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  1. interspace455

    What a Carrillion

    The whole thing stinks. As usual a few grey suits trousering it all at everybody elses expense.
  2. interspace455

    Insurance for Hi-Fi and record collection

    Was burgled last Tuesday. They walked past the hifi, and albums in another room. Took all my wifes jewellery, all in what was obvious jewellery boxes (Don't do it) and my vintage watch collection of 30 years - once again in a box by the bed. Now got what I suspect will be a bunfight with the insurance company - They want receipts for everything, picture of the item and pictures of you wearing the items (- not so easy for vintage items or heirlooms). I guess the moral of the story is to spend some time recording everything you can just in case. As if life wasn't short enough. Tedious.
  3. interspace455

    Pioneer Owners Club

    Looking forward to this at Scalford!
  4. interspace455

    Dark ages for British steel Industry

    Unfortunately engineering has been a dirty word in Britain for many decades now. Germany manage to keep their manufacturing industries through straightforward engineering design selling perceived quality with a supportive banking system. We are eminently capable of doing that. It makes my blood boil that our career politicians see fit to bail out the greedy banking sector (who offer a relatively simple clerical task) and are unable to support a sensible manufacturing base…
  5. interspace455

    Thank you to all exhibitors and organisers

    Many Thanks to all concerned. Park and ride was like clockwork and loved the vintage double decker bus… Very well thought through event. Loved it!! Special thanks to the chap with his dads old KEF 104s - much appreciated.
  6. interspace455

    Plugged a tape deck and heard it. first time in 20+ years

    Still use mine: pioneer CTF1000 - I'm sure there is a healthy market if someone started a business making hi quality cassette tapes… They are still such an immediate and convenient way of capturing audio especially from broadcasts This is an interesting site for any fellow luddites
  7. interspace455

    Gear thats a a pleasure to live with..

    lol - great response!
  8. interspace455

    Gear thats a a pleasure to live with..

    I know we are all chasing high fidelity nirvana… but living with our choices is for me is an almost equally important aspect. I bought a pioneer TX9800 tuner new many decades ago, still gives me pleasure now. Somehow just nice to use and never missed a beat. Does this ring a bell with anyone else?
  9. I fear the problem for the future is not formats, but content...