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  1. I have not found any instances of multiple headsets pairing with one bluetooth source, and the audio needs to be confined to line of sight only, ruling both bluetooth and RF. I currently have 30 sets of Sony Infra red units, but suddenly need more due to expansion and cannot source any more.
  2. Thanks Martin, Line of sight is fine when contained within a room. The audio needs to be contained within the room only, and not listenable by persons in a room next door/nearby with the same headphones. Imagine the scenario of three or four rooms in a row, RF would likely leak between them, unless there were multiple channels to select from. I did try some Sennheiser RF units previously, but strangely the sound degraded in the afternoon then began picking up all sorts of interference and cross talk from unknown sources.
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for Infra-red headphones? Most I come across are either Bluetooth or RF Wireless. I need to have multiple listeners all within range of the same audio source, all with free range of movement within a room. Previously I have used Sony MDR-IF140K units with up to 20 headsets being fed from just one I/R transmitter. The feed is human voice only and does not need to be Hi-Fi. Sadly Sony no longer produce any Infra-red headsets.
  4. Tube amp running time

    My 300Bs now have over 200 hours on them, but I certainly cannot remember the sound signature from when they were new compared to now. As others have suggested, just enjoy what you have, and if the sound improves over time, then that's a bonus!
  5. Turntable Sales Dip.

    I cast a weary eye over the Brit Awards that my wife was watching last night. Not wanting to sound too old or like my parents, but a lot of music which suits the younger generations all just sounds the same, homogenous overproduced tripe. My thinking is that, not only is it being produced and outputted for the streaming generation, it actually befits the poor quality sonic performance of the (i)devices its being played on. Its like everything else, throwaway, move on to the next....
  6. Which 300b?

    Older Audionote 300b's were AVVT manufactured. If you bought some new today, they would be rebranded Psvane's.
  7. Anyone help me out with this SME tool

    Ah, that's the right-handed version of this...
  8. Ian had his Harbeths on oak pillars at Scalford a couple of years ago. The pillars were only waist height and the same cross-section size as the P3ESR's on top, I remember thinking what a simple and elegant look it had. Maybe Ian can post some pictures if he still has them.......
  9. Which 300b?

    I am using Psvane Mk11's, with the grey internal coating. They have been performing without fault, sound nice to my ears and sonically outperform the Sovtek tubes I had in there previously, which really are a budget buy. Shuguang Treasure 300B-z black bottles sound close to the Psvanes and are often a bit cheaper. I have not had any personal experience of Sophia Electric Mesh plates, but they appear to have reliability issues, as do the Elrog historically. The Elrog issues may have been corrected now, but they are an expensive option. The Sophia Electrics are made in the same factory as TJ FullMusic tubes and are apparently picked from the same production line, selected for their better performance, then re-branded. I have heard that the Genalex Golden Dragon 300B LX are very good, and in the same price bracket as the Psvanes/Shuguangs. £300 area seems to be the average, I would love to try some Psvane WE300B replicas, but its a bit of a punt to spend £600 only to find that they fall below expectation or are only marginally better than the current MK11's I'm running. Genalex Quite cheap here: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/valves/300b.html The are not many retailers who would be willing to try before you buy, maybe there's some kind hearted wammer out there willing to let you borrow a pair! (I haven got a spare set myself!)
  10. If the battery was connected/disconnected about sixty times a second, the waveform would be reasonably square. If you have 'lazy' electrons like those in copper cables, they won't have time (or couldn't be bothered) to react to the fast rise times, thus easily fooling them. Electrons in Silver cables might need a higher frequency though because they're sprightly little buggers!!
  11. NAD 3140 - fixed it!

    That looks a lot prettier on the inside than the Sony TA-AX2, I'm having a look at for my friends son. (just a noisy volume pot). Slightly concerned that the supply cord is live and Neutral only, with no earth into a metal chassis. I guess its been like it since new, but when you have a look on the inside, the cable runs are atrocious. The incoming mains leads rubbing up against wire-wrap pins, and the speaker output leads routed around the back of three mains outlet sockets, pressed against the un-insulated pins/live wires. Really is cheap 80's cr*p.
  12. Cambridge Audio One+ won't power on

    Its been discussed before. When a unit has been plugged in (on, or in standby) for an extended period, then unplugged, the unit may fail to subsequently power up again. I've had this twice before, once on a Cyrus 3 amp and another on a Creek 4140 amp. The cause both times was leaky reservoir capacitors in the power supply.
  13. As my interest in Vinyl has grown since I started using the phono stage in the Meishu, I have been looking around for a step up from my current Project offering. I came across a gentleman Patrick Johnson, coincidentally fairly local to me, who is setting up a business making turntables. ICENI Audio. https://www.facebook.com/Iceni-Audio-Ltd-1697828703846136/ The decks are currently using some Rega parts but with all the enhancements that Rega owners end up chasing, platters, belts, counterweights etc. Patrick is also working on his own tone-arm design and his own hand-built turntable is something to behold. (If he puts that into production, I may well have to invest!) I called him up and went to his home to discuss my requirements and between us decided upon a design which aesthetically complemented my current Audionote black and gold boxes, a decent arm (I chose a Rega), cartridge(I chose Ortofon 2m Blue), and choice of veneer. Very interestingly, the motor and circuit board are mounted in a suspended elasticised web structure which Patrick has designed, engineered and 3D printed. The Rega (or other Tone-arm) parts and motor are the only thing which Patrick does not manufacture himself. The record weight, Corian Platter, Platter weights, Aluminium feet with brass adjusters, plinth and veneering are all hand-made. Patrick provided me images of the items under production during the build which only took him two weeks; incredible since he does this in his spare time! He also hand delivered it and set it up on my rack before settling down and having a listening session. Sound wise, it knocks my old deck aside and made it sound like it was a child’s toy. So much more musicality. My vinyl is now like an aged port rather than the sharp Riesling it was. The timing of its arrival is Perfect, since Shpongle’s new album ‘Codex6’ will by arriving in Vinyl on my doormat when it’s released next week. As yet, ICENI Audio does not have an internet presence apart from Facebook (Link Above) have a look there at the other decks he has produced. The quality of the decks speak volumes about the care and attention paid to production, enjoy the pictures J P.S. I wrote a rave review because I am so very impressed with the product and its creator, not because I have any commercial interest in ICENI Audio!!
  14. Turntable - Sound?

    So there must be some benefits to a levitation system then, unless the flux fields interfere with the pickup.
  15. Audio & AV Show, Birmingham

    I spent some hours at the Audio and AV show yesterday at the Birmingham ICC/Hyatt Hotel. Previously called the National Audio Show it was been hosted by Whittlebury Hall near Towcester for the last eight years. The new venue is a real pain, set over two buildings with the most confusing floor plan, nothing flows, lots of map rotating and second guesses. What with the additional aggravation of getting into the middle of Birmingham and parking, its a far less relaxed arrival than the countryside setting of Whittlebury Hall. Food and drink was available in the hotel bar or restaurant only, we had a couple of sandwiches in the bar area and soft drinks which came to over £25. At Whittlebury, as you all know, there was tea and coffee stands in every corridor, Hog roast and barbeque in the courtyard with live music. I think this is the last time I shall be attending this event if it is going to be held at this venue in future. There were hardly any exhibitors, and hardly any visitors (I imagine less than 200 visitors). The demo rooms were not busy, and really nothing to get excited about. The usual suspect big names were there, Superfi and Henley for instance, but also now with the AV element so Samsung and LG were showing off their latest 4K incarnations. That was the negatives, there were some positives however: Audionote: Playing some great and varied music on a CD1, Dac 2.1x and P2SE Signature amp. KIIThree: Active (NCores) speakers sounded very nice ( Overpriced for the sound produced at£10K though). www.kiiaudio.com Fanthorpes: A Chord Dave and PMC 25's through a PMC COR integrated amp. Sounded very good. Metaxos & Sins: Where art meets HIFI. Sounded nice, looked horrible. www.metaxas.uk Kerr Acoustic: Domoing their new K100 and K300 speakers. The K300's sounding very nice.They impressed so much, that my friend who went with me bought some at show price (£1.8k). The product is so new he has to wait for them to be built. The crossovers are hand built with hand wound inductors and point to point connections. KerrAcoustic is a family run business who were all in attendance and very passionate about the products. I could live with a pair of these K300s.www.kerracoustic.com