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  1. Dipstick

    Recommend Speakers

    Bit left field but how about Esi Unik 08+ a pair of active standmounts with 8" driver and ribbon tweeter. Sell the arcam and buy a passive pre and phone stage.
  2. Have you still got these?
  3. Dipstick

    WTD - cheap integrated amp

    Not set in stone but as little as possible without it sounding nasty. I'm going to take up the kind offer of a loan first though.
  4. Looking for a stopgap whilst I decide what to build next. Can be low powered integrated amp, near Sheffield or able to be posted.
  5. Dipstick

    EL84 parallel SE valve amp

  6. is this still available Ian?
  7. Dipstick

    EL84 parallel SE valve amp

  8. Dipstick

    EL84 parallel SE valve amp

    If you have decently sensitive speakers come and have a listen, for £220 I don't think you can do better
  9. Dipstick

    FS- AT OC9ml/ii

    replied Graham
  10. Dipstick

    FS- AT OC9ml/ii

    I don't seem to be getting pm's, please email desDOTpearceATsky.com
  11. Dipstick

    Last of the records

    text me Col, no pm yet.... it'd only let me put one picture up, will try again.
  12. Dipstick

    EL84 parallel SE valve amp

    Built from a kit by the first owner, circuit rebuilt and altered by Firebottle and finally a new Blue Alps pot fitted by me. 5W per channel (Will still work with only one el84 per channel at 2.5W) with 2 inputs, has that marvellous el84 punch and snap in the bass department with plenty of midrange magic and top end sparkle. I really like it, it gives little away to other valve amps at many times it's price. I'd like £220 collected from Sheffield which is an absolute bargain, demo welcome.
  13. Dipstick

    Last of the records

    Last 45 or so of my record collection, want to get rid in one lot so willing to let them go at a very reasonable £130 collected from Sheffield. All are good players, cleaned and many stored in Analogue works paper/poly inners. A real mixture, some almost new (2 or 3 plays), a few cherished by me from new many, many years ago and a few collected second-hand from various retail outlets (including charity shops and Ricks Vinyl and HiFi Emporium).
  14. Dipstick

    FS- AT OC9ml/ii

    I'm selling my AT OC9ml/ii after going all digital, I estimate 350 to 400 hours use, always used with the Vinyl Passion Dust Buster and carefully set up. I think it's the best of the three OC9s that they made and is still available for north of £350, looking for £100 collected from Sheffield, I would/Will post but currently cannot find the box. If anyone has a spare I'll gladly pay a few quid for it.
  15. Dipstick

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Thanks Henry, will it work with i2s dac connections like the dddac? I will James, might look into modifying Moode to use Raspotify if Volumio is a pain