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  1. Brigadoon

    Moving Sale ; CD Players

    My existing transport has been at the dump since last week - when it finally gave up the ghost. So I have nothing to play CD's on...... Just saying....
  2. Brigadoon

    Three Words Daily

    And wave boys
  3. Brigadoon

    Moving Sale ; CD Players

    I'll take the Denon 290. Can you PM me a price with postage to SL4 please? Cheers Brigz
  4. Brigadoon

    New Room

    I deliberately left that one open-ended...
  5. Brigadoon

    New Room

    Looks great Danny. Love the floor. Oh, by the way, were the tissues for tears about the footy or joy at getting the hi-fi set up?
  6. Brigadoon

    Bake off in Purley Surrey CR8 on 11th August

    Her & Mrs Brigadoon will get along fine then. It's a tentative yes from us - we'll be training it (not too bad a journey from Windsor) so libations will be in order. I'll refer to the boss when she gets back from Prague and confirm.
  7. Brigadoon

    Open invitation...

    Now that us what I call a well sorted music room. I wish I was closer - would love to have a listen. Might have to take a different route next time I drive up to Scotland.
  8. Brigadoon

    Bake off in Purley Surrey CR8 on 11th August

    I think that's putting people off Harv... Can we bring our own hard ones...?
  9. Thanks Colin. Next time I'll be wearing my clan tartan
  10. I'm back folks, rebooted and upgraded. Brigadoon 2.0 (everyone runs & hides) Apologies for the slightly Off Topic post, but this seems to be the most active post- Kegworth thread. Firstly, thanks all for your kind words when we had to pull out at the last minute. Mrs Brigz and I feel exactly the same, and were really looking forward to catching up and sharing a wee dram or more. Secondly, congrats to all on what looked like an amazing show. I could only bring myself to read the threads/look at the pics a week ago. The rooms looked awesome and I think it's a testament to the spirit of the show that as many people turned up in spite of the weather. Needless to say we are gutted to hear about Harrogate , but this has steeled our resolve to exhibit at Kegworth 2019.
  11. Danny / Peter I am afraid that, due to personal circumstances beyond my control, Mrs Brigadoon and I will be unable to attend Kegworth. We are both gutted, as we were really looking forward to it. Sincere apologies for the late withdrawal - we tried everything to be able to make it, but in the end, it just isn't possible. Brigz
  12. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Not at all Simon - I am a rabid DIY'er myself, please do share! (The last time I put up a few pics etc, it very quickly deteriorated into a discussion of being over......'come" by what I was doing...Just look at how much amusement and mirth you have enabled with your thread. Keep them...erm...coming I say... Agreed! No Veneer in 'ere Eddie - just good old light-hearted good-natured banter
  13. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    I agree - there has been a smidgen of piss-taking in this thread ...(by others of course, not me... ).. but fair play Simon, you did do a good job, and I bet they look the dogs danglers in-situ - how about some pics?
  14. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Beer, you forgot beer - although I didn't..... Hmmm, going to have to get some bigger plates......
  15. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Okay, so after flagellating myself for blaspheming the gods of foo (subject of another thread... ), I sat down and gave this some thought. After combining all the insights, wisdom and perspectives gained from the collective Wammer's brains trust (sic) in this thread, I decided I needed to start taking things a little more seriously. So I invested in some high quality cable risers, set my speakers to optimal toe-in, tone swept the room to eliminate tonal confluences, nulls and dust bunnies under the sofa, and settled in for some serious A/B/X listening and measurements. First up, the cable lifters I purchased - real quality as can be seen from the packaging After following the specified burn-in timescales and process, I excitedly put them in position, and sat back to be blown away... Wow! I could actually SMELL the music (or was it the cable risers?).. I knew I was onto a winner here, just needed to do some tuning.. Hmmm, not quite what I was expecting.....Oh, wait, I know, the dialectic swirl-patters were concentrically un-concentric because of the unbalanced dyma-lectostatic confluence patter of the electrons passing over unequal riser sizes.. More tuning required... Ahhh-much better! Juicy, sweet and well, just yummy really.. Now, I'm sure If I just tune them that little bit more I'll achieve audio nirvana: Oops.. So, what did I learn from this exercise? - It was well worth the time invested - Mustard and chutney really aids in the tuning process - The cat/dog/hungry child will have to go if you want to apply this mod to your system - It's slightly disconcerting that no-one in my household even batted an eyelid while I was taking pics of cable balanced on pork sausages....