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  1. Yes, I one of these and recommend it. It will need to do a multiple clean and lots of solution change I suspect. Will be worth it though. Where are you based? There might be a bake off near where you could try one out.
  2. Herbs are great to grow. Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and Bay are best grown in pots to bring in if it gets very cold. Mint is best grown in a normal bed, but it will spread without control. I would buy these as grown plants. Basil is best grown from seed. Try the standard Sweet Basil first. Plant 2 seeds in each pod and keep on a warm window sill.They should germinate in about 14 days. When they are big enough to handle transplant to small pots. Handle by the leaves only Transplant to larger pots as the roots can be seen growing through the bottom of the small pot. Pick leaves as you need them. All these pictures were taken yesterday. The large Basil was planted in late March and the middle ones 6 weeks ago.
  3. And next on Facebook........
  4. I read somewhere that new vinyl is sprayed with something to stop mould etc. while it is stored in warehouses and in transport. I've not been able to find anything to confirm this though. In any case, general production dirt is bound to be present. Shame you're not closer or I could clean it for you
  5. Bit of a long shot but have you tried cleaning it? I have found a clean on either a vacuum or ultrasonic cleaner can make a considerable difference.
  6. Back on page 30 I posted this in response to @Paulssurround. Somehow I dropped onto this on page 63 (I know I'm sad for visiting again) @Paulssurroundsaid "He is a brilliant man, as most of us are, and like the rest of us, experiences the world in real terms, connecting to the music through our senses" Surreal! "Please keep it up though - and do better than your previous response, below. @Paulssurround "I can see from your post that your thong panties are 2 or 3 sizes too small? BTW, hot pink doesn't suit you, and doesn't match your tan line. I don't agree with you, but I don't judge you for being wrong."
  7. A guy I knew had the reg number UBE 4T. Didn't mean much unless you knew he was the manager of UB40.
  8. Does anyone else feel sad the Wam has been reduced to this. I'm visiting less and less now. Very sad tbh.
  9. Good upgrade! Did Nigella and Co. go faster and with more detail and transparency if you laid upgraded Cat 7 - 8 cables within sight?
  10. I was told, and still use, Twix.
  11. Sorry for being out of contact for a while - been busy since the early 30's (page wise) looking for a bigger thong. Is there anything I have missed?
  12. Just popped back from the Abattoir to see how things were going. Any improvement on the thong vibes? Brief summery appreciated.
  13. I can see from your post that your thong panties are 2 or 3 sizes too small? BTW, hot pink doesn't suit you, and doesn't match your tan line. I don't agree with you, but I don't judge you for being wrong. I enjoy my Linn HiFi very much, but have heard many outstanding stereos from a multitude of manufacturers Oh dear, bless! Please try harder.
  14. I think you have summed up your input to the entire thread here. "If you don't have Linn equipment and agree with me you are inferior." So I don''t with either point and therefore aren't relevant. I do find the general tone amusing though so please carry on.