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  1. Tim, I am currently using a Zyx R50 Bloom & I can't speak highly enough of it. Most reviews (not that I take much notice of them) sing it's praises with some saying it is the best MC cart you can buy for a grand or less. It does everything well, detailed without being harsh, strong bass performance & is easy to listen to long term, pretty sure I will get another or have this re-tipped when it is time.
  2. Yes it is, not actively been trying to sell over the Christmas period so thanks for reminding me to do something about it! Please get in touch if you want any further information. Brook.
  3. I remember when the ad went up for these, I gazed longingly at the pictures trying to imagine the sound, but knowing full well I couldn't accommodate them. Shame they are not in your place in the Midlands Nigel, I would have loved to hear them.
  4. Despite having several goes trying to like CD replay I just can't get on with it so I am vinyl only & will be until I can't physically use a turntable any more. As regards streaming & the rest of the digital suspects I can't be arsed to be honest, too long in the tooth it just leaves me cold. I think a lot of it is to do with having a heavy emotional investment in terms of how I have always listened to music, for example when Bowie released Diamond Dogs. I had just made a new mate at art college & my gran & grandad had a holiday booked at (don't laugh) Butlins in Clacton, because my sister was really into ballroom dancing & they were holding a competition there; at the last minute she had to pull out so I was asked if I wanted to go if I could take a pal. So of course a free holiday was seen as a laugh so I said yes. Anyway, the album was released while we were there so went into the town to get a copy each & then went into the camp discotheque & badgered the DJ to play it for us, which he did, very loud in the middle of the day. The room was huge, & because it was empty it sounded slightly echo-ey, which totally suited the mood of the music. I can still remember it now, exactly as it was, some 45 years later. CD just cannot compete with that for me.
  5. I have quite a few "disco" 12 inches John, & certainly some of the ones you mention, I can bring a few over one day if you fancy putting your dancin' shoes back on? Crown Heights Affair's You Give Me Love is a massive favourite of mine, as is The Whispers' It's a Love Thing, & the live version of Gary's Gang Keep On Dancin' is brill.
  6. I have always played 12 inch singles throughout my system owning years, no doubt helped by the fact I was a DJ for a few years, & I agree SQ is largely brilliant. I also have Brubeck's Take 5 lp on 4 single sided 45rpm records, it sounds amazing.
  7. Hi kernow, I will take these please, can you let me know how you want payment? Brook.
  8. Thanks for the comment above bencat, the next two games are a real test for us, let's see how we approach it starting this evening. I am no lover of Norwich City, but I really felt for them last night, they were the subject of probably the worse VAR intervention so far with the ridiculous offside on Pukki for what would have been their second goal. There are so many flaws with the system employed to rule on these decisions I don't know where to start; the technology isn't sophisticated enough to determine the correct outcome for one thing, they are giving these offside's saying the forwards armpit is offside yet I guarantee if an armpit scored a goal it would be disallowed for handball. They are simply making up stories to fit their agenda.
  9. Thanks for that Keith. I did know it is Angus, I was talking to my mate just before I posted & his name is Andrew, getting confused in my old age! Anyhow, this is now sold, thanks for all the interest.
  10. Well, another away fixture safely negotiated by the Blades, coming back from Brighton with all 3 points in a game we controlled from start to finish. Sheffield United have now been unbeaten in 18 consecutive games stretching back to January since losing 1-0 to Swansea in the Championship, & the current run of 9 away games unbeaten is a Premier League record. We now have a run of 3 fixtures that will really test our mettle with a home game v a rejuvenated Watford & then 2 away games, at Manchester City & Liverpool. Despite being pre season favourites to be relegated we sit 5th in the table, the worlds oldest team called United sit on top of a 4 team table of the other United's, Manchester, Newcastle, & West Ham. Please excuse a bit of chest puffing here, but we are doing so well I just can't help it.
  11. As per title I am offering for sale my Phonomac modded Denon HA500 head amp. I had a standaed one which itself was very very good, & the mods on this take it to the level of the HA1000, certainly it is demonstrably than a standard one. This is what Andrew (Phonomac) says about his mods. "The large green electrolytics around the front end are Nichicon Muse ES bi-polar caps, and the values of the input and stage coupling caps have been increased to HA-1000 standard or better. Denon used ordinary electrolytics for these, since good bi-polars weren’t available at the time. However ordinary electrolytics will be subjected to small reverse voltages – not good for distortion. The green and red box capacitors are polypropylene film caps replacing mylar, and the yellow box caps are polycarbonate (ignore 100nH marking, the H is a manufacturer’s mark – it is in fact 100nF in value). The black and gold caps in the power supply section are Panasonic FM, the best cap for power filtering/smoothing within their voltage range." I have been using it into the MM input of my Aurorasound Vida, & it is better than just using the Vida's MC inputs, but I need to cut down my box count & simplify my system so am prepared to accept the trade off. It is in superb condition, the face plate barely has a mark on it as you can see from the pictures. I would love it to go to a fellow Wammer so I am posting here before I advertise it elsewhere. I would like £350 for this, plus £10 postage if needed.
  12. Bump for this excellent shiny disc spinner for relative peanuts.
  13. As per title, despite having a few goes at it I still can't get into playing CD's so offering this for sale. I think it was marketed as a DVD player that also played SACD's & CD's. In perfect working order & is in decent condition overall, has some light marks on the top & one or two nibbles around the edges but they are not really noticeable for the most part. I think these were around £800 when new, I am asking £50 for this one. It has a captive lead & doesn't have a remote, but all functions can be operated via the front panel I believe. I would imagine postage would be around £10 if wam taxi's can't be sorted.
  14. Good post Richard, I concur with that absolutely. I have recently changed my pre, which is now a Audio Research LS26, & have been using the Vida straight into it with no SUT & found it quite magical actually with no need whatsoever for a SUT. However, before deciding whether to sell my Phonomac modded HA500 I thought I may as well see what it sounded like in the system. Robin came along & really it was just a pleasant listening session with no attempt at level matching or making notes, however it became obvious to both of that there was indeed an improvement to our ears, not massive but enough to persuade us to plan a more scientific approach with proper level matching & a switch box so we can instantly switch from one to the other, & also invite another pair of ears, sadly I don't have room for more bodies but 3 is better than 2 I think. I will report on our findings when it happens.
  15. I am offering this absolutely beautiful American Columbia record player, model number type LP Changer. It dates from 1950 & is in perfect working order including the auto change mechanism & stacker spindle. I have actually never played a record on it, it was always just a display piece for me, but I see no reason why you couldn't, the leads are in good condition although if you really wanted to use it I would change the stylus, & you would need a step down plug as it is as mentioned above American. It is in terrific shape, the main body is almost unmarked & has no chips, the arm & stacker holder do have some chips to the paintwork but overall it is in lovely condition. Unfortunately I no longer have the room to display this or my collection of valve radios, & thought this would make a lovely conversation piece for someone interested in audio equipment. I am asking £75, plus £10 for this rare piece to wammers, it cost quite a bit more when I had it imported.