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  1. Guthrie Govan has both technical ability and feeling in spades: Steven Wilson couldn't hold onto him.
  2. Am surprised the active speaker route not been suggested. Instantly ditches power amps. Active speakers + 1 box DAC/Pre (which can also serve as headphone amp+phono stage) + streamer of choice = simplicity + good sounds + less cables n clutter.
  3. ...someone is going to be very satisfied with that box! ..The Fun Sheriff said "No' chez moi.
  4. This is a good thing. Ogg Vorbis is generally considered to offer superior listening quality to similarly compressed MP3 files, and also to sound better at low <128 bit rates.
  5. Spotify and Quboz Hi Fi here. On LMS as embedded apps, and also on numerous IOS devices as Native app. Covers all the bases. Qobuz has advantages over Tidal (aside from the obvious not lining the vulgar JeysFluidZeeTwatee MC's pockets) What Qubuz allows, which makes it worth the sub, is for multiple devices to listen to different music, on (a seemingly unlimited number) of different devices, and from different locations - all with one log on. It's all very French and egalitarian....shhsssh Spotify, even with family sub, does not allow such 'openness' and has far more user restraints.
  6. Control panel>system & security>System properties. Should show win version.
  7. Cheers OG - I shall investigate at garden centre on the weekend. No greenhouse, but I do have plenty sunny window sills to bring em on. I can almost smell them now. (Will need to master the basil too this year) When do you put your Tom plants out?
  8. Hey OG, any varietal suggestions for seasonal toms? For salads etc. Early if poss. Will be container grown and my little in (10yrs) will be in charge.
  9. I don't do vinyl, but I do do both DI and distilled water for my car. I believe the principle of zero required contaminants and particles are the same for vinyl as they are for spotless car paint after wash. As an avid car detailer in a very hard water area, I bought a DI resin filter some years ago. Tired of water spots forming from tap water, a DI vessel all but eliminates these. Almost to the point where you can hose car with DI water and leave to dry in sun with zero calcium spotting. DI water has benefit of being easy to dry with an micro fibre or air blower, leaving streak free surface. I believe that is the goal with vinyl cleaning. Distilled water - and I collect water from tumble drier condenser tank -also works very well. I use this in my screen and headlamp washers, to avoid that irritating trail that straight water can leave across bonnet and roof after you've fired washers. Should work well for vinyl and it's free. SWMBO works at a dental practice and they spend a fortune on commercially produced distilled water for surgery use. A word of caution on the tumble drier route - be careful if your house uses fabric conditioners. We stopped as I noticed that the distillatewater over shiny dark blemish free and (therefore revealing) paintwork, still carried a thin greasy film - which I assumed to be some residual solvent from conditioner that has same boiling point as water. It may not affect vinyl, but I wouldn't want an extraneous coating tween yer vibrating crystal and yer plastic grooves! This film is not present without fabric conditioner in wash. So we did away with it, saving money... Two OCD Worlds collide... BTW, To the gentleman whose wife recently died, my condolences. I hope each day ahead has more brightness for you.
  10. The DD will still be on your machine. Search your machine for *.exe and that will give you list of all (many) .exe files. The Realtek DD will be the one in the Realtek audio folder. Or download safely from Intel site. Ensure you have right 32 or 64 bit version for W8.1 Intel Realtak audio Driver downloads ...hit .exe file and it will overwrite existing set up
  11. Spring is still springing here... Nice view at breakfast..
  12. An aside......I've never seen the Palestinians as the scourge of modern society. But Neither do I see Israel as innocent. It's complex. Maybe subsequent British govts since the 70s all should have done more/different in NI Maybe time will reveal MM and Blair to be peace-bringing Saints in reuniting the factions. Maybe we should blame the folk who first brought the potato to Ireland in the 17th Century, precipitating an 8 fold population increase that wholly relied on said spud. Maybe we should blame that population explosion on the edicts of the Catholic Church. The population had previously been self sustaining from 5000bc to the 1500s Maybe more people understand these dynamics than are actually credited, by the politically astute and vocal, the academics and the historians. Still no excuse - no matter how complex, dynamic and historical the motivations for murder. We can all understand. No excuse for murder.
  13. I just left Westminster in a rush. Mayhem. So tbh, with all your historical knowledge, it matters not one dot when folk still go on "killing in the name of" Not that I am drawing conclusions as I don't know what just happened here. It's chaos and fear all around. Just whey someone else wants to get to their political and or theological ends. But, if you are keen on the "ages ago" card in lessening MMs alleged terrorist actions, bringing up 4th C Rome, and also keen to hark back millennia - contemplate, just how many enslaved and emancipated nations and people, did the Romans, the ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians etc crush? Did you ever hear of a modern Roman offering apology or restitution? Do they feel guilty about their forefathers ? I think not. Why should they? Its just not a powerful or compelling rejoinder. That's just selective history. Present generations feel differently, are not held accountable, and should not be harmed 'because of past wrongdoings'