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  1. I am offering this absolutely beautiful American Columbia record player, model number type LP Changer. It dates from 1950 & is in perfect working order including the auto change mechanism & stacker spindle. I have actually never played a record on it, it was always just a display piece for me, but I see no reason why you couldn't, the leads are in good condition although if you really wanted to use it I would change the stylus, & you would need a step down plug as it is as mentioned above American. It is in terrific shape, the main body is almost unmarked & has no chips, the arm & stacker holder do have some chips to the paintwork but overall it is in lovely condition. Unfortunately I no longer have the room to display this or my collection of valve radios, & thought this would make a lovely conversation piece for someone interested in audio equipment. I am asking £75, plus £10 for this rare piece to wammers, it cost quite a bit more when I had it imported.
  2. I have had this budget phono stage in a draw for a few months now purely as a back up in case the main one packed up, but it never has & it is just taking up space so I am offering it here. It is branded as a Nobsound, lovely name isn't it, but I have also seen exactly the same one branded as a Little Bear. I think they go on ebay for around £40, & is essentially in as new condition. I am offering it for £25 plus £5 for postage.
  3. Kit list is looking very sparse at present, can we have an up to date list of who is bring what along please? I am taking the Quintet (it is Art Audio John not Audion) for Jamie & the Line Magnetic 845, so do we want to here it as an integrated or shall I bring the LS26 along too?
  4. Speedracer

    Channel Drift

    Okay mate I thought that would be the case but no harm in asking.
  5. Speedracer

    Channel Drift

    A long shot I know but are you certain the imaging has moved? Could it possibly be down to what you are listening to, I know that when I am listening at home it is rare for things to be exactly centred, vocals especially I find can be placed almost anywhere from slightly left or right of centre to quite close to either speaker.
  6. Pretty sure I have one of these going spare Graham, if you don't mind waiting until the middle of next week I am having a batch of various ECC82 & ECC83 vintage valves tested so I can tell you exactly what they are & how they measure. Phillips Mini Watt, Tungsram, ARC, Mullard yellow print are some of them.
  7. Just a thought here but I was always under the impression that playing 50's/60's 45's on anything other than a conical or spherical cartridge would result in damage to them, does anyone know for sure if that is correct or not?
  8. As you know Jack I also have a small space in which to listen, coupled with low ceiling height, suspended wooden floors & lots of glass, as well as not being able to do much of anything in the way of room treatment. The first two years I was sort of happy with the sound, albeit with compromises, but I have done a lot of box swapping in that time, not always successfully, & I largely put that down to speakers not working in the room as I would like. The latest pair I have, as you know because you helped audition them & have heard them insitu, IMO work beautifully despite being rear ported. I think this is the key, the system now works together as a whole & doesn't feel compromised in any way. Before, trying to crank the volume up was futile as things became shouty very quickly, whereas now there are real dynamics & no sense of being strained. Saying that, I don't think you have the same problems in your space, but I totally get what Joolz says about letting it all breathe , it is a bit like having a dirty great V12 in your car & it only running on 4 cylinders, you are not getting what it is capable of. I know there is more to it in your case & you have a bigger picture in mind, but the here & now is important too.
  9. I thought Liverpool were fantastic yesterday & could have had more goals easily, when they play like that they are the best team to watch from a neutral perspective, so much power, precision & relentless attacking. Norwich play decent football & are always likely to score, but it seems like the defensive frailties they had in the Championship last year have not been addressed, if they don't do something to close the back door then it will be a short stay in the Premier League for them. My own beloved Blades are still doing well, still unbeaten away from home with a very good defensive record conceding very few goals. We are taking a more pragmatic stance this year as befitting much better opponents, & haven't got the right combination up front yet, but no team has battered us as yet & long may that continue.
  10. I have heard a very good system which uses Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento stand mounts with a subwoofer very successfully, in fact I didn't realise a sub was being used for a while, the integration was superb & the sound filled a larger than average lounge with ease.
  11. As per title, I am re-offering my Audio Zone Pre-T1 for sale as previous buyer had to back out. Due to the purchase of an integrated amplifier I am offering up my Audio Zone Pre-T1 passive pre-amp for sale. It really is a cracking bit of kit, two inputs & two outputs. & also has a 6dB lift switch. It uses top quality Stevens & Billington transformers, & is milled from a solid block of aluminium. It is quite small in size at 8.5 x 6.5 inches, & weighs a hefty 10 pounds or so. Build quality is exemplary, & condition is a solid 9 out of 10. There is a small mark on the volume knob that was there when I bought it & you can't really see it when in use, I have included a picture of it. It uses the same transformers as the Music First passive pre, has the same transparency, looks miles better & is much cheaper, go figure. If you are smart it is no contest which to choose. There are a few reviews to be found online if you need technical details, I am afraid all that passes me by, & am only interested in whether something sounds good or not. I have the original packing & it is double boxed so I am happy to post this. I am asking £595.00 plus £12 postage.
  12. Oh man I really feel for you John, that is awful luck.