time I get some used vinyl and take it from pops and clicks to complete silence plus the additional knowledge that super clean vinyl means my stylus stays clean and will last for longer due to playing clean vinyl. Still really pleased that the Velvet Vortex has helped some of you get more from your records and your system. Enjoy the music 👍👍
  12. Spider

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    It was pretty straight forward. You need a small torx driver and Philips screwdriver. Open CD draw and remove aluminium front cover two small screws hold it on. Remove top cover 6 torx screws. Slip off cover being careful to disconnect multi plug to front panel. Remove power plug and multi pin plugs from old drive take note of which way round they were fitted to make sure you put them back the same way. Four screws to remove the drive, peel ribbon cable off top of drive it is held with some double sided foam tape. Place new drive back on plastic base it fits positively so make sure its in correct place. Screw back in place then plug in power and ribbon cables. I used some double sided tape to stick ribbon cable to top of drive. Replace cover remembering to refit multi plug on the front panel as you do. Power up and open front draw to access front. Replace face plate, I found it easier to place it upside down to do this as it helps with access and easier to see what you are doing. That should be it done! Replace on HiFi rack plug in and enjoy your CD's.
  13. Spider

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Bought one of these for my Opus 21 as it was starting to get a bit picky about what discs it wanted to play. It came dated April 2005 just like @jonnyone bought. I made ebayer an offer of $60 which he accepted and it came all sealed in its bag and brand new. Set to work with a torx driver and some common sense and had new drive fitted in about 30mins. It is now recognising all my discs and starting up much faster. Sounds great just like it did before. I might order another next month to be sure I’ve always got a spare and it should see me enjoying CD for a good few years to come.
  14. Spider

    North West Hifi Show (Cranage)

    Been trying to think how to describe the sound of the big Drieklang Heco’s in words. Not sure I can but here goes. They are fast and full sounding with amazing balance and control over the whole frequency range. That’s about as good as I can do, you look at them and expect them to dominate the room with huge bass but actually they are surprisingly delicate and transfer so much musically that I could have listened to them all day. They are brilliant. As others have said the Led Zep ii R2R was amazing and when Guy put it on the room immediately filled with people. We went back later in the day and he played Booker T and it was just the highlight of the show for us just all enveloping and ultimately musical which is what matters. In conclusion I hope he will bring them to Settle in September that would make us all happy boys.
  15. Spider

    North West Hifi Show (Cranage)

    dice throw