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  1. Danny / Peter I am afraid that, due to personal circumstances beyond my control, Mrs Brigadoon and I will be unable to attend Kegworth. We are both gutted, as we were really looking forward to it. Sincere apologies for the late withdrawal - we tried everything to be able to make it, but in the end, it just isn't possible. Brigz
  2. Brigadoon

    Harrogate 2018

    ..this is one of the biggest pleasures I get out of of hi-fi - being caught unawares by something that sounds far better than you expect, and then simply enjoying a system for what it is and does, which is play music. And the Creek is a really good choice - it was the heart of my first proper sound system, and I held onto it for many many years, until it went in a house robbery. I for one will be buying more than one ticket Andrew
  3. Brigadoon

    Harrogate 2018

    Agreed - I can't wait to see/hear the system - this is an excellent Idea Andrew.
  4. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Not at all Simon - I am a rabid DIY'er myself, please do share! (The last time I put up a few pics etc, it very quickly deteriorated into a discussion of being over......'come" by what I was doing...Just look at how much amusement and mirth you have enabled with your thread. Keep them...erm...coming I say... Agreed! No Veneer in 'ere Eddie - just good old light-hearted good-natured banter
  5. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    I agree - there has been a smidgen of piss-taking in this thread ...(by others of course, not me... ).. but fair play Simon, you did do a good job, and I bet they look the dogs danglers in-situ - how about some pics?
  6. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Beer, you forgot beer - although I didn't..... Hmmm, going to have to get some bigger plates......
  7. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Okay, so after flagellating myself for blaspheming the gods of foo (subject of another thread... ), I sat down and gave this some thought. After combining all the insights, wisdom and perspectives gained from the collective Wammer's brains trust (sic) in this thread, I decided I needed to start taking things a little more seriously. So I invested in some high quality cable risers, set my speakers to optimal toe-in, tone swept the room to eliminate tonal confluences, nulls and dust bunnies under the sofa, and settled in for some serious A/B/X listening and measurements. First up, the cable lifters I purchased - real quality as can be seen from the packaging After following the specified burn-in timescales and process, I excitedly put them in position, and sat back to be blown away... Wow! I could actually SMELL the music (or was it the cable risers?).. I knew I was onto a winner here, just needed to do some tuning.. Hmmm, not quite what I was expecting.....Oh, wait, I know, the dialectic swirl-patters were concentrically un-concentric because of the unbalanced dyma-lectostatic confluence patter of the electrons passing over unequal riser sizes.. More tuning required... Ahhh-much better! Juicy, sweet and well, just yummy really.. Now, I'm sure If I just tune them that little bit more I'll achieve audio nirvana: Oops.. So, what did I learn from this exercise? - It was well worth the time invested - Mustard and chutney really aids in the tuning process - The cat/dog/hungry child will have to go if you want to apply this mod to your system - It's slightly disconcerting that no-one in my household even batted an eyelid while I was taking pics of cable balanced on pork sausages....
  8. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

  9. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    Hmmm, I have just had a genius idea, so I'm off to the Patents office to register a patent for my cutting edge line of new hi-fi improvement products...Audiophile Clothes!
  10. Brigadoon

    DIY Cable Risers!!

    I was actually going to have this on display at Horrogate, but decided not to lest it offends.... Regards Shirley
  11. Definitely worth trying, and an active Lowther system could be something quite special Interestingly I did the same with the Krieslers (also single driver) and they sounded very shouty. I experimented with various stand heights, and when I put them on the stands they are on now, which gets the drivers to about chest height they transformed and suddenly I had all the detail and accuracy, with no shout.
  12. I agree - I only got to spend a few minutes listening to Colin's system - I would have loved to be able to really get 'up close and personal' with it. Unfortunately the only systems I got to really listen to were Harv's Brother and Ed & Tony (and even then it was waaay too short) Harv's Brother's system was a lovely combination of accuracy, detail, and naturalness - a very well balanced system IMHO ( and really sexy pavers ) What Tony & Ed did in what was quite a small and very odd-shaped room was remarkable. The depth and dimension of the soundstage gave me chills, and I thought the sub was very well integrated - lovely subtle bottom end extension. If I was a punter I know where I'd have spent most of my two days...
  13. Okay, finally got to dig out some pics. Firstly, thanks to Peter, Danny, Rachel , Sophie and Carolin for their hard work in organising and running the show. While there are will always be lessons to be learned, I felt the running and organisation was slick and professional. A couple of show highlights for us were: - meeting some lovely people, and finally putting faces to names - one visitor, in his late teens/early twenties asked for some Faithless. We played God is a DJ & Come One, after which he said not only did he hear things he normally only hears with headphones, he also heard things he didn't even hear with headphones, and that he not only heard the music but felt it too, something he missed with headphones, and he parted saying he needed to get into proper hi-fi. - one couple came in and asked us to play a track off their newly purchased Neil Young album on vinyl. They sat listening with eyes closed and the sweetest smiles on their faces, totally lost in the music, and the woman later approached my fiancè downstairs, and thanked her again for letting them listen to their music on our hi-fi - just before closing on Saturday, we sat with Chris (Bohemian) and listened to the whole of 1812, and got completely lost in the music. When the last note faded, I opened my eyes to discover they were somewhat teary - the fact that aside from a slower start on Sunday, we had a full room pretty much constantly both days - with only a few short instances when we had less than three people in the room, and for the most part people that came in stayed for a minimum of about 15 minutes, with the most staying even longer. - a visitor who said that seeing the Wam systems has changed his thinking on hi-fi, and he is going to go back and start from scratch, now the he knows what can be achieved with home systems - the constant praise for the high standard of systems in the Wammer rooms - the looks on peoples faces when we played the little Krieslers..... - the visitors who came back - sometimes two or three times - discovering some great new music - the relaxed sense of community Aplogies that my pics are of my own room only - they were all I had time to take.
  14. It was an absolute pleasure - meeting wonderful new people, listening to great music, and sharing the passion for music - heaven! Yes that disturbed version is something quite special - haunting and visceral. If you want to REALLY sample Disturbed in full flight, listen to "Down with the sickness" (it's about his abusive mother...)
  15. Nice pics Colin, thanks.