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  1. Speedracer

    'Don't Skip'

    When I listen alone at home I always play an LP from start to finish, always have & always will. I have noticed that single tracks are often selected at bake-offs though I suspect that is to do with the fact that 90% of the audience might not know or like the artist playing, & of course when assembling bits of kit together you are also listening to how an amp/speaker/whatever changes the music, especially if you are considering buying said piece of kit.
  2. That is really interesting Jack, I know you really rate the Ayre (& so you should it is very good), so for this Iota to be seducing you so soon augers well for the product. I would have liked to hear it in your system before we go to Joozs' to get a better handle on it but as you know my recent incapacity has meant I have not been able to get out & about as I would have liked. Dave will be pleased you have knocked 10 years off his age by the way! Balanced equipment has never been a priority of mine, but you have clearly demonstrated that in a fully balanced system there are more benefits than just a secure termination, & for people who have had a passing interest in balanced equipment it must surely be an avenue to explore?
  3. David, I have just acquired a new amp & in one of the reviews I read it used the 16 ohm speaker taps to connect a pair of LS3/5a's, & the reviewer said it was the best he had ever heard those speakers sound, so I would be happy to bring it along if you would like to hear it?
  4. I would love to have a room suitable for these, they are very appealing I have to say, GLWTS.
  5. I think I just might be able to carry them & fit them in the car John!
  6. Your post is very dismissive of the way Sheffield United played against Liverpool in my opinion. Yes you wasted two or three good opportunities to score but then again so did The Blades, who throughout the 90 minutes actually had more clear cut chances, including a virtual tap in from 5 yards right at the end. Liverpool's front three are the envy of the football world, quite rightly they are fantastic players with great fluidity, & in contrast United's forwards are still trying to fit in with what is for them a new system & together cost a fraction of the cost of just one of Liverpool's forwards, but on the day they were equally wasteful. It is interesting to note that Liverpool's first shot on target was in the 71st minute, their worst statistic in a game since March. Conversely, Sheffield United have now gone well over 400 days since they lost by more than one goal in a game, they know how to restrict teams to fewer chances they they would normally create. Liverpool are a great team, were unlucky not to be Champions last year & I hope they manage to go one better this time, to me they play more exciting football that Citeh, but lets not dismiss the significant part The Blades played in the game, it was a very close encounter & a draw would have probably been a fair result; equally a 1-0 win to either side would not have been a massive injustice, but a game is rarely about just one team.
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys. Item now sold STP.
  8. Well you know what I have John, happy to bring anything other than speakers, unless we get a new motor by then which means I could then bring them along.
  9. Due to the purchase of an integrated amplifier I am offering up my AudioZone Pre-T1 passive pre-amp for sale. It really is a cracking bit of kit, two inputs & two outputs. & also has a 6dB lift switch. It uses top quality Stevens & Billington transformers, & is milled from a solid block of aluminium. It is quite small in size at 8.5 x 6.5 inches, & weighs a hefty 10 pounds or so. Build quality is exemplary, & condition is a solid 9 out of 10. There is a small mark on the volume knob that was there when I bought it & you can't really see it when in use, I have included a picture of it. There are a few reviews to be found online if you need technical details, I am afraid all that passes me by, & am only interested in whether something sounds good or not. I have the original packing & it is double boxed so I am happy to post this. I am asking £600 plus £12 postage.
  10. I absolutely love Capri's & have had quite a few in my time, first being a Sebring Red mki with black vinyl roof 1.6 GTXLR, then a succession of mainly 3.0 litres with modified engines & suspension mods. A lot is said about the poor handling & although true for the most part if you can't drive one on the road without it pointing the wrong way you are just not a good driver. Last one I had was a 2.8 Special with a Janspeed turbo conversion with serious suspension mods, exhaust & ECU. Good enough for 230BHP & to keep a lot of exotic stuff behind you. The back axle had a sort of A frame bolted on (a lot more sophisticated than that sounds) which totally eliminated axle tramp & meant you could do extravagant power slides, looked great but not so good for track times!
  11. Sorry I was a bit tardy here, but the Quintet is now sold.
  12. Hi Jamie, I remember the bake off in question, Bowie sounded particularly moving that day. You know when you have to let go of something you treasure, & you want to vet potential buyers to make sure they will carry on the love? Well, I couldn't think of a more suited person to be it's next custodian. Brook.
  13. For sale is my beautiful, fantastic sounding Art Audio Quintet valve power amp. As you can see from the pictures it is the full chrome version, quite literally the only bad point of this amp is that it is so shiny it is really difficult to take good photographs, but I have done my best. From the factory this could be run in pentode push pull mode or triode single ended, & this particular amp was modded so it can now operates solely in triode single ended mode, rated at 15 watts per channel. This amp of course runs in class A. It has been quite extensively modified by Kevin Scott of Definitive Audio, adding a decent amount of cash to the original purchase price of this amp, around £4k. Tom, the owner of Art Audio, serviced this amp a few years ago & commented that it was performing as it should & was pretty maxed out in terms of performance. I do believe that this amp has been owned & loved by 1 or 2 members of this parish in the past, & might possibly know more about it than I do. It has been such a joy to own, the sound is light years away from the misconception that valve amps are warm & cuddly, easily drives my 90dB speakers beyond what I am comfortable listening to. Bass is strong & well defined, the highs are sweet & the midrange is just divine, with a huge soundstage, you can feel the air & space in recordings. I use Sovtek EL34 valves along with a pair of ECC83 PS Vane valves & a pair of ECC82 PS Vane valves of input & output. I have tried NOS exotic valves, eg Mullard, Telefunken, RCA & Brimar, & they do make a subtle difference, but I prefer the PS Vanes. The amp will come with a spare set of EL34's, as well as the current set, & I will include a spare pair each of the 83's & 82's if I can find some good ones. I will not post this amp, I do not have the original box & it is far too heavy to trust to a courier, so I am happy to deliver within say 100 miles of BH22 9BW, or further for a contribution to my fuel costs. Collection is much preferred however. I travelled to Wales to buy it & I doubt anyone interested in this would be put off by having to collect it. I am asking £950 for this amp, which considering it's quality is a bargain.
  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, but there is a guy on ebay das.plinth, in Hungary I think, who makes really nice ones from layered birch ply. This is my 401 plinth from him & whether it is your thing or not the workmanship is very very good, & it cost me just under £500 delivered & comes with 3 arm boards.