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  1. FOR SALE £495 Spendor S5e floor standing loudspeakers in cherry wood veneer. One owner from new and in very good condition. Complete with Naim NAC A5 cable links and instructions. I have made a gallery of photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2VVhF3p7X7msZ5QW7 What Spendor said about the speakers: The Spendor S5e is the ideal solution for everyone who demands superb sound from an extremely compact discrete floor standing loudspeaker. The S5e has two individual 140mm Spendor drive units. One driver handles the delicate midrange and upper bass. The second bass unit handles the very low frequencies and it is engineered to match the 3D linear flow port. The result is a small loudspeaker which delivers convincing punch and weight and a surprisingly 'big' sound. The Spendor S5e has excellent efficiency and an easy to drive load so you don't need a big powerful amplifier. With our linear flow reflex technology you can even place the cabinet very close to a rear wall and the bass will remain clean and controlled. The Spendor 'S' series loudspeakers feature many innovations. Linear flow port technology for non-turbulent low frequency air flow and predictable bass response, Spendor 'e' drive unit with stiff, light internally damped ep38 polymer cones for ultra low colouration, and dynamically damped cabinents which reduce energy re-radiation to inaudible levels. Each model delivers a balanced energy output to guarantee a consistent sound and a vivid seamless sound stage in a diversity of living environments. This technology is complemented by elegant modern styling. Whether you listen to music or film, stereo or surround sound, there is a Spendor loudspeaker system to match your individual lifestyle. There are a couple of marks to the cabinets which are shown in the last two images of the photo gallery. I also don't have the original boxes as they were thrown out (by mistake) after a recent house move. I'm happy to demonstrate at my home in Monmouthshire, Wales. .
  2. I have a pair of Naim Intro 1s and I'm just over the bridge in South Wales. They are 80s Black Ash though. You can have a listen as they are a bit of a Marmite speaker and you'd need a good quality amp to get the best out of them too.... Gary.
  3. At work LS 3/5a(s) are still driven by the H/H mono amps 1 per channel. I have an 11ohm pair at home for use with my TV and I drive these using a Rega Brio 3. I think it sounds great! You need an amp that has good current delivery when driving the LS 3/5a.
  4. Decorating first, but you need music when painting.
  5. The NVA's have piqued my interest. The only slight concern I have is system matching as I use Naim applification, but I liked the IBL reference as these were my main speakers for many years. I may give them a try.
  6. Interesting, I used to use IBLs in my flat and they sounded great, just didn't work in a large room...I thought all the second hand SBLs would be pretty worn out by now.
  7. Can any one recommend a starting place for a change of speaker? I'm moving house and the HiFi needs to go into a smaller room. As a result the speakers will need to be much closer to a wall. I don't think that the Spendor S5e speakers that I'm currently using will work at all well in this configuartion. They are currently quite a way out into the room and well away from any corners. So I'm looking to change them. The amplifiers are Naim 102/Hi-Cap/Nap250 with Naim cable. The new room is 21'x10' and the hifi will be down one end with speakers firing across the shorter length. I'd like some recomendations for speakers that will work well close to a wall, they can be floorstanding, standmounts or even wall mounts. Buget is £1000 and I'd like to know the name of a dealer in Monmouthshire I could buy from. Not too much of an ask then? Thanks in anticipation. FuzzyEdges (Gary).
  8. Ex-BBC monitor loudspeakers (and used as monitors in my edit suite) in good condition but with some cosmetic marks and chips in the wood veneer. One speaker has screw holes in it's base were it was mounted on a speaker stand. The holes do not pass through the cabinet and are only a few mm deep. Drivers, tweeters and crossovers in excellent condition. Great sounding bookshelf speakers. 11 ohm version complete with two 5 metre lengths of speaker cable. Not consecutive serial numbers but they are a matched A/B pair. Located near Monmouth, Wales. [ATTACH]13402[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13403[/ATTACH] I'm selling to raise cash for LP12 mods. £795 Happy to demo and haggle... Full listing and photos on ebay (but make me an offer if you want) - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161960689683?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Thanks, Gary.
  9. "Hello", just posting here to say that. I've already asked the assembled Wammers a mc cart question. I hope I haven't broken the unwritten Wammers code of forum etiquette!? FE.