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  1. I spoke with Kevin at Definitive and he told me that he built a system for a Russian factory owner. The factory and the owner’s home were in the most miserable polluted grey city in the middle of nowhere in Russia. It was like something out of a black and white 1984 dystopia. Even the grass was probably grey. Anyway, he wanted the “The Best” Kondo system despite only playing the same handful of CDs on rotation. The system complete with “The Best” cables set him back near enough half a million quid. Guess the glowing tubes was the only sunlight he got. Nowt as queer as folk....
  2. More salespatter for your delectation: “Scrumdiddlyumptious midrange” 😜 “Scrummy-yummy midrange” “Did you hear that, the M7 sounded glassy from cold, warmed up nicely, sweet and liquid...” ”It’s night and day difference after I switched the battery supply on, really you can’t hear it 🤨”
  3. Someone once mentioned that the reason why extraterrestrial prices are charged by Kondo for silver (apart from the fact that right gullible folk out there can be milked) is that the cable is rolled on the thighs of Japanese virgins on the side of Mount Fuji, well that might be worth paying for. Gosh, that gives me ideas. Chaps down the Royal British Legion club would be happy to roll a bit of wire on their thighs this Friday night and then I could harp on about the “gorgeous scrumptious midrange” (to borrow a sales phrase from our Kevin). Unlike Kondo, it’d be insulated in hand applied dried beer and crisp formulation. Music, beer and crisps, heaven!
  4. To knock this on the head, seriously and not jesting now when I say this, you’d be fine following the advice/steps at the beginning and cutting it. It’s just a bit of cable, not a thermonuclear device. People cut cables all the time and despite the psychiatric calibre of audiophile tomfoolery and BS, I’ve yet to hear audiophiles debating and agonising over dropping/lifting of veils when hifi cables have been cut.
  5. For goodness sake don’t cut the wire!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaargh! You will let the magic Kondo spirits out of the wire, nooooooooo!
  6. 6moons: Well, it might take twenty years for these cables to come on song but when they do, we go straight to the inner sanctum where they keep the grail. These wires played a major role, maybe even the starring one, in revealing that my much loved previous system had been a frankly unsatisfactory reproducer of tinsel-flat sound and left no choice but to take a pretty rapid and financially ruinous turn down the Kondo trail.....How did Kondo do this? I suspect it had a lot to do with the man himself. Kondo was fascinated by human experience and motivated by music but he also had world-class understanding of molecular metallurgy. You need the two qualities to reach these extraordinary results.
  7. Tell me more about the shift in Kondo dealer in the UK... who, what, when, how and why please?
  8. You’ve got to see this as an investment - no more upgraditis. He told me an amusing tale of a Russian factory owner who lived in the most depressing town. This client of his spent a fair few quid to brighten up his life by asking Kevin to build him ‘the best Kondo system in the world’. There I was sweating like a pig at the thought of buying a few cables and a used M7 and his other clients spend hundred of thousands.
  9. My oh my. Hasn’t hifiiwigwam changed... Years ago the chaps on here had a deep deep reverence for Kondo methodology and a few here even pulled the trigger by ‘making the pilgrimage’ as Kevin calls it and treked up to The Mill in Long Eaton to consult him. He was described by many here as a great bloke and very trustworthy. He tries to work in your budget. He offered to sell me his very own 10 year old M7ii at a considerable discount for £20k. He said it was the most basic and ‘prosaic’ unit but it was Kondo after all and it would get me on the Kondo ladder and he promised that if I came back to him, I could trade it in for M77 years down the road (he prefers the M77 to the M1000mkii which he called ‘austere’). Anyone that sells Kondo and then goes on the build a Vox knows what’s he’s doing and should be listened to. A true audiophile guru. OBX-RW is offered in silver from Kondo - that’s saying something. Even Kevin can’t go further and Kondo techniques are needed to optimise the final product. Leave the cables. You wouldn’t lower a classic Rolls Royce and add tinted windows - in the same way, don’t mess with the Kondo cable by cutting it, melting it’s insulated lacquer, torturing it...
  10. Masaki-san speaks of Kondo know-how here. For the love of God, leave the cables as they are. Start afresh. Sell them but don’t cut them - they will never sound the same. Buy some new ones from Kevin.
  11. There is a big difference between Kondo-san cutting his cables and us hamfisted lot having a bash at it. He had a degree in academic metallurgy and applied this knowledge in a secret and artisanal technique that we are not privy to and couldn’t master unless we apprenticed under him like Masaki-san (his spiritual successor). You would no more cut a Kondo cable than you would sharpen a 200 year old samurai sword in your garage or do Japanese tea ceremony using a greasy teapot and a bag of PG tips. The Kondo sound is in large part down to the magic of its cables. Why is it that no one but Kondo can replicate the Kondo sound, a sound that audiophile community are in large part jealous and desperate for. It’s not just the materials, you’ve got to learn the techniques over a lifetime and blend it with the traditional Japanese spiritual reverence to aesthetic. When I went to see Kevin, I spent 4 hours with him listening to the 300b and 211s, push pill vs set, etc.... He referred to his setup as an ‘organism’ where one component could affect another in the chain in both directions. He suggested the 8 core 88 strand and said even that could be improved upon by cryogenic cooling and offers this an upgrade to the bog standard silver cabling. He said he’d met Kondo-san in person and referred to him as no less than a genius. You’ve heard it from the horses mouth. He even uses it in his own Vox Olympian.
  12. I seriously dissuade you from doing this. I’m sure you know that this cable is made from very special silver sourced from Italy and then cryogenically treated before being allowed to mature on the shelves in the Kondo factory on a shelf for over 10 years. The unique Kondo sound that can’t be replicated by anyone else is all down to the unique metal crystalline structure nurtured using Kondo know-how. If you heat this cable or cut it you are both thermically and mechanically disrupting/shocking the orientation and architecture of of the metallic nuclei in the sea of electrons. The sound will never be the same again! No number of cable lifters or tube rolling will solve it once the deed is done. The sound of Kondo system is so sensitive to thermal changes that the musical quality alters over the summer months and not for the better. Kondo wiring is exquisitely sensitve. This stuff is super expensive and I just wouldn’t risk it. Kevin will probably say the same and you’d be better off buying a new pair. At this level you need to do it properly and the risk of compromising the whole setup is too high.
  13. Combination of many factors, a couple here....