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  1. Brigadoon

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    I have a Denon UPO 250 hanging about Nothing special, but it does have a sexy torroidal traffo... and I'm convinced something rather special lies within and will be set free by a few tweaks and component upgrades. It's been languishing in storage awaiting said tweaks for four years and counting.... You can use it as a backstop for as long as you need - all you need pay is postage - under a tenner I'm sure. And if it blows up it's really not an issue.
  2. Brigadoon

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Things will work as before: the second spreadsheet, "Exhibitors List 2020" is locked, only HiFiWigwam can edit, so any would-be saboteurs, don't bother Exhibitors enter own info on the first sheet titled "Exhibitors Enter Your Data Here" This will be transposed to the locked sheet by the Wam Fairies The Header Row is locked, so so any would-be saboteurs, don't bother I've added the names on this thread .
  3. Brigadoon

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    No, I just used up my common word quota for the next two months on Sunday Foon I'll have to ftart fpelling like thif
  4. Brigadoon

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    Just wanted to add my voice to the gratitude and kudos to Tony and Ed for transforming an ideated concept into an actuated outcome! Thanks for showing every system that was entered the respect it deserved, and for your generous 1st prize sponsorship. And thanks to Dennis (AlmaAtaKZ) for sponsoring his own prize and in great sportsmanlike fashion gifting it back so it could go to 3rd place. I personally feel a, erm... "little" challenge like this enhanced the buzz, interest and overall feel of the show, and would very much like to see it as a regular, possibly sharing the stage with one or two others actuated from an alternative ideation genesis?
  5. Brigadoon

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    My 2p worth :Agree in principle with all of the above, but feel it should be kept relatively simple for everyone's sake, so rather than creating restrictions, I think a balanced scorecard approach would be better. Systems should be awarded points using specific criteria skewed to reflect the challenge associated with each one, for e.g., From the top of my head: * Source: : Digital streaming 1 Pt, CD player 2 Pts, TT 3 Pts * Anplification: Integrated 1 Pt, Pre & Stereo Power, 2 Pts, Pre & mono power amps 3Pts * Speakers: Active 1 Pt, Passive 2 Pts * Value for Money: Deduct 0.25 of a point from final score for every £50 the (total) system costs. * Visual Presentation: (non sexist WAF): From 1 to 5 points depending on neatness, visual appeal etc, 1 point being messy and tatty, 5 points being jaw-droppingly stunning * Sound Quality: Between 1 and 10 points, with a wider judging panel, each judge awarding their own score * DIY: 2 points for each DIY source, ampflifier/speakers. 1 point for each other DIY element (stands, cables etc)
  6. Brigadoon

    Charity Sale - £415.25

    Nice one Bazzer - thanks for all your hard work. And all the donors / contributors. That's Wammin' Spirit
  7. Brigadoon

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    So Tony, what sort of music would you (and the other judges) like to listen to? Do you havea benchmark 'test piece' or is it up to the suitcaes people? You a twinkly jazz fan or is Linkin Park cool?
  8. Brigadoon

    The `Running Order'

    ...gonna need to be a bit more specific . This IS The Wam after all....
  9. I'm in Windsor if that helps. Could squeeze it in I'm sure ... ...steady on boys....
  10. Brigadoon

    Food at Kegworth 2019

    Get a room guys...oh, hang on...
  11. Brigadoon

    Making the most of Kegworth

    Fixed for you Flash
  12. Brigadoon

    LAST CALL - Charity Sale Donations

    I'll take these please - Bazzer, I'll PM you.
  13. Paul what is the cut-off for system changes?
  14. Ye'll nae be puttin any o' that near mah tackle! Anyway, underpants are fer those still enslaved by troosers!