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  1. Indeed it was John. Thanks for the invite but unfortunately we're busy that weekend. It'll be great to see you and the South Coast posse - I'll circulate some possible dates later.
  2. Brigadoon

    Windsor Hi-Fi Show Live 2018

    Hmmm, The kit looks loevely and this type of show has it's place, but not for me, and I live in Windsor. Gawping at eye-wateringly expensive OTT systems bulging with foo was fun in my earlier years, but I'm afraid I've developed a very low tolerance for snake oil and fairy dust after many years spent on both sides of the trade/buyer fence. Do you think if I went around asking to do a double-blind A/B/X listening test between their high-end and my Twin & Earth (sorry, I meant Dual Nonasynchronous Pure Drawn Copper High Current Super Neutral Ghost Tek Mk14.2) spaeaker cables I'd be welcomed warmly? I'll be in my shed treating my noise-reducing digital interconnects with Unicorn Tears.
  3. It's okay Chris, I'm going to re-schedule for January. It would be great to see you again.
  4. Not as yet - date seems problematic. Don't stress about your son's birthday, that comes first. I think I'll re-schedule for the new year, give everyone more time.
  5. PLease see my new thread post
  6. I appreciate that 17 November is rather short notice, but this is the only feasible weekend this side of Christmas. This folows on from Lawrence001's post . I'm in Windsor, the two stations are either Windsor & Eton Riverside, or Windsor Central (we can sort out transport from the station to our place once we have an idea of numbers.) If you are driving, use SL4 5BB (not my actual postcode - that will be provided on PM) I can set up two systems, both with vinyl & digital. A cooked lunch will be served, and soft-drinks, tea, coffee will be provided to wash down the yummy cakes people will bring. Say from 11:30 onwards So, who's coming? PS, if the date doesn't suit, I'm happy to do something in the New Year, just let me know.
  7. Cool. Watch this space....
  8. I'm up for that. We're about 30-40 min from Paddington or Waterloo, depending which line you take. Let me talk to Mrs Brigz about a date.
  9. This was before we met you Tony. Next time we're there we will for sure.
  10. Hmmm, this concept reminds me of the time the Mrs and I lugged a kitbag system (Tannoy M3's, Sansui amp and Ipad dock) from Windsor to Craignure on MUll and back, mostly by train. Happy memories...
  11. Anyone need a kidney???
  12. Brigadoon

    one word daily

  13. Brigadoon

    one word daily

  14. Brigadoon

    one word daily

  15. Good to meet you at Harv's John. Unfortunately we can't make it, as we're away then. I'm sure it'll be a corker.