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  1. I bought this a couple of months ago to match a specific pre amp but that unfortunately never materialised. I have tested it using the pre on my headphone amp and it works perfectly. I paid £600 but will accept £550 ono plus shipping. I am in the Outer Hebrides so I'm guessing collection will be unlikely. I have used the previous advert (I hope that's ok) as the photo's are rather good.
  2. Please can this be moved to completed as I now agreed a deal with the extremely helpful "Blodger".
  3. Hi, I am looking for an Aries Mini (preferably in black but not a deal breaker) in good working order with original box etc as I will need it to be shipped to me here in Outer Hebrides. Many thanks.
  4. I can thoroughly recommend a Khadas Tone Board. They are available on Amazon for £86.99 with free delivery. A very nice case can be bought from: To my ears this sounds way better than its price and there are several reviews;
  5. sirfalot

    Advice please

    I am in the process of gathering components for a new system and would appreciate some help. All of my music is stored on a Qnap nas in Flac (I am not interested in streaming) and I have recently acquired an Avondale S100 power amp (thanks to fordy) with added NCC220 Qudos boards . I am awaiting a Naim 32.5 + Hicap which is being rebuilt by Les at Avondale. I have a Chord 2qute and a pair of PMC 20.25's. I had initially considered getting a network player (Auralic Aries LE) but now think that I might be better off using a Mac mini (2012) that I already have. I could load this with Audirvana and that would hopefully take care of the main system. My question is what to do about my Oppo PM1 headphones. I have been looking at a Marantz HD DAC1 which I can get fairly cheaply(£300). I am guessing it is possible to also connect this to a usb on the Mac mini and run my headphones but how does the Mac/Audirvana know which usb to send the signal through? Can I select an output from the Audirvana app on my iPad or would I need a constant screen for the Mac mini to make the selection from there ( I have seen a 7" monitor for less than £50) or is it just simply a case of the signal will go to which ever is turned on. Is there a better way of doing this? I had considered something like a Naim headline but like the idea of having a remote control for volume on the Marantz. I would appreciate advice/observations please.
  6. If anyone can help please I am looking for an Auralic Aries LE. Must be in good working condition and preferably come in original box with all accessories. Many thanks
  7. I have now purchased a pair. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am looking for a pair of Oppo PM1 or PM2 headphones. Must come with original box and all accessories and be in very good condition. Many thanks.
  9. Your very welcome Paul, glad I could help. Enjoy your new amp when it arrives.
  10. Good Evening, I have what you are looking for. Perhaps you can pm me with your email address and I will send it to you. All the best. P.