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  1. Rok Black

    [WTD] Integrated amplifer

    I have Ex-Display Rega Elicit-R. Let me know if that is something it would fit into your system.
  2. Rok Black

    WANTED Bookshelf speakers good with valves

    I have mint Monitor Audio RX2 if any good.
  3. Rok Black

    SALE Monitor Audio GR20 pristine in silver

    Are these still for sale?
  4. Rok Black

    WANTED cyrus

    I have a spare Cyrus 3 and newer Cyrus 8 XPD QX. I have never listened to Cyrus 2 but I can tell that Cyrus 3 is one of the best Amps Cyrus has ever produced. If you are interested in one of these, please send me a PM. Cheers
  5. Rok Black

    For Sale - Logitech Squeezebox Classic

    Thanks Andrew, but I prefer black edition which I believe is also a newer model. Thanks, Andrej
  6. Rok Black

    For Sale - Logitech Squeezebox Classic

    Hi, Dicy, I cannot message you. Do you still have one of those Classics? Please message me.
  7. Rok Black

    For Sale - Cyrus 7 Integrated Amplifier - £150

    Hello, do you (or anybody else) know how this model compares to Cyrus 3? Thanks
  8. Rok Black

    1007 be vs 1008 be

    Hello, anyone auditioned both models? How do they compare? What are the differences? Thanks Edit: talking about Focals, of course. :-)
  9. Rok Black

    For Swap / PX - B&w cm1

    Hi I have B&W CM1 in gloss black and want to swap for B&W PM1. So, if anybody wants to downgrade please let me know. Cash your way of course.
  10. Rok Black

    For Sale - Epos M5 Speakers in Cherry

    How do these compare to Epos M12.2?
  11. Rok Black

    For Sale - Cyrus 8 vs2

    You have PM.
  12. Rok Black

    For Sale - Cyrus 6 DAC for sale

    Would you be so nice and reply to my PM until the end of tomorrow. Thanks