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  2. Brigadoon

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  3. Brigadoon

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  4. Good to meet you at Harv's John. Unfortunately we can't make it, as we're away then. I'm sure it'll be a corker.
  5. Brigadoon

    Bake off in Purley Surrey CR8 on 11th August

    Huge thanks to Harv and the lovely Mrs Harv, Alpa, for your hospitality. The food was divine, and you were very welcoming. It was a great afternoon, lovely to see some of you again and meet some of you for the first time. And of course the music... We came away with a raft of new stuff to listen to, and I must confess, I did fall in love with a certain Marantz CD player.... Special thanks to Nav for bringing his system too - those Spendors were singing beautifully. Personally speaking, although the front room system had stunning grip, attack and punch, all three of us (Mrs Brigadoon, Brigadoon Offspring and myself) preferred the back room system with its smoothness, delicate detail and soul stirring musicality. It was actually great having two very different systems to listen to, and the best about this passion of ours is there's no right or wrong answer - it all comes down to taste, music choice etc. I think it was John who used the word "synergy". While the Cowboys 'Blue Moon Revisited' left me cold on the front system but came alive in the back room , I had a good listen with Harv just after lunch when he was playing some of his music on the front room system, and it was very, very good. I'm just sorry we had to leave when we did - I would have loved to plumb the JVC into the front room system, just to get a measure of it against some real high-end amplification. Thanks to all for making it a great afternoon - and for making losing our BO cherries a most enjoyable experience.
  6. Brigadoon

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  7. Someone missed out on a bargain there. If I didn't already have 11 amps and 5 sets of speakers... Bon voyage All the best mate. Your Denon is singing very nicely - makes a cracking transport it does.
  8. Brigadoon

    Hifi Clearout

    I'd prefer post to SL4 please Reg. PM me with payment details and I'll do the do.
  9. Brigadoon

    Hifi Clearout

    Yes please Reg.
  10. Brigadoon

    Hifi Clearout

    If the sale falls through I'l take the Disco
  11. Brigadoon

    Moving Sale ; CD Players

    My existing transport has been at the dump since last week - when it finally gave up the ghost. So I have nothing to play CD's on...... Just saying....
  12. Brigadoon

    Three Words Daily

    And wave boys
  13. Brigadoon

    Moving Sale ; CD Players

    I'll take the Denon 290. Can you PM me a price with postage to SL4 please? Cheers Brigz
  14. Brigadoon

    New Room

    I deliberately left that one open-ended...