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  1. I seem to be struggling to send pm's, if you want to come on and I'll reply with address and phone number
  2. Sorry don't get on here often, you're both welcome, I'll be sending out details by PM tomorrow
  3. Will do John, it's a bit of a trek from down there (I lived in Southsea for 14 years so know the journey well). I'd offer you an overnight stay if I had the room.
  4. How does it make a difference, they have one job and if they're well made and have the characteristics mentioned by Rabski how can they make a difference? Where is the science or are we relying on subjective improvements that the makers of these "magical" cables attach to their product?
  5. If they sound different then something is wrong, my experience is you only hear a difference if one is badly made or you've paid a lot of money and want it to be better.... Good quality copper, decent outer and good connectors, nowt else needed
  6. Food, chat and, some, music will be played. If you want to listen to LP's someone will need to bring a TT and Phono stage. Space for up to 20 (10 of which have been taken already), start around 11am finish around 7.30, my current kit consists of big speakers, valve amp and dac/streamer and a borrower cd player. Kit changing welcome. W.T.F. Rmshipbroker Darren Lee Freefallrob Octh Mickyricky Ijrussell Thickcables SCIDB Navigator Edd9000 Bandit pilot
  7. Didn't know Roon did that, will give it a try if I have the right kit to do so, do I need a Roon endpoint(?) and the current streamer or does a Roon bridge replace the streamer and let me use Tidal/spotify from Roon? Ben at if I don't have the correct setup for Roon I'll take you up on that offer.
  8. Thanks to both of you for your replies, the ddrc-24 looks like a great bit of kit but I'm concerned the Bastanis with its minimal crossover, and bottom firing horn, may not be the best type to get maximum benefit from going active. I might try to borrow a ddrc-24 or buy the microphone and give it a go using a USB dac as you suggested. With decent amplification it would be quite an expensive experiment, maybe something for the future.
  9. What is possible with the minidsp kit? Is it the case, due to to room interaction, that a cheaper amp being controlled by a minidsp box can sound better than an expensive amp being used in a passive setup? I've not heard the impact that minidsp type products can have on the SQ of a system and am trying to get a feel for what's possible. The Bastanis are a wideband 12" main driver with a horn loaded 1" compression driver in a 100 litre box. Crossover is a single capacitor in line with the tweeter (to pad the tweeter down) and a resistor across the binding posts (I assume to smooth the impedance).
  10. I'm interested in possibly making my Bastanis active, what do you think I'd need as a budget to better the current setup which using a Trilogy Vti as amplification?
  11. Yep all is good, currently have a nice Vti trilogy on loan while i buuld myself a class a FW aleph j clone and mesmerize buffer pre amp. The Vti though is maybe the best match I've heard for my speakers (and ears). The new dac is good, not up to the dddac via spdif but maybe it's match over i2s (no reclocker needed as it's onboard) and I've just built Salas shunt to power it. It's a tweaker delight with hundreds of homebrew filters to try (If I can be bothered) and it responds well to better power supplies. You're probably right about the power supplies, better version of what you have now but not different, the Sowters make a difference but the cost is over £1k when you include the extra boards. I've always had a preference for class a both SS and valve, it just sounds right and matches well with my speakers (which is a bonus), good luck with the experiments, sounds like you're on the right track.
  12. Has it made the difference you were looking for Spencer or are you still thinking of upgrading the dac?
  13. Bought in error (I didn't realise I needed the sx-n30ae to play Tidal, doh!) So I need to move it on to put toward a similar bit of kit that includes Tidal support. For the price, around £400 new, it sounds surprisingly good, decent oomph, plenty of detail and not too bright. It has Spotify and Deezer support, Tunein radio, DLNA (streaming from a nas drive etc), USB and bluetooth, digital inputs, phone stage and half a dozen line inputs. It's great for a starter setup or second system, the dac is pretty decent but no idea about the phone stage quality. Remote control plus an android and iOS app makes it perfect for sofa surfing of a music collection, spotify or internet radio, on and I forgot good old FM is an option (which sounds so good compared to internet radio, all of this can be done without moving an inch! No box but I could sort one, I'm after £200 collected from Sheffield, postage is extra and I'd want to send it fully covered so will be in the region of £20.
  14. Bit left field but how about Esi Unik 08+ a pair of active standmounts with 8" driver and ribbon tweeter. Sell the arcam and buy a passive pre and phone stage.