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  1. Well, on the other hand, he is kind-of trying to answer the OP's question. Personally, I enjoy the differences between DACs. One better than the rest? Nah.
  2. Good game today, Sarries against Wasps. Farrell did some dodgy kicking in the first half, and got sin binned in the second, but Sarries were impressive: Stole about three Wasps line outs, and very good in a Maul.
  3. +1. We have a totally useless but ancient crab apple tree in the garden, that was converted for bird supply in winter. Enough shelter, nice thick bark for those that need it, and a variety of nooks and crannies to hide food in. Loved the swarms of long-tailed tits. Wife was aghast at a forest brown rat helping him/her self, but I just got her to watch the agility of the thing.
  4. I guess that is where the OP got a touch confused. Y'see, from the outside, everything is so professional. Audi not Lotus. You get there, you get greeted by nicely sweatshirted staff. You get a stunningly professional Show Guide. And.. then it's up to you. Do you rise to the challenge of talking to people and asking questions? Do you act like a window licker, plonking yourself in the best seat, and hand the serving staff your choice of musac? Or are you a natural, you pick the yellow winning raffle strip, the only attractive female (or if you bat for Bangladesh, male) follows you around with tears in their eyes... Anyway, Scalford is an eye opener, no doubt. You'd expect, given the average age at the show that most could attune rapidly, but maybe we need a CoP for first time visitors. Maybe like on race tracks, I'd and others like me would wear a black cross on a yellow background to warn everyone..
  5. Definitely hit the spot for me. Really enjoyed the Eagles through it. And Serge's live JJ Cale track was something else
  6. First time, absolutely superb experience. Loved the ear-blowing variety, from bi-amp2's superbly balanced and clear system playing in a shoe-box room to those barn-door sized Quad 2905's to the very modern looking and room filling Aurelias... Thanks to all the organisers & exhibitors, respect is due...
  7. I'm no expert, and certainly small changes are a good start, but I'm not sure I get your point above. REW is measuring pink noise to remove room peaks. Unless Led Zep used my attic, there's no way my room acoustics could be on the recording
  8. Tamlin

    6 Nations

    Well, the trys have it.. Phew. Well done Engelland, but at the same time, let's count our lucky stars. And remember what Wales did to Italy.
  9. All understood. I'm not a pacifist, but I don't want my children embroiled in someone else's war machine, which is why they're in a Quaker school. On the other hand, I respect utterly the debt to my ancestors, and others, who died so we can have silly conversations on the Internet, rather than just wave Nazi, or Soviet flags. I'm with you on current leadership, and will give my vote to anyone with the slightest integrity out there, once found. And, yep, not at all an unfair question, and I sympathise with the Tory back benchers who couldn't stomach it either. I nearly ended up with not a lot going on below the chest in 2001, and a miracle on my part does not let me forget those not as lucky. Fiscally, or politically. On the other hand, employing someone relatively far left and uncompromising, as you say, might mean you're Kim Il Sung's new best friend. Not sure I'm quite ready for that, either.
  10. Sure. Not sure I genuinely believe IDS's reasons for stepping back for the reasons he gave. Not sure of the Absinthe dose I'd need to vote for the current Conservative leadership. But not sure Seumas Milne was rogue when lapping up the ex-KGB chief, nor was the footage of Corbyn at the Cenotaph that convincing. Your humble opinion on those events?
  11. Well, it's heart warming to see so much support for Mr Corbyn. Hopefully his own brother will come around and support him more usefully. Meanwhile, I do find it strange when my left-of-centre friends call Mr Corbyn a traitor. But I am sure the old days of support from Mr Putin are long in the past. Surely. Oh, sorry, off topic. This thread is about IDS. Obviously.
  12. ..must distort? Why? If you reduce a room-induced peak by 6 dB and narrowband the Q, it really shouldn't affect much else in the FQ domain, unless I'm seriously behind on sound distribution theory. I do agree that compensating for own room can mess with classical (recorded) room acoustics, and it's an odd effect that is really disturbing. No idea why, but then, my favourite venue recreators are decent headphones, so I'm probably an eejit.
  13. From the old stuff, my favourite is the Arcam CD92. dCS ring DAC before they acquired the comedy numbers of 0's in the price... And an HDCD decoder. Shame the power supply and mechanism aren't higher quality. Could have been absolutely ace.