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  1. 😂😂😂😂 Yes, he is understandably passionate about dispelling the myth that Harbies are difficult to drive and need exotic amplification to sound good.
  2. Not sure I fully agree - my HLM's are the most system-friendly speakers I have owned. This was after all one of the original design briefs, and if you want to wind Alan Shaw up, tell him Harbies are difficult or fussy speakers to drive.... Having said that, when I recently had mine hooked up to a Modwright Integrated at a bake-off, I heard a level of depth and breadth to the presentation that was missing with my setup, confirming something I'd long suspected - they love an amp that has headroom. Because they are so revealing and neutral, it's easy to hear when amps start getting breathless. I've now got a pre/power combo driving them, and they are loving it.
  3. I would love these please Michael, PM sent.
  4. Having said all the above, I just remembered I owning an RP1500 Turntable. Not Rotel's finest moment....
  5. Just stumbled across this thread, glad to know there's so much Rotel love. My first 'proper' hi-fi was a second hand Creek CAS4040 (wooden sleeve, DIN inputs, lovely little amplifier), unknown brand of CD player and new Mordaunt Short MS10's, bought on an articled clerk's meagre stipend. When funds finally allowed I moved to Rotel - starting with an integrated (RA960 IIRC) and RCD 965 CD player, and have been a loyal convert ever since. I ended up with a full Rotel / Boston Accoustics home cinema system (remember Dolby Pro Logic? Mono rear channel...) Then life, crime and coming to live in the UK happened, and the only Rotel I ended up owning was an old RA980 (another story). After some years spent down the 'high end sound from old Japanese amps' rabbit hole, I hosted a bake-off recently, and realised I was tired of chasing rabbits. Chatting to John (Lurch) saw me having a go with my 980 as pre and his spare Rotel power amp. I got home, hooked it all up, and promptly fell in love all over again. I remembered why when, newly minted and limit-increased credit card in hand, I went shopping for my first 'big boy' hi fi, I stopped looking after auditioning Rotel. I love the musicality, elegance, finesse and sophistication of their sound. It's tempting to say 'warm and soft', but that's not the real story IMHO. Rotel delivers a sound which for me is accurate and detailed but only to the point that it serves the music. Careful speaker/source pairing can deliver rich, sweet music that isn't fatiguing to listen to, and can be quite valve/ESL like in it's presentation. I'll post some porn of my current setup shortly.
  6. Thanks Ian, and I hope the trek was worth it. That combo started really singing when the Moddie got into it's stride. Thanks again for sharing your wee beastie with us.
  7. Thanks Chris, really glad you could make it. That's me - mucho music for minimal bucks. One would almost think I'm a Scotsman...