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  1. Interesting responses. For myself I think the high power handling of the ATC’ s coupled with the Nord ( latest upgraded spec) have brought detail and fun to the front. PMC21’s worked ok but didn’t reproduce guitar string sound as ‘real’ as the ATC’s. ( use a real guitar and then listen to, for example, a Paul Simon CD/LP and compare) AE1’s sounded fine but the rear port played havoc with the bass in a small room. Amplifier is the NC500. Speakers ATC 19’s.
  2. Clearly there is a symbiosis between certain amplifiers and speakers - think Naim and Linn a long time ago. It is not easy or cheap to experiment and while dealers are helpful their prime aim is to be commercially profitable so.....which combinations really work ( please don’t reply if either your amp or speakers are very new). For my part, ATC and Nord are a marriage made in heaven.
  3. I owned 21’s and have heard 22’s ( better bass) but not compared them in the same room BUT, no you cannot site them close the wall. I have a very small room and managed to get them 18” or so out. Closer and bass was overpowering. Now I use ATC. Sealed box, no issue.
  4. I won’t go into competition with the review posted on this site. Suffice to say (1) The upgrade is very worthwhile and like the reviewers I had not really considered it because the standard amplifier is so good. My mistake. And (2) can I use this forum to state that Colin North (Mr Nord Amplifiers) gives the best customer service I have ever come across. Needless to say I have no affiliation with Nord. Thank you Colin
  5. I worked in Laskys in TCR for three months or more ( I forget). Customers came in their droves to buy Amstrad and Sinclair stuff while we did our best to get them to spend a few quid more for Trio or Cambridge. The return rate on the Amstrad and Sinclair stuff was unbelievable- I know it was a long time ago but 20% seems about right. Oh and Ditton 15 speakers and Whalfdale bookshelve speakers flew out the door, as did Garrard SP25’s and Pioneer PL12D’s. Couldn’t shift Connasiour turntables (BD something or other) though - too expensive. Shure cartridge anyone M75?
  6. I run a Project (top of their range) phono pre into a Hattor Passive BUT I added the Hattor valve stage +6db to get useful volume. Now I love valve stage and turn it on for all inputs. Oh well...
  7. Best reply says.....”it depends”. Yesterday I played Miles Davis Bitches Brew. A two album, one cover Nice Price issue. It sounded superb. I am on record for criticising the last Pink Floyd remasters - Vinyl or CD but some re issues and new stuff on vinyl are great. Van Morrison comes to mind. I have a Doors box set which was mastered from digital ( with a long explanation as to why in the booklet). It sounds better than the hiRes download. Sorry, this really is suck it and see. Oh and I have ‘new’ 180gm Abraxas. It’s very good.
  8. Yes most turntables have few moving parts and therefore don't go wrong BUT some - come in Roksan and Linn - have, for want of a better word, fiddly bits that can and do break, get broken or miss used and are an expensive pain to repair. Get the right model though and age is not an issue. My Gyrodec is over 20 years old. It has been serviced by Michell twice at a very reasonable cost. Sounds wonderful. I had a Goldring GL75 back in the day and its a good deck, easily serviceable. Ditto Thorens. For your money go Project or Rega nearly new or Gyrodec/Thorens/Goldring old.
  9. I have an even smaller room. Bass is a big problem because of room reflections. We are not talking deep bass here. I cured / ameliated my problem with acoustic panels but these are not wife friendly ( I have a dedicated room). My AE1’s work wonderfully, 18” from the back wall.
  10. Quiet right. It is called 'What the market will bare' (bear?). RnD, marketing, tooling, dealer margin, and expected sales volume will all have an influence on price but if you can't sell the finished product for a profit - forget it. And the really silly market is driven not by sound but by ego. Look at my Momentum Amplifier/Magico Speakers etc. All very nice if you own a Village Hall in which to play them (and some do!)
  11. Hi. I am a complete numty regarding tubes and have a problem. As posted elsewhere I changed the tubes in my Hattor Pre from - I think ECC82's - to ECC83 HARMA STR BALANCED. This on advice from Hattor and Watford Valves. The purpose was to get more gain, mostly for LP's. The purpose was achieved and overall the information I now get from music is more detailed BUT the presentation has changed, mostly for the better but vocals are now more recessed (Ok not complaining) and he bass is frankly louder. Much louder. Can anyone suggest a valve that will tame the bass, maintain the gain and sound as good in the other frequencies as the valves I brought? Given the low cost of the replacement valves, cost is not an issue. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. I understand (seem to rember an article a while ago....) that according to the Mags/reviewers, life is to short to review bad kit. The trick then is not to read the reviews but look to see what no one is reviewing. Sure there are a few good companies that are known to avoid having their kit reviewed but if a big company comes out with this year flavour and no one reviews it....guess what.
  13. No I am not putting this in the valve section cos those guys seem to know what they are talking about. I have a Hattor passive pre with a separate active Hattor tube stage. This was purchased to increase gain from vinyl as vinyl and passives don’t mix. Wonderful sound but after a couple of years and a new cartridge I wanted even more gain so I made enquires - lovely man who builds Hattor - and he suggested changing the tubes. I brought two new tubes from Watford Electronics ( very helpful) and you know my very good system sounds truly bl**dy wonderful. Can’t believe changing like for like tubes has made such a difference. Sorry to be so late joining a club that it seems most people knew about but for those who didn’t...
  14. No one has mentioned Pink Floyd yet. Truly, truly awful remasters.