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  1. Hi itskeith, sorry for not replying sooner - I thought I'd set up my profile so I was emailed with any replies, but not. I'll pm you a phone number and hopefully something can be sorted. Very kind of you to offer.
  2. Changed original post after checking with my brother for info.
  3. Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this in: I'm a newbie, posting for my brother (who is temporarily unable to login) to ask if anyone could offer him a lift to the Show from Derby? "Owing to an unforseen/impending house move I realise I have to downsize my Avantegarde Uno speakers. Been out of touch with kit for quite a while and need to get back up to speed asap - the Show would be a perfect opportunity but have no transport. Can get train back but early Sunday there's little transport available. Many thanks in advance for any help offered, Mick."