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  1. nut

    Fs - marantz pm4

    My last item of hifi to be sold. And a darn luvly one as well. It was and still is a bargain. 18w class a bliss.
  2. Yep, tney were mine. Luvly speakers. The ding on tne edge near the corner was very small, and i was quoted £50 to fix by a local furniture restorer. I never bothered as very small. With new original matched tweeters, i bet these sound great.
  3. Apple airport express Excellent and simple to usee streamng. mc414b/a a1392. white. Original box and packaging. £50 delivered.
  4. Original box and packaging. Excellent budget dac, which has really impressed. £60 delivered.
  5. nut

    Fs - marantz pm4

    Photos added above. Not had it long. 2-3 months i think. I had 2 as i loved the sound so much. This was bought on the wam, and the for sale thread should be in the sold listings if you have a searh. I have sold everything else so this 2nd pm4 sadly also has to go as i can't afford hifi any more!