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  1. I'm happy to contribute some anti static sleeves to help this venture too.
  2. A room for this would be a great idea. As I've said I'm happy to support this as best we can. Some space to make the most of this would be a great idea.
  3. We want a extra room for me and Kate to sleep in does that need adding to the spreadsheet notes? Our equipment list will be complete soon.
  4. Hi Guys, Happy to supply a second Velvet Vortex to support this charity record cleaning idea so perhaps more than one at a time can be cleaned. I'll supply fluids for two or three velvet vortex if this goes ahead. This charity is close to our family. I can't stand and work the machines as I have a room to exhibit in but happy to supply a bath to facilitate extra cleaning opportunity. I'll do an hours shift if a group of people are helping as a team to clean records. Any other way I can support let me know
  5. After some thought and reading your comments I went for another Art9 which arrived today. Thanks for all the advice and ideas
  6. Sorted now thank you all, Got a Yannis Silvercore used for a fair price
  7. We’ll on table L2 in the lobby by the tea and cake stall 😀😀😀😀
  8. Don’t be shy you can make an offer if you’re u like
  9. For Sale Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC Cartridge Spent most of its life in a drawer as a spare Cartridge perhaps used for around 200hrs. In great condition with threaded body so easy to fit and align. This was one of Ortofon's top spec carts and was about £700 when new. I do not have original box but will be packed well and screwed into a protective box for posting. Loads of reviews and info on-line as it was a high spec cart in Ortofon's range. £250 inc postage
  10. At this point I’m looking at all and anything as I’m not 100% what would be best for yet. The Zafino highlands does look good though.
  11. Yeah seen them and that’s front runner atm. Just thought I’d see what people had got before having a go at one of those cables.
  12. Hi just got an arm that requires a tonearm cable. Din type first arm I’ve owned that needs a DIN cable. anyone got one they are not using that could be up for sale? cheers
  13. Latest customer feedback on Vevet Vortex I have now cleaned about 300 records with great results. I was particularly impressed with some old classical discs I did recently, they sound so much better after their ultrasonic bath ! Keep up the good work, I will do my best to spread the news !