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  1. For the missing pins......metal rivets sold on ebay make excellent replacements. Cheap...and lots of different finishes (back, silver..etc etc). Look better than the original plastic pins. I used them on my s700.
  2. nut

    Quad 909 power amp £450

    Excellent amp. Get it fixed yourself and serviced and it will fly out of here for 550.
  3. nut

    JBL 4312 MK2 WANTED

    The guy who compared the 3 crossover designs for the 4311 prefeered tne free one. Though he seemed to like all 3. So, a new crossover could run around 300 built i’d think, going from my experience with the L26. A doddle to install.
  4. nut

    JBL 4312 MK2 WANTED

    A light sand, oil, new grille cloth from usa ebay (huntley audio) is cheap and simple. Could even repaint the fronts in blue as per the 4312mk2. Removing drivers is simple as ibl used spade connectoes. You'd have it all done in a day.
  5. nut

    JBL 4312 MK2 WANTED

    Hi, The buyer was from ebay. Nice speakers, but having upgraded/replaced the crossovers on some 70's jbl L26, i'd be tempted to go the 4311 with new crossover routte. Not aa pretty mind.
  6. Sold to an old friend. Pleased about tnat because this was a balls out bargain.
  7. Reduced. £325 standard thorens mat. (Achromat and vinyl have been sold). Beat that on price for a luvly deck!
  8. Funk Firm Achromat 3mm Turntable Platter Mat - Red £30 posted.
  9. Reduced. 350 with achromat. 325 with standard thorens mat. No vinyl included.
  10. nut

    Marantz PM4 Circuit Diagram

    Can someone send me tne service manual and schematic for the pm4 please?
  11. Yep....£100 worth of as good as new vinyl. Stan getz box set, stone roses, lenny kravitz (bought new by me). Some used vinyl. 2 goats hair brushes. Anti static brush. lots of anti static sleeves unused. I’m not including the kidney for now.
  12. Bump. This is a lovely turntable. £375 does it a diservice, but time for it to find a new home.
  13. Amazed they weren’t snapped up ages ago. Just a Thorens left to go. The biggest bargain of the lot.