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  1. I had some Spendor S3/5R for a few months before my most recent Harbeth P3ESR and although a very good little speaker for the money, they weren’t quite up to the Harbeth standard. I’ve had P3ESR since 2011 - apart from about a year or so dabbling with B&O/Tannoy/Spendor. Can’t see me changing them.
  2. Mine are: Frank Sinatra Mel Tormé Roy Orbison Michael Stipe Mark Kozelek (when he’s in a tuneful mood)
  3. Universal Themes - Sun Kil Moon (Vinyl)
  4. Is this MM only, or does it do MC as well?
  5. Do you have any dogs with wheels for legs, at all?
  6. Well, my Leben has higher output impedance than the class D amps in the D&D, and only 15 Watts per channel too, so that might well impact the sound quality. I think the DSP/multi-driver-derived cardioid midrange of the D&D is probably more important than the class D amps, though. Still, I enjoy the Leben/Harbeths a lot.
  7. True Keith. I demoed the Dutch & Dutch in my small flat and I had flat deep bass that would be impossible without modern tech. EDM, symphonies and Rock were amazing. My tiny Harbeths don’t have bass problems here either, but then that’s because they don’t really go down very low! The D&D also had a cleaner and better midrange than Harbeths, although that was a closer call, of course. They were great with vinyl too, which was a surprise. The Dutch & Dutch are way ahead the best speakers I’ve ever experienced, and you don’t even need a large ‘good room’ to get the benefit of them. I’m basically happy with my little Harbeths, they’re very nice, but if I had the budget and wanted the best I know what I’d do.
  8. I’ve tried many expensive digital sources - Nagra, dCS, Chord, Sony ES etc - and from experience I don’t feel it’s worth the money. So I have to disagree with you there. As for analogue, I don’t need to be amazed, just have some decent sound to enjoy my music, without feeling I’ve bet the farm just to spin a record. That kind of ruins the enjoyment for me. Again, the diminishing returns kick in too early for my patience and wallet these days.. Btw I don’t think your condescending tone does you any favours. A lot of us have been round the block many times round here.
  9. I’m not quite there yet, just a DAC/streamer to finalise - although the Roon-ready Google Chromecast and Arcam airDAC I have are probably good enough already, if I’m honest. It’s the analogue side that needs to be put to bed...tried a couple of Regas lately and am thinking one of them could be the answer.
  10. My BF is in his 20s and thinks vinyl is an insane waste of money as ‘TIDAL sounds better for only £20 per month’. I like to tell him which new LPs I’ve bought this week just to see him squirm a bit! He does appreciate the Harbeths though, even said maybe I should buy a larger Harbeth model. And he seems to want me to buy a Devialet... I have separate money for my hi-fi and watches, but do tell him what I’ve spent. Of course, he thinks it’s all madness.
  11. I have for sale my collection of R.E.M. 2-disc sets. First disc is the album on a CD, second disc is a DVD-A disc with the whole album in hi-res 24 bit 48/96/192 kHz surround sound. The DVD-A is also 2ch. Will also play on any DVD player in Dolby Digital. Green Out Of Time Automatic For The People Monster New Adventures in Hi-fi Up Reveal The Best Of R.E.M. - In Time All are £12, plus £1.50 UK postage, or buy the lot for £85 inc postage.