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  1. I have the H6 and you could try Icon audio amps as they work very well for me.
  2. I contacted them a while back - basically said the same and I am left with trying to do it myself as its out of warranty.
  3. Has anyone got experience at updating the hard drive to an ssd as the current one is noisy? i have opened it up and removed 5 screws from the board but there must be some hidden fixings as i cannot get it out to gain access the the hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Cheers. This looks like any easy way forward.
  5. Question My Bluesound 2 vault has got Bluetooth input (accepts and plays music from my phone - not the best quality) but not Bluetooth output - cannot play music to Bluetooth speaker (vault 2i does have this option). What would be the easiest and cheap way to enable this as it is only for easy background listing in another room to the vault ? The vault has digital, coax and phono outputs.
  6. Odd looking stands
  7. I now also have a 500gb SSD I could add to the NAS for £40 installed and formatted for it.
  8. See my Synology NAS for logitech music server in the non hifi classified.
  9. A Synology 112J NAS for sale good working order supplied with CD, mains adapter, SSD adapter and original box. £70 including postage. See for spec. Posted from Ipswich. Works well with logitech media server. I also have as DS212J with two driver bays for sale shortly - £100 can be supplied with 2* 1tb hard drives PM if interested in either.
  10. Wired remote XS with N8 connector for camera ( used on my Nikon D810). Boxed as new £12 including postage or collect Ipswich area. or
  11. Hi Padd I checked them against and the unit is 120mm by 120 and the magnet 96mm diameter, so definitely 120s. Unfortunately when wrapping them up in bubble wrap the tacky bonding around the edge of the kevlar has stuck to wrap and the kevlar is now lose. So not worth buying. Costly mistake!!