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  1. Carlbkk1

    Zingali Feast

    He's a scammer and dishonest. Did this happen fairly recently? I kind of assumed he'd gone out of business a few years ago...
  2. Carlbkk1

    Zingali Feast

    Possibly, because Jack would say anything to get money. Just like he offered me a trial period on the Diecis and my money back if I didn't like them - well that didn't happen, all excuses under the sun where given until the final stages of the small claims court. Then I got it. Krell don't really make cheap nasty amps. The 300 integrated being the cheapest. I was using a KSA300s power amp with KRC2 pre. Plus a 4K valve amp with no better results.
  3. Carlbkk1

    Vitus ri 101 for sale

    Good luck with the sale Matt. Just to have owned that system is a massive accomplishment in itself.
  4. Carlbkk1

    Zingali Feast

    I heard a pair at Scalford (standmounts) with an Emille valve amp a few years ago. Really good. As most attendees commented, one of the stars of the show. So I home demoed a pair of larger floorstanding mint Zingali Zero Diecis (about 3 grand second hand) also with an Emille amp. As soon as I received them I noticed the build quality was piss poor...the wood cabinet just not thick enough. yes, they looked great though. Had high expectations after hearing those at Scalford but was massively disappointed when hooking these up. Flabby bass, unclear mids and poor dynamics...and it didn't improve over the next week or with a Krell solid state amp. I A/Bd them against my Ushers and there was no comparison...just none. They went back and that was that. It might have just been the Zero range, although not cheap, that let me down. I would hope the Home Monitors would be a lot better.
  5. Carlbkk1

    Which subwoofer for Wilsons?

    Thanks George, Yes although online Krell isn't known to be so compatible with Wilsons, I enjoyed them together in a small room. However now the listening room has changed completely....larger room, open plan L shape, tiled floor, lots of windows, higher ceilings. So the sound has changed regardless of the amp. the DSP helped and I think I'll first try upping the bass on that as suggested. After that will explore Rel...probably the S3. Thanks, Carl
  6. Carlbkk1

    Which subwoofer for Wilsons?

    Just seen a Rel 212 second hand for 2K here. Beautiful but probably overkill.
  7. Carlbkk1

    Which subwoofer for Wilsons?

    Hi Martin, they're not really that big. I borrowed an M-audio sub from a friend and liked what it did to the sound, so after I gave it back I had the thought to get a nice sub. Yes, forgot to add in JL as an option above (I used JL throughout the car).
  8. Carlbkk1

    Which subwoofer for Wilsons?

    I'd like to add a good subwoofer to my set-up consisting of Wilson 5.1, Jeff Rowland Concentra and a DSPeaker anti-mode for room correction. Largish room and would like a nice looking gloss black sub just for music (electronica mostly). Not looking to shake the house every day but definitely want to hear it's there and improve the frequency range. I guess sealed box is best for this. Budget is about 1200 GBP second hand. Various subs recommended such as BK and Rel....but also SVS. However, I have also read that SVS is more aimed at home theatre and the bass can be a bit overwhelming.
  9. Carlbkk1

    Soundations HF rack

    I've got my Soundations rack up for sale on this forum (sadly). Really loved the look of that rack. Yours is the vertical hi-fi version, mine is the wider AV version.
  10. Soundations AV rack. Selling my beautiful rack because it's just sitting in a shed since I moved abroad...I can't see when I'll use it agani. I saw this US rack online and was surprised to find ONE for sale in the UK. I can honestly say I believe this is the only one in the UK. A beautiful rack which I believe was $1300 when new in the USA. 4 brushed metal pillars with suspension metal rods for the glass shelves. Allen key height adjustable glass shelves (a few threads on the metal adjusters have been shredded due to age, but all shelves stay firmly put as you can see). I put rubber washers in between to separate the glass from touching the metal adjusters. Each shelf takes a very good weight which again is obvious to see from my photo. Metal rods on each corner separate the shelves from vibration. Also has spikes. I had this at Scalford for 2 years running. It's a beautiful rack but is not perfect....a few scratches on the pillars, needs a good wipe down and some of the holding discs don't tighten onto the glass from above...but that doesn't affect stability. 350 GBP or offers welcome. Collection only from my Dad's house in Hay-on-Wye. It's heavy and you're likely to need an estate car or similar. From the photo only the glass shelves come out, the rest cannot be separated.
  11. Carlbkk1

    JBL K2 9800

    I've gotta hear some of these. There's a dealer selling them new, but certainly not cheap.
  12. Ah, you're right Martin. I thought the splitter may also work on the inputs (accepting two inputs but only playing one at a time of course). It doesn't :-) A switch is what is needed then.
  13. So at last I've given the DSpeaker anti-mode a quick go. Bought QED optical cables and an optical splitter online. Sadly the splitter does not work when the two cables are plugged in at the same time! Just a warning. It's not one of the powered splitters. Initial listening makes me happy - overall improvement with sound in a difficult room, but I haven't turned the volume up yet to a level which I like. Next addition: a subwoofer.
  14. Carlbkk1

    Class A watts. And Pass vs Sugden vs Krell

    I can give an opinion on Krell vs Pass Labs. I had a Krell KSA300s then swapped in a pair of Pass Labs XA60.5 monos. The sound may have become a bit more separated and detailed, but the sense of scale was reduced. The weight (and maybe a bit of warmth) the Krell had was replaced possibly by a bit more transparency. In terms of the money difference and also my personal preferences regarding sound....I'd go for the Krell. Both were excellent though.
  15. You’re right Tony, just found this out. I am just using the USB as a memory stick input which works fine so would prefer to only keep the USB for this use. the DSP only has XLR, Coax and one optical input. What should i use for each?