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  1. Audio & AV Show, Birmingham

    I spent some hours at the Audio and AV show yesterday at the Birmingham ICC/Hyatt Hotel. Previously called the National Audio Show it was been hosted by Whittlebury Hall near Towcester for the last eight years. The new venue is a real pain, set over two buildings with the most confusing floor plan, nothing flows, lots of map rotating and second guesses. What with the additional aggravation of getting into the middle of Birmingham and parking, its a far less relaxed arrival than the countryside setting of Whittlebury Hall. Food and drink was available in the hotel bar or restaurant only, we had a couple of sandwiches in the bar area and soft drinks which came to over £25. At Whittlebury, as you all know, there was tea and coffee stands in every corridor, Hog roast and barbeque in the courtyard with live music. I think this is the last time I shall be attending this event if it is going to be held at this venue in future. There were hardly any exhibitors, and hardly any visitors (I imagine less than 200 visitors). The demo rooms were not busy, and really nothing to get excited about. The usual suspect big names were there, Superfi and Henley for instance, but also now with the AV element so Samsung and LG were showing off their latest 4K incarnations. That was the negatives, there were some positives however: Audionote: Playing some great and varied music on a CD1, Dac 2.1x and P2SE Signature amp. KIIThree: Active (NCores) speakers sounded very nice ( Overpriced for the sound produced at£10K though). www.kiiaudio.com Fanthorpes: A Chord Dave and PMC 25's through a PMC COR integrated amp. Sounded very good. Metaxos & Sins: Where art meets HIFI. Sounded nice, looked horrible. www.metaxas.uk Kerr Acoustic: Domoing their new K100 and K300 speakers. The K300's sounding very nice.They impressed so much, that my friend who went with me bought some at show price (£1.8k). The product is so new he has to wait for them to be built. The crossovers are hand built with hand wound inductors and point to point connections. KerrAcoustic is a family run business who were all in attendance and very passionate about the products. I could live with a pair of these K300s.www.kerracoustic.com
  2. Audionote phoned up twice to make sure that TNT had not removed the Amp from the pallet for the return journey, apparently they have a habit of doing so.
  3. Had the same question over on Cyrus Unofficial forum: I used the site Anyvan.com to find a courier to send my amp to Audionote for a service.The site consists of an application form where you state your address, the delivery address and the nature of the consignment. Interested parties, who are typically private couriers then contact you with a quote for the service. The couriers can also include a narrative with the quote; the chap that took my amp stated he had delivered to Audionote before, was fully insured, and even had an original Audionote palette to strap the amp onto.I helped him load the amp onto the van and ensured that it was secure and wrapped in a blanket to soften the road bumps. I got a confirmation email when delivered to Audionote. It helped that the driver was also a HiFi enthusiast. Total cost £60, Piece of mind, priceless. (Audionote arranged the return courier which was TNT).I would definitely use the site again in the future.
  4. Armstrong A20 / A220 any owners here?

    I've got some Armstrong speakers to go with this....
  5. Cassette tape set to make a comeback?

    Some are expecting the resurgence and already ahead of the game: http://theaudiophileman.com/elbow-cassette/
  6. Looks like nobody took the bait. Maybe I should have waited until April 1st...someone might have thought I was being serious
  7. We all know that speaker cables are directional, but what you didn't know is that if you Bi-Wire with the second set of cables against the direction of the first, then any noise present in the cables is presented at the speaker end in anti-phase, thus cancelling out. If you cannot afford the outlay of a second set of cables, then simply soldering some superfuses between the HF and LF terminals will do the same thing.
  8. You win the lottery, what hifi?

    I would probably start a high end shop. One of everything. I would have to have some Acapella High Violoncello II's in my life.
  9. Can you listen to cheap crappy hi-fi anymore?

    I've got a complete backup of all my digital music on a NAS at work, I listen to it whilst at work over a Dragonfly DAC and Meze 99 headphones. The sounds are not even close to that produced by my home setup, but still allows me to enjoy my stored music, moreover, I find myself thinking 'this would sound great on the hifi' which prompts me to play it again at home. Twice the enjoyment
  10. Ecosse Maestro MA2 rca interconnect

    Had some for ages as I couldn't better them....until discovered Audionote Lexus.
  11. Fixing scratched CDs?

    I do it at work, when someone brings a scratched CD or DVD into the office. I've got a couple of the rotating disk machines 'SkipDr', but they are only really useful for fine scratches. Sometimes takes multiple tries to remove a scratch. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Innovations-1018300-SkipDr-Classic-x/dp/B0015ACUKC BEST method I have found is: 600 grade emery used very lightly and with water latterally from centre to edge (just at the scratch, not the entire surface) then polish off the abrasion with acrylic polish and cotton wool pads. Works 99%. Its a bit worrying/drastic the first time you do it. The disks I clean are evidential for use in court so they are fairly important. Its better to have a go than have unuseable disks.
  12. One for the Quaddies http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JOB-LOT-COMPLETE-QUAD-99-909-HI-FI-HIFI-SYSTEM-CD-TUNER-PRE-MAIN-AMP-STAND-/142211145544?hash=item211c71df48:g:KZEAAOSw5cNYRxD0
  13. Quality HiFI or AV Stand

    If I lived nearer to South Wales this would be mine, however someones kit is going to look lovely on this.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Light-oak-TV-hifi-stand-with-glass-top-/262693629011?hash=item3d29c2ac53:g:3ikAAOSw5cNYEf6i
  14. Sweetest sounding EL84 valve.

    Have a read of this http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/who-has-tube-rolled-audio-note-amps.362610/