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  1. Speakers: Denmark Crossover: Denmark DSP: Denmark DAC: Denmark ADC: Denmark Streamer: Denmark CD transport: Denmark Record player: Denmark Cartridge: Denmark Remote: Denmark OFC copper Cables: Denmark 99.99992% Silver 50-strand cryo cable: Denmark Interconnects: Denmark Power regeneration: Denmark Power conditioner: Denmark Power spur: Denmark Power cables: Denmark Monoblock L: Denmark Monoblock R: Denmark Preamp: Denmark Femtoclock: Denmark Cryogenic treatment: Denmark Cable lifters: Denmark Isolation platforms: Denmark Hifi rack: Denmark Shakti stones: Denmark Greenpen: Denmark Upsampler: Denmark Downsampler: Denmark Network bridge: Denmark Network galvanic isolator: Denmark CAT-12 audiophile grade: Denmark Network switches: Denmark Vinyl cleaner: Denmark Vinyl dryer: Denmark Phono: Denmark Speaker spikes: Denmark Isolation pads for listening chair: Denmark Bespoke Power supplies for each of the above esp. the shakti stones: Denmark Microphonic weights: Denmark English breakfast tea: China Salted butter: China Smoked bacon: China 🤣😎
  2. If I was in the market for speaker cable, I would buy something from a Pro Audio store that is used in studios and recording events. It will be robust, reliable, accurately spec’d and sound as good as anything. Good hunting.
  3. I don’t want to get sucked into the usual cable debate but I have actually heard copper versus Kondo silver at Definitive about 3 years ago and I couldn’t hear any difference at all I’m afraid but if it’s to your liking, then it’s to your liking.
  4. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    I love music and I love hifi. Next question?
  5. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    Why are you posting here?
  6. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    Your first go-to comment confirms your Freudian anal obsessionality. Amazing isn’t it, they can detect subatomic particles that only survive fractions of a nanosecond but they can’t fix jitter, RF and microphonics for middle aged men that like to cable swap.
  7. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    There may be RF noise in a digital system but there’s no evidence that the overlay Is audible.. The scientific community have got better things to do and stopped laughing their guts up a long time ago at audiophiles like you. Quantum gravity, cryptography, quantum computing, cure for cancer, world energy crisis are some of the things they have moved onto. The reality is that R&D departments of audio companies have a vested in driving fear, uncertainty and doubt and you know what, they will never crack this imaginary problem? If they did, they wouldn’t have fancy boxes to sell to the likes of moneyed up middle aged dudes like you that apply Freudian levels of anal obsessionality to delusional evils. Jitter, EMI, microphonics - the staple diet of the audiophile.
  8. 95% of what I listen to is classical and having spent a fair amount of my career analysing scientific papers, I call out audiophile BS when I hear it too. Cable voodoo mumbo jumbo pseudoscience rears its ugly head again.
  9. He can’t show anything. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  10. Do you have a USB to hand?
  11. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    Cue the passive aggressive replies.
  12. A.S.

    Johnny Darko

    YOUR sample of one person means nothing. I have heard different servers and CD transports, some costing 5-digits utilising the latest as yet unknown advances in electronic engineering and I can’t hear any difference into the same DAC. May be I don’t have golden ears or a system revealing enough. What is fabulous of course is that the most special audiophile gear is made by single-handed geniuses or a small band of audiophile experts that obviously think they know better than universities and R&D departments that excel in PhD level exploration of materials, electro-optics, complex data processing and analysis, spectral sound research. It’s amazing isn’t it that these band of merry men and their audiophile followers know better and can seemingly make audio products better and better and better sounding year after year. If only the scientific community listened to audiophiles then we would actually have some proper advancement of the human race. Had the scientific community consulted and liaised with audiophiles and seen the blistering advancements in hifi year after year with their DACs and valves and cables, we could have gone from jumbo jets to light speed interstellar travel but these damn objectivists will be a right pain and insist on proof and equations and testing and methodology. When will the world wake up to the extraterrestrial revelations in the audiophile world.
  13. I’m not of the age to do so but i think I just wet myself. Fecking hilarious but at the same time so bloody true. You’ve got to give it to them. They are most successful vendor of power supplies to mankind and they ain’t half done well selling something called ‘hifi’ on the dirty side. 🤣