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  1. Agreed with all that’s been said above. I wasn’t 100% sure about exhibiting this year but I’m so glad I did. The weekend renewed my enthusiasm for the show. It was really good sharing the room this year and that added to the experience. We loved it from start to finish. Room 106 was really good, certainly showed what ESL 57’s can do. On Saturday eve as me and Kate left your room I simply said to her. “Now that’s what a HiFi should sound like” enough said.
  2. Spider

    LP12 custom armboard

    A while, the CAD and program post process took about two hours and and the machining took about one and a half hours. It turned out pretty good.
  3. Spider

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    These look fantastic, really different to what is out there for LP12’s. We need to see a few more pictures of it built up. I would have thought there are a few LP12 third party upgrade specialists would be interested in these plinths.
  4. Spider

    LP12 custom armboard

    Custom LP12 armboard to suit SME 3009. Made of 12mm corian and machined out to reduce weight to help suspension so there is not too much weight. Looks brilliant too. Shame it will be out of sight. Made on my CNC machine this morning. Quite pleased with this one.
  5. Spider

    SME adaptors

    I’ve had fun making SME adaptor plates on my CNC. one to mount Hadcock arms and one for Rega arms Im quite pleased with them.
  6. Spider

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    custom Velvet Vortex for a fella who had a bath that has wider sides than the usual ultrasonic bath I use. So I’ve made him a Vortex with wider fitting. Looks like a success.
  7. Spider

    New turntable

    Alphason suits it well, just a tight fit, that's why we made custom collars for it.
  8. Spider

    New turntable

    It is very shiny
  9. Spider

    New turntable

  10. Spider

    New turntable

    Hi guys thought I’d show off my new TT. Well new to me. Technics SP10 in one of DiveDeepDog’s beautiful plinths. Marks work is second to none I really recommend him if you need any turntable putting in a plinth. His 301’s and 401’s are amazing. This one is a small footprint with corian top, custom feet and tonearm collar made by me on my CNC. It has an Alphason tonearm and Rohmann cartridge fitted. Sounds fantastic, it had its first outing to Kegworth at the weekend so some if you may have seen it then. hope you like the pictures
  11. How about limited budget next time with a few interesting parameters, such as. £500 limit must use bookshelf speakers must have 2 sources no subwoofer something like that.
  12. Spider


    I’m taking no one
  13. Spider

    Audio Synthesis DAX Decade

    I was lucky enough to borrow this for week from Rick it is a fabulous DAC and real top draw HiFi.
  14. Paid £132.50 £85 for sleep room £47.50 for half of exhibit room Cheers
  15. No that is still going to be in room 5 or 6