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  1. A.S.

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    Combination of many factors, a couple here....
  2. Nerds are responsible for the best inventions and when they strike it lucky they become tech billionaires. Long live the nerds.
  3. Gosh, very tempting! The beryllium drivers and taut bass on Beolab 90s are as perfect as I’ve ever heard after auditioning 30+ speakers. Your Cessaros are also exquisite with a different flavour. We have short Barrett Home style ceilings and the wife says that the Liszts are so big they remind her of part of Boeing 747. I appreciate you’re no longer working with Cessaro (shocked by their behaviour) but why not just hold on to them and enjoy them dude. An interested party will need tall ceilings. Have you tried EBay?
  4. I can vouch for this. He’s an absolutely terrible salesman. Spent an afternoon with him and he pretty much talked me out of buying anything but the cheapest VFM gear. I’ve never bought a thing from him and probably won’t because of his brutal honesty. His pet hate is audioblingery and I get an anaphylactic allergic reaction to salesmen doing their heavy salesman thing with a finely tuned BS detector. Surprised that he’s allowed to be a distributor for any company. Tempted by his used Cessaros though...
  5. A.S.

    Audiophile Servers.

    What makes a weight an audiophile weight?
  6. A.S.

    Audiophile Servers.

    I’ve demoed Aurender and Auralic against a Mac running Roon and couldn’t hear any difference at all. IMHO i’d save a pile of cash and go with latter. If you’re paranoid about noise from the computer which I really think is non-issue, you could buy an Intona galvanic isolator used in industrial environments but it might be a solution trying to find a problem.
  7. A.S.

    Marantz CD6005 versus Cambridge cxc

    A few years ago a top Marantz streamer NA11 was compared by a German hifi magazine against a Naim NDS and a DcS Vivaldi and they thought the sonic quality of the Marantz was right up there with ‘the best/most expensive’. It was more of a question as to which flavour of sound you preferred. Marantz DACs and CD players are deeply regarded, solidly engineered (without overengineered bling). I’m certain thatyou’d struggle to see any benefit and any such move would be a sideways step! Level matched, blind folded and A/B’d to your hearts content, i’d put money that you wouldn’t be able you tell the difference and might even mix up the two units. Save yourself a pile of cash and revel in the Marantz. I have the money to buy a DCS stack or a CEC TLO but never in a million years would I venture beyond a Marantz DAC or CD player.
  8. Like you I’m averse to any I.T. madness. I want to sit down with a glass of whiskey, tap and the music starts. It took me less than 5 minutes to install Roon and it started scanning my drive and presenting my albums with perfect metadata and artwork. It runs 24 hours a day on my Mac and uses a few percent of my processor in top gear but usually less in playback. It has no errors. No noise, humming, veils, in the sound etc.... No plugins. Updates software by itself. Requires no rebooting. No glitches. No freezing. No IT faffing with IP addresses, firewalls, server connection, dropped WiFi madness I use standard recommended configuration. No fiddling. No hair-pulling. No OCD tweaking. It’s been working silently in the background without any intervention on my part since I installed it Summer 2017. Zero and I mean zero maintenance. My father who is in his 70s and struggles to use a mouse properly, can play music, change albums etc after a 30 second induction with an iPad. It’s easier than a CD player and record player.
  9. You don’t need 2 DACs. Just one after the laptop and before the Intona. Its no hassle at all. You connect 3 USB cables. That’s not onerous is it. Less hassle than working the extra hours to stump up the extra £18,000 to buy a ND555 audio bling which still won’t be as reliable and slick as Roon.
  10. Struggling to see what this does that a laptop hidden away running Roon into a DAC using a professional Intona non-audiophool galvanic isolator into a DAC, supported by a tablet for a tenth of the price can’t do at least as well in terms of functionality, reliability and sonic quality.
  11. A.S.

    Ethan Winer makes a ‘null’ cable tester

    How does the cat feature in his work? Seriously, all this sensible level headed discussion on hifiwigwam. What happened to the cable evangelists and the Kondo mafia on this forum. Go back several years and they would have mauled most of us....
  12. A.S.

    New Aurorasound VIDA Prima (phono stage)

    I visited the ATC factory and yes they do build the drivers onsite. The whole setup of huts looks like a WWII RAF base. I was expecting spitfires over my head at any moment and chaps with pointy moustaches running out. Sadly, the ATC drivers (all made by hand) were not a patch on Scanspeak Berylliums which are probably made by a robot in a fraction of the time. I was hoping for it to be the other way round having a slightly nationalistic bias for British made stuff but the Danish drivers were light years ahead. I was also equating beryllium on drivers to the Diamond nonsense from B&W. Boy was I wrong. Beryllium is so very light, the ideal hyper-responsive material and one can hear all the extra details over a conventional material driver. Was hoping to leave with a pair of Union Jack speakers but it wasn’t to be.
  13. Better imaging, deeper bass, dynamic range is always better on a digital file as long as it hasn’t been compressed to an inch of its life. These parameters you’ve listed are worse on vinyl yet you say you associate this with vinyl.... this is an inescapable W ngineering fact of vinyl and not a single engineer of turntables would share that view. If you are saying that you hear these measurable parameters better in vinyl then you are hearing something that is electromechanically impossible given the action of the stylus in the groove and the physical limitations of encoding the full resolution of 20Hz-20kHz with the same channel separation, amplitude response, etc. This would be not only odd but hallucinating. Vinyl is not better on those parameters but there is flavour to vinyl that is unique, pleasing and it is often able to create amazing and exquisite emotions that a cold and hard digital file might struggle to but I don’t delude myself that vinyl is better on these measurable and audible parameters.