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  1. nut

    WTD: 7m pair Speaker Cable

    I use the vd 2.5mm Quite happy with it. And mark grant does a great job terminating etc. I used to have the vd 6mm, but that was a bit overkill...could anchor the queen mary with that stuff.
  2. Up for some wonderfull snells.
  3. Thanks Jag. You should certainly know with the gear you have pass through your place. They are certainly as good as you said they are, but box swaappitus is a permanent affliction i guess. I am actually a bit embarrassed to be selling them. But when an idea is in the head it sticks. The JBLs got in there....and not sure they are for long either as the idea of JBL 4430 sounds interesting. There's no hope.
  4. Reduced to £600 which is significantly less than i paid and i think a bit of a bargain for what they are.
  5. Reduced to £400. A bargain for someone. (Albums not included at this price’
  6. These are very good indeed. Very possubly the best snell k ever imho.
  7. can demo corrected link to refurb work -
  8. Bump for these superb speakers.
  9. nut

    JBL Lets R-O-C-K

    I’m finding the Gravesen L26 quite addictive. Can’t beleive the difference. The 4312mk2 sound stunning, but can’t get beyond tne L26 at the moment. I’m sure tne maranz pm4 is doinng it’s no small part, but the L26 are just lvuly to listen to.
  10. These stands retail for £492. Without filler. Ouch.
  11. nut

    Snell Speakers

    In my room they were quite compromised. Stuck in the corners 6 inches from the rear wall, with the rear tweeters turned off. No toe in to speak of. I didn't really have much choice due to room and furniture restrictions. Still sounded excellent. Not much help to you i'm afraid.