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  1. Juancho (David Coe ) on here is a great engineer... Sunny Wimbledon based
  2. Modern current production Genalux Gold Lion 12AU7s/ecc82 are quite fantastic I've been very happy with those... I have a NEW quad if interested... £20 each Also NOS Siemens and Halske E82CC, 3 mica 1960s I have 2 (1x matched pair tested) available if interested.. £35 each these are incredible tubes, tonnes of dynamics and weight lovely airy sound, gives what the Mullard did without the overly stodgey muddy feeling.... and very quiet. A very special tube indeed!
  3. Spare arm boards blank upgraded NWA bearing Under the hood
  4. For sale ..my lovely Garrard 401 (repainted in hammertone grey), Upgraded NWA Bearing/spindle and 2 x Arm Russ Collinson Sapele wood plinth. So after lots of deliberation... I maybe looking to go off on another direction. So possibly moving this beauty on. My early Flush Strobe Garrard 401 runs silent and has been serviced last year. Motor total stripped down, relubrication, all linkage re-grease. It was stripped and repainted last year by Ray Clarke of 'Classic Turntable Co.' in beautiful Grey Hammertone paint. The original Garrard 401 mat is in great condition. It will come with the hugely over engineered upgraded N.W.A Bearing/Spindle. This brought a very noticeable new dynamic presentation and runs silent. The tolerance on this bearing is incredible. Well worth the upgrade and now unobtainable. This was a simple drop in replacement so can be swapped in and out with the the original Garrard Bearing spindle assembly, which will also be supplied. The Turntable is fitted into a lovely ‘Shindo style’ Layers of Beauty, (Russ Collinson) 2 arm plinth. The plinth is beautiful Sapele Wood veneer on layered birch ply core. The plinth is designed so the turntable sits flush level with the plinth top. Clean. It will be sold with blank matching armboards for both the 9’’ and the 12’’ cut outs, x 2 of each Plus the 2 which are currently on duty. (cut for SME 12’’ & audio-technica ATP-12T arms) It has an IEC plug socket so you can use a posh power cable if that floats your boat. The plinth is 570 mm long x 450mm. Adjustable levelling feet included. Obviously very heavy indeed. There is a dust cover which is the kind that totally covers the whole plinth which I actually may keep, but if I don’t will be included Free in the sale bundle. Any demo very welcome. The Turntable is simply stunning to hear. At this stage I won’t split (but I may later if the plinth is to be sold first!) More picture will be added of NWA bearing and blank arm boards. £1350 for The package.Which is what it owes me Tonearms are NOT included!
  5. Interest Check at the moment: Ortofon SPU Royal N Cartidge With the arrival of Petrat's SPU Anniversary 95 (A95) to sit along side a Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron I have a potential oppotunity for someone to take custody of this great cartridge. I just can't keep this amount of stereo cartridges! For those of you unfamiliar with the SPU Royal N, it is a Nude SPU which is not housed in the traditional SPU Ortofon headshell. Without the SPU headshell this allows direct mounting of this SPU cartridge on to fixed headshell tonearms, as well as of course mounting into a detachable universal headshell. The SPU Royal N is a very special cartridge and there are plenty of online reviews to gander. https://medialux.blog/2018/05/10/wha...n-spu-royal-n/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazin...pu_royal_n.htm I can only add that it presents very special music, nicely weighty with the signature SPU full bodied delivery but because this cartridge employs Gold Coils and the wonderful Replicant 100 Stylus, it has a great deal of detail and open airy space, whilst delivering solid well controlled bass. The history of this particular piece?, well it was Tom's (montesquieu) up until August last year where it resided along side an array of Analogue delights, thus it was virtually idol as Tom's stable of Ikeda and Miyajimas and Monos were heavily on duty. I have used it sporadically but lightly since and is on rotation with a Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron a fantastic SAEC C3 MC and 3 Mono cartridges, so you can see it isn't over used!! It has been sent away to j7 (Audio Origami) for a detailed inspection, where Johnny had it under the microscope and offered these comments "stylis looks brand new !!! cant see any wear at all!" please see Amazing pictures of the stylus that j7 sent back...incredible pics! Anyway it's a hard one to let this go and TBH I'll be happy if it stays as it does deliver a different presentaion with the Replicant 100 stylus than the standard Elliptical tipped SPUs. Ortofon SPU N headshell adaptor included with cartridge. If she does go, I'll be needing £675 which is a very fair price given the quality of cartridge and condition. Included insured Royal Mail delivery in the UK. (more abroad!) The FR headshell in the pictures is NOT for sale and not included. stylus and cantilever pics from j7 inspection Technical data Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 0.2 mV Channel balance at 1 kHz < 1 dB Channel separation at 1 kHz > 25 dB Channel separation at 15 kHz > 20 dB Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz + 1,5/- 0 dB Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) > 70 µm Compliance, dynamic, lateral - 8 µm/mN Stylus type - Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 Stylus tip radius - r/R 5/100 µm Tracking force range - 2.5-3.5 g (25-35 mN) Tracking force, recommended - 3.0 g (30 mN) Tracking angle - 20° Internal impedance, DC resistance - 6 ohm Recommended load impedance > 100 ohm Coilwire material - Electrum Cartridge weight - 13 g
  6. Price Edit, reduced to JUST £100 delivered UK
  7. Carver MCt Moving Coil Step Up Transformer (Jensen winding) Offers a classy big bold and dynamic sound. This was paired with the Exceptionally good Ortofon Mono SPU DIAM C25D 0.25mil mono cartridge, which is also for sale in the attached link. Carver Specification: Dimensions: 6" wide, 2" high, 3" deep Weight: 1lb 11 oz. Gain: 24 dB Signal-to-noise-ratio: Greater than 100 dB IHF A-weighted mpedance: 3.9 ohms, 39 ohms, 110 ohms Frequency Respone: -3 dB at 3 Hz and 80 kHz There is no original packaging for this SUT and the case is a wee bit tatty in places. The settings dial on the back can be slightly temperamental but it works fine. A wonderful quality Step Up Transformer and the cosmetic imperfections reflects these points. Normally this would be nearly twice the price. asking just £140
  8. Denon DL-102 Mono cartridge. I imported this wonderful cartridge from Japan Less than 6 months ago. It was carefully used before I took custody and I have played probably 20 records on it. I have Miyajima monos and this simply isn’t being used so best it’s enjoyed by someone who wants to experience a true mono cartridge at a modest price. As I said it isn’t new but has years left on her. Here is some blurb and specs. This cartridge is a specially designed cartridge to reproduce superior sound from monaurally recorded records. The high output mono signal is designed to work with a standard MM moving magnet input. The DL-102 is a true monophonic output moving coil cartridge designed for monophonic recordings as well as the monophonic playback of stereo recordings. That’s a great feature of the DL102 !! As most mono cartridges can’t play stereo cuts! It has been used by commercial broadcasting corporations for many years in the past and has been receiving great reviews for its high performance and sound quality. Specification Type: Moving Coil High Output Output voltage -48dBu ±2dB (3.0mV) (1KHz 50mm/S horizontal direction) Impedance 240ohms ±20% Recommended load Resistance 1Kohm or higher Frequency Response 50 ~ 10,000 Hz ± 2dB Needle configuration 0.017 mm (0.7 mil) R spherical Tracking force 3.0 ± 1g Cartridge weight 13 gm The headshell isn’t included but could work something out of you don’t have one spare. £120 Royal Mail signed for delivered No original box but it comes with its stylus guard and will be well packed and boxed. Which is a bargain as these don’t come up for sale on the forums much. Really punches above it’s weight and holds it's own up against the expensive Miyajima Monos only giving away a little. below are some pics, one of the tip (I tried my best but it’s very difficult with the iphone, but you get the overall jist!)