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  1. Well I can bring my Audiovector X3 Super 'speakers, & the 401 if we need a RCA deck. As it now has a MIssion 774 'arm & Zyx R50 Bloom 3 cart it sounds rather different now.
  2. Speedracer

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    These are now sold.
  3. Speedracer

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    Well they are rather good. I think the 4 ohm thing is a bit of a red herring, my Quintet valve amp is just 15 watts per channel & drives them with ease, same with my replacement speakers, also 4 ohms but no problems at all driving them much louder than I like it.
  4. Speedracer

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    Okay mate no worries.
  5. Speedracer

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    Hi Mr neds, yes they have come up well, not perfect but not at all bad. I purposely used plasticote paint because it is easy to touch up, & I have a full can of it left that goes with the speakers in case of accidents, you don't have to mask off areas to do it either, unless it is near the drivers of course. I am sure I could get them to you one way or another, there are 1or 2 Wammers who I am sure would help if I covered their fuel costs, & if it helps, the price is £250 not £275 as quoted, I checked what I paid for them & it was less than I thought so it is only right if they are going to another Wammer. Brook.
  6. Speedracer

    Newbie Intro's

    No, I haven't. I pointed out that he lives in a place where he is not part of the mainstream community, therefore anything he does he knows he will have to make an extra effort, whereas there are many many people living in the south who have to make the trip up north (as they see it, I know it's the midlands). Events have always been tilted towards the bigger majority, but outliers always have to make the extra effort or they won't be able to to take part in anything.
  7. Speedracer

    Newbie Intro's

    You are not exactly comparing like for like there Tony are you? When you live in a place like Mull you do so on the understanding that you are cut off from mainstream normal activities. You can't just decide to go to a football match, a concert, or many other activities that are easily accessible on the mainland. Not sure the post you replied to deserved such a sarcastic response either.
  8. Speedracer

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    Thanks. I am on the south coast near Bournemouth, but depending on where you are there are options.
  9. Offered for sale are my lovely Triangle Antal mk1 speakers, which I have found difficult as they do so many things right & work perfectly in my room, seeing off a few pairs of supposedly better ones. I bought them from Non Smoking Man of this parish, & I am sure he also got them from another Wammer, so it would be nice to keep them in the family so to speak. I resprayed the cabs satin white last year, as well as replacing the grill cloth which is a smart silver gray, & I think they have a fresh modern look about them now. Specs are 91dB sensitivity, bi-wireable 4 ohms, cab size is 22cm W x 28cm D x 103cm H. They sound so much better than you would think, and work especially well with valve amps IMO. A lot of speaker for beer money. I am asking £275.00. I can demo if you are local, collection is of course welcome, or I am sure some sort of Wam Taxi could be arranged if we put our heads together.
  10. Hi Chris, unfortunately something has come up at home that needs my attention tomorrow so I will have to pull out of this. I am sorry for the inconvenience but hope you all have a great day. Brook.
  11. Speedracer

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    There have been some changes to my kit recently, starting with a Mission 774 'arm, a Zyx Bloom MC cart followed & on Tuesday a lovely pair of Audiovector X3 Super speakers. All sounding good in my humble opinion.
  12. Speedracer

    SOLD!!! . Usher Dancer Mini 2 diamond DMDs

    Here you go John. You are welcome
  13. Speedracer

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Have you bought a new camera John or just hired a photographer! I can't see them going back to Robins now you are listening to them, they are superb.
  14. Speedracer

    2018/19 Football Season

    Not a chance Bazzer. The only scenario which means him leaving the Blades is if our two owners, who are currently fighting for sole control in the courts, fail to deliver their promises to him regards budget & certain key personnel, but that would mean he walks out & not sacked.