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  1. mickbald

    Cyrus owners

    Happy with my Cyrus Signature system with LP 12 and ATC SCM40's. Just enjoy what you have.
  2. @eh2000 TBH, it seems like you really need to do what has been suggested a few times. Give the deck back to the dealer and ask him to sort it. I really doubt a 5 year old bearing will be buggered.
  3. mickbald

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    According to janbald, dipping her elbow in the bath was the perfect judge of temperature for our son who is now 30 years old and has survived many baths in his formative years. Not sure I would trust her elbow on any of my treasured albums though.
  4. mickbald

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    5 - 10 min for an average LP at 35 degrees. If you are doing multiple LP's the temperature goes up so I turn it down a bit to keep it at 35. I had one LP (the Stones first album I think) that had a large blob of resin on it Maybe It was 2 inches round and 1/8 inch deep and solid. No way a normal clean would work. I decided to go for broke. So I put a mix of tap water and washing up liquid in and set the temp to 35 degrees. Left the bad bit in the solution without the rotary motor being turned on for 45 minutes. The resin had completely gone and there was no warping of the record. The LP had so much obvious physical damage to it that it was never going to be playable but fact that the machine @Spiderhas built managed to remove the resin is testament to the ability to clean any normal requirement.
  5. Spot on Neil. We had the same hit here when many old friends left. Massive amount of invaluable stuff lost as their accounts were lost. But many conversations were best left behind and the knowledge lost from here is now readily available on the new forum. Surely with the new Linn guys moving over here with all their old information in their heads the database will either be recreated through their knowledge or lost through no longer being required. I only have a LP12 from Linn and have found all the help I hhave needed here and on Vinyl Engine.
  6. @eh2000 looking again at the way the marker is placed, it will potentially be picking up 4 different speeds as the sensor rolls over the contours. Fingers crossed for an easy fix. Also being narrow, is there a timing issue there too?
  7. The marker on mine is smaller and stays flat, not going over the lip on the bottom of the picture. Could this be the problem?
  8. Tks David, I think I bought the deck new in '76 so need to check the serial number - 26xxx springs to mind. This has got me thinking about the original rubber feet. Just pressed them and after 40 odd years they are rock solid, so even a new set of feet must be an upgrade! Anyway, looking forward to comments in the morning.
  9. First of all I have upgraded from a Lingo 3 to 4 and the difference is considerable, I'm very glad I went ahead with it so glad the OP has bitten the bullet. . I'm keen not to hijack this thread but i am interested in the comments about the Trampolin. My LP12 is an '86 model without the corner supports on the plinth so I have been told that fitting a Trampolin is a problem. It's got Cirkus, Kore, Lingo 4, Ittok, upgraded cables and Ortofon Cablenza Black. It sits on a solid wood shelf on silicon studs on a solid wood rack spiked into a concrete floor. I don't want to change the plinth as we had had it from new, we like the old design and it's in perfect condition. The question is whether there is a way round this and is it worth it. Again, sorry about hijacking the thread but it looks like the OP is sorted with a great deck.
  10. Could you hang the Lingo 4 off a hook on the wall behind the LP12?
  11. mickbald

    Record cleaners

    A major benefit is that you will get longer life out of the stylus. Also, if you play a record with 40 year of crud on it and then play a brand new record you will have a brand new record with some 40 year old crud introduced into the grooves.
  12. The Lingo 4 control unit sits inside the plinth. There is a small power supply that has the mains input and the low voltage outputs to the control board. The power supply can be hidden anywhere you like.
  13. mickbald


    And used.
  14. mickbald

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    I filter it every time I put it back into the container, usually if I am planning to stop cleaning overnight. Still experimenting with coffee type filters but looking for better. Eventually you notice a haze in the mix when I bin it.