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  1. Cheers .Yea she`s delighted , new chelsea boots and a tonne of tat for the house !
  2. I totally agree , dont let the cheap price put you off .I learned that lesson the expensive way and sold my 103r for jelly tots and bought a 110 !!!!! Where are Those Pies you absolutely promised me Mike when you bought the cart from me ?
  3. Mine Sold on AudioMart for £310 minus arm to a chap from Germany . Had loads of interest on it at that price . https://www.ukaudiomart.com/details/649512295-rare-stunning-std-305d-turntable-and-rega-tonearm/#replies
  4. Thanks . Last 305D I saw sell on Ubay went for £325 . I appreciate the M may sell for a bit less . I stuck the SME on UBAY and it sold 2 hrs later for £295 . I now fitted a Rega arm to the STD and an AT 12E with new stylus just to make it a plug an play I guess. Anyways , many thanks for the comments and thoughts . F.
  5. Thanks for that Bencat , Ive had many inc the 305m and yes I agree it is a great deck and at the factory we did test it up against the Linn fitted with a Syrinx PU2 std had the SME and did a blind listening test and 3 out of 4 of us preferred it I was sold one new for £50 from the factory . I appreciate times have moved on and the LP12 is a very diff beast now but Chris Franklands retraction way back kind of killed it off when he changed his mind from preferring the STD to then Preferring the LP12 . I have heard one with an Audio Mods 5 on it and it was amazing . Anyways . I have this one for nostalgia and Certainly will not be giving it away cheap id be looking for £300 for it minus arm . I have now removed SME from it and fitted a Rega . Does sound better to my old ears . F
  6. In superb working condition Bearings are tight but free good balanced sound from both channels {Bias works as it should haver video , was told belt had been replaced by previous owner but cannot prove } comes with original cable and original Rega headshell . Very underestimated arm . I was using it with either a AT VM740 or Denon DL103R and both worked well although the Denon provided a much more musical sound . Collection possible or can post at extra cost if required . Turntable and extra headshell not included in price . Firm at £145 plus postage . PP add 2% . Thanks Frank. Collection from Fife Scotland .
  7. SME 111S Tonearm in Excellent condition complete but does not have the fluid damping bath which was an extra on the S model . Comes with updated headshell and original SME cables. This one comes with the fairly rare { ive been told } Black CA1 wand . One just sold on that auction site without sme cables or black CA1 for £325 . Firm at £275 plus postage . 2% extra if paying by PP. Collection preferred but will post UK if required for additional cost . Based in Fife Scotland . Thanks .
  8. Looking for some advice from those who know on here . Ive been told to thin out my hifi and mainly my Turntables of which I have 7 . First one to go will be my STD305D with SME series 111s black nitride Ca1 wand . No original packing but deck and arm are in superb condition considering there 40 years young . Not sure whether to separate the sme from Deck and sell separately and fit another arm to deck or just sell as one unit . Main reason I ask is that Id think the SME would be of more interest than the underrated STD. Any thoughts?
  9. Yup have to agree . It produces the closet thing to the top end analogue Ive heard .
  10. In fully working order some scuffs on the top plate but front is spot on .. Comes with MC MM phono stage which is actually pretty good . Collection from Fife Scotland or you can sort out your own courier . I don't have the original box but I would double box it . £225 OVNO Thanks Frank.
  11. That's because I am an idiot and forgot . Its Sunday forgive me please . £90 excl post . Fair price incl crossovers. Thanks Jamie for bringing that to my attention .
  12. Originally bought from Phil 1000rpm a while ago . He had had a straight through rewire by Jeff at Audiomods for £140 . Anyways its in very good condition don't know of Any faults other than some scuffing on headshell where nuts have made contact with paint . I would Much Prefer collection but will if needs be post UK signed and insured for additional £14 . Having checked on that other auction site I think with the mods my asking price of £145 plus post is fair and at present I wont budge on that . Prefer Bank Transfer .Paypal costs . Located in Fife Scotland .
  13. 2 x Brand New Monacor RBT-10 Ribbon Tweeters and 2 x 18Db crossovers . Crossover 3.5khtz. 16ohms .100mm Diameter . Bought them to add to a set of cabinets but ended up buying a set of Castle speakers with Ribbons fitted . Located in Fife Scotland which I appreciate will be a long way away for most to collect so will post insured and signed for if required but prefer inspection/collection . Please note I do Not do Paypal having been scammed on Ebay by it so Please do not ask me to .
  14. RB250 for sale in vgc . Usual tiny marks paint not broken though where the nuts have been although I use plastic washers under my carts . It comes in its original polystyrene packaging . £100 plus postage UK .
  15. Is it not just the Rega mini that's sold ? Or is it just the way we Scots write things ?
  16. Hi If this is still for sale could I buy it please ? Just looking at the arm and original counterweight . Thanks .
  17. Hi Any pictures ? Do you have original box and packing by any chance ? Thanks .
  18. Once again Gents many thanks for the input its very much appreciated . Ive used the Blue for a wee while now , its already been burned in by my friend whom it belongs to . Results are that it opens up more detail and slightly more space but tends towards a slightly "lean" sound overall still with that slight upper thinness like the Red but I have to admit all in all the better of the 2 where it loses out to the Red is in the all important {to me} Midrange where the red just feels a bit warmer . What it {the Blue} def does better is IGD , it just seems to track better especially on the inner grooves I assume that will be down to the Nude mount stylus . I remember from the past all to often hearing differences in cartridges or amps or cables and they were just that , not always improvements just a different balance of sounds that suited some types of music better than others .Its finding that balance . The Red has now tracked about 40 odd albums prior to fitting the blue and def has benefited from the long burnin so yes PAR2 it is still improving .
  19. Yes PAR2 Guilty as charged for omitting my poor Croft . Just covered the setup again {especially now I have a loaned Blue fitted} everything seems ok and it sailed through the test record . Just for arguments sake say my good lady gives the go ahead for a new phono stage , what would I be looking at spending ? In the olden days { 30 odd years ago we would either change speakers or Cart to try and tame a bright system .}.
  20. Very late in the day . Did you find out if you could buy a Jico stylus for your C77 I have a C77 and would like one . Thanks . F