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  1. I sold the remnants of my small jewelry business to a Hatton Garden goldsmith, plus my own gold chain and bracelet to buy my dream system in 2010: Krell pre/power, Wadia, Wilson. Absolutely the right decision. Got loads of pleasure and pride from it.
  2. Seems like he's got Hecos. I just heard the new Sonus Faber Olympia Nuovo 1 (standmounts). 5 grand and incredible huge sound. These on your shortlist?
  3. Carlbkk1

    Usher Be-10

    They are completely useless. They really don't give a damn what they are selling or giving potential customers information. Not a chance in hell that those 4000 GBP speakers will sell.
  4. Carlbkk1

    JBL K2 9800

    So when are you selling them to check out the Everests?
  5. Carlbkk1

    Thiel CS 2.2

    I remember hearing Thiels for the first time in the 90s at the Bristol show (then sponsored by Paul Roberts Hifi). They look quite plain and demure, but they have a very FAST sound...crisp and punchy. Really liked them. I could definitely live with some of the larger models. Lookswise I love the 3.7 but it's still very expensive.
  6. Carlbkk1

    Usher Be-10

    minion I think you're a spammer judging from all your irrelevant posts today. But just in case you're not....if you want two different in different woods, just click "buy it now" and then you will have it.
  7. Carlbkk1

    Usher Be-10

    What gets me is that this dealer is trying to sell expensive speakers by copy/pasting a review, not adding any "real" text, and not even knowing if the speakers are actually mismatched. Terrible.
  8. Carlbkk1

    Usher Be-10

    I find this ad so funny when it shouldn’t be. A pair of beautiful Usher Be-10 for £4200. The only problem is they are NOT a pair: I am sure the woods are different. Take a look yourself. After asking the question to the seller (must be Emporium hifi as the location is Bungay), they said it is likely just the photo but would need to check and get back to me. They didn’t. Incredible.
  9. My friend is very keen to find a pair of Tannoy Autograph Minis. Seem to be very thin on the ground lately unless it's mainland Europe. Any leads please? Thanks, Carl
  10. JL F110 is 900 quid used. Could get a demo but probably not in my system. I do love the look of SVS though.. But seems Rel are the most popular. S3 was a lot smaller than I expected.
  11. Interesting reading. I've got my eye on (second hand) JL audio F110, SVS SB16 and Rel S5. No idea which I'm going to go for (music only).
  12. I’m definitely not Keith nor ever spoken to the fella .. but I did read his thread amongst several other (non biased) punters online. If they sound computerised I imagine them to be a bit like Devialet Phantom golds or Focal Scalas?
  13. I’ve been seeing some incredible opinions of these new monitors (both with and without the BTX bass modules). Never heard of the German manufacturer before, but all the signs are pointing to a revolutionary reference speaker. They look fairly demure to me, but the experts say their engineering is a breakthrough and their sound puts many other (more expensive) speakers in the shade. They are £20k without the bass modules I think. No doubt we will be hearing a lot more about them. Analogue Seduction and Purite are stocking them. Have any wammers heard them? Is the initial hype valid?
  14. I recently had a demo of the feet under Focal floorstanders. I was actually amazed at the improvement to the sound that they made, and I'm not easily amazed. I am definitely going to buy some after that demo. They ain't cheap, but other brands are more expensive.