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  1. Nagraboy

    FS: Aurorasound VIDA phono stage

    I think it’s maybe 2-3 years old, think that’s what the guy said. I’m not generally concerned about such things so didn’t ask when I bought it. I’m not aware of any changes in the design, there certainly isn’t a Mk 2 version. Thanks.
  2. Nagraboy

    FS: Aurorasound VIDA phono stage

    Thanks Pete, it is a real gem
  3. Change of plans for my vinyl system (one arm, instead of two) means I’m now selling my VIDA. Amazing LCR phono stage that needs no introduction. Two inputs MM and MC, Mono and mute switches, plus the off-board PSU help make this the best choice anywhere near the £3300 RRP price and significantly beyond too. One of many glowing reviews: £2000 inc P&P Based in Leicester.
  4. Nagraboy

    Wanted - Auditorium 23 speaker cable

    You can order them from The Sound Practice IIRC. £79 per mono metre.
  5. Nagraboy

    What are you listening to right now?

    First play of the Jazzman vinyl boxset, playing through Sony Z1R headphones and Leben headphone output. Shades of Blue - Don Rendall/Ian Carr Quintet (Vinyl)
  6. Hi Mark. I’m trying to make sure the P2S is 290mm, that’s all. According to the designer, at 290mm, the SPU G-type pick-up will be aligned perfectly with the Timestep T-612, which has different geometry from the Groovemaster II arm. I could use the included protractor and slide the arm base for best fit, but the SPU is so bulky and low-riding that I can’t see under it properly to make sure it’s on the grid correctly. Also, I can’t use the Dr Feickert tool for any other set up criteria than P2S with the Timestep arm, as Audio Creative confinmred that the Feickert is set up for DIN Loefgren A rather than IEC Loefgren A, so will not work. The Smartractor device - which the arm was designed around) would be perfect but it’s around £400. So just need an accurate ruler-type tool to set the P2S to the correct 290mm, then it should be perfect. I’m currently waiting for a setscrew and Allen key to arrive from Holland so I can move the sliding base to 290mm. I should probably wait until these arrive before going any further really.
  7. Nagraboy

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    I’m temporarily using a CCA via its analogue output into my amp. It’s Roon Ready so quite handy to have one spare. My Sony DAC via USB sounds better but the CCA is certainly listenable.
  8. Hoping someone can briefly lend me their alignment protractor, I need one with the pivot-to-spindle ruler/measuring device eg. Dr Feickert or similar. PM me if you can help. Based in Leicester.