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    Thorens td-160 super
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    Rega rb300 sumiko oy
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    Tisbury domino
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    Spotify/Airport Expr
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    Denon dvd-2930
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    Toppng d30
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    Primaluna proogue 2
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    AN k / ms pageant 2
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. I looked everywhere.....twice. ah well...a tonne of bubble wrap and nicely boxed now.
  2. This is without doubt one of the best bits of gear i have bought. 2 amps as input - switchable. 2 sets of speakers - switchable I turn amps off before switching amps. For speakers, i just turn volume down and then switch. Brilliant for a/b testing. Or for just wanting flexibility to different amps with different speakers. Excellent condition. £65 posted. Payment by bt please. I don't have the original box. If i find it i`ll jump up and down on it as i have spent the last hour in the attic looking for the bugger.
  3. Is this a valve stage? If so, what valves? Dimensions? Thanks
  4. I keep changing my mnd with these. Buy impending bills means it is finally time for tnem to go. Recapped, reclothed, waxed and luvly. With stands. luvly condition. £90 collected from Grantham. pics to come.
  5. nut

    SJS Arcadia Mk2

    I beleive tne arcadia 2 volume pot is no longer available. And the arcadia 2 has a copper chassis and cover. Not just the cover. So not really possible to upgrade to level 2. i wonder how much the latest sjs preamps are. Simon’s gear seems a cut above most everything else to me. Under the lid his valve gear is a work of art, and just about everything else i’ve seen looks like a dog’s dinner in comparison.
  6. nut

    Wtd - phonostage

    Thanks for all the replies. I have ordered a tisbury domino. Small enough so the other half doesn’t notice yet another box on the shelf.
  7. nut

    Wtd - phonostage

    Used about 330. Easy to sell on it seems
  8. nut

    Wtd - phonostage

    Yes, i read that as well. i did not realise how difficult choosing a phonostage would be. A shame the primaluna doesn’t have one. I thought about a tisbury and possibly a croft, and see if there was an appreciable difference to my ears.
  9. nut

    Wtd - phonostage

    I’m using a primaluna prologue 2 el34 integrated. Thorens td160 super with rega rb300 arm. catridge is sumiko oyster. speakers are audionote k and ms pageant 2 i haven’t got the turntable yet. Still in transit. I am leaning towards a new tisbury domino at £150. But as i do not have the turntable yet i am still open to suggestions. further - thanks for offers and suggestio so far. Still pondering.
  10. nut

    Wtd - phonostage

    Thanks for tne replies. Still looking. Budget increased to £300
  11. nut

    wtd - Marantz pm4

    Very nice. I keep missing these, or am never looking when they come up. One day!