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  1. Any thoughts on how many records will be cleaned at a time and for how long? @Spider would need to provide the necessary spacers, and perhaps an extra bar to have the next load ready to go on if it gets busy. Last time I was involved in the Charity was as the nomadic ticket seller for crimsondonkey (Wayne, still a good mate) so glad to help again.
  2. Seems a good bunch of volunteers now. Maybe double up as required?
  3. I clean mine at a setting of 35 degrees. The cleaning action bumps that up so when it reaches 35 I turn the setting down, and it tends to settle between 36 and 40 - no problem at this level. @Lurch More of a problem is the noise - will the cleaning room be well away from any music room - 1 machine is loud, 4 machines running will be horrendous.
  4. Please tell me this isn't serious.
  5. Make sure you let them know you have a relatively new motor fitted as that should increase the value. I had a new motor fitted to my '82 LP12 with Lingo 3 and the difference was very noticeable. I then had the Lingo 4 fitted and the improvement was again noticeable so I often wonder just how much more improvement I would have noticed if I had gone from the old motor straight to the Lingo 4.
  6. I'll do an hour. I've got a Moth and one of Tim's VV's myself so should be capable under supervision. Put me down for midday as I have a fair bit of travel to get there. 90% sure I will be going.
  7. Ha ha, get him on AA and he can get a new arsehole ripped
  8. PM me for names if the helps
  9. you'll find a lot of us on the Audio Abattoir. Don't expect any hifi stuff just banter. Sodders and James are there with different names.
  10. Contact @Spider about his Ultrasonic Velvet Vortex. I've had one a while - highly recommended.
  11. I had a similar problem with LP12 Ittok. The problem turned out to be RF interference from the Powerline I use to extend the Ethernet. Now I just switch off every powerline conection in the house and live the hassle. It works fine then.
  12. Serge has one , and a spare I seem to remember. I had a pair after working at Ferrograph but gave them away years ago. They are great but at this age would need to be re-calibrated. Maybe a more up to date solution would be better. Try Audio Abattoir, a few tape fans over there.
  13. I've got a Velvet Vortex ultrasonic and a Moth MKII vacuum cleaner. Though the Moth is very good, I find the VV does a better job actually cleaning the records. It is also less labour intensive; with the Moth you need to stand there all the time loading, washing, turning LP's and the repeat while vacuuming them. With the VV you just have to put the LP on the machine, set the time and come back later. I've got a rack to stand them upright to dry when finished. I use the VV to clean and the Moth to dry so best of both worlds. I bought the Moth second hand and share it with a friend so the cost wasn't too bad.
  14. Good presenter in my opinion. When both the right and left extremists accuse someone of political bias and the middle ground are made to squirm he has my vote.
  15. Yep, fair play, sorry about that comment. But after you have taken a pile of FOO home, plugged it in and listened to it few a few weeks just how many people are going to swap them back for another few days to see the real change and then make the decision. Generally my cable route has been bartering free cables with kit and build my own with the best components and best cable lengths.