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  1. As per title I have a Martha's Dad SUT, using Partridge 977 transformers, for sale. I believe the winding ratio is 6:1. I have used it with various MC carts from a AT33 PTG, a Goldring Eroica & a Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II, all with very good results indeed, but I have just bought a cartridge with a piddly output of 0.12 mV & I need more than this SUT can provide for this. They have been put in a robust industrial looking hammerrited case. I am asking £180 plus £7.0 post & packing.
  2. Speedracer

    Buying a Turntable

    If you are happy with your current TT then I am not sure why you say you should change it Bazzer. If it is good enough to show improvements by upgrading your tonearm, cartridge or phono stage then changes there would probably reap greater rewards I would have thought.
  3. Hi all, As above really, maybe a long shot but if anyone has an old Rogers MCP 100 battery powered head amp I would love to buy one.
  4. Top wamming DougK, I love this place for the helpfulness of its members.
  5. Speedracer

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    Jack, does the Equine Flu mean that horses based on the mainland are not allowed to go over to Ireland to compete?
  6. Speedracer

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Just acquired this cartridge, a Highphonic MC R5 with ruby cantilever & line contact stylus. Mind you I can't listen to it yet, output is a miserly 0.12 mV & my 6:1 Partridge SUT is not a good match to say the least, so if someone has a 20:1 SUT or a head amp I could try with a view to purchase then I am open to offers!
  7. Speedracer

    Turntable night

    As I understand it the natural colour of vinyl is clear/opaque, so even black records are "coloured". I do have quite a few LP's with different coloured vinyl & most of them are no more noisy that the black stuff.
  8. As if by magic..................................................................................................................................... A few pictures of kit in the Playroom.
  9. As said above another big thank you to John for hosting this bake off/event. Great to see faces old & new & hear some truly great kit, too much to mention really but I must say both pairs of Sonus Fabers were stunning to look at & had sound to match, & I thought Robins SP10/Encounter/Ortofon Rohmann was superb all day. As is becoming regular John's own system took another step forward, more subtle this time with a modest outlay but I thought it was the most balanced & enjoyable I have ever heard it. One thing John, if it gets any bigger you may have to put up a marquee in the garden in place of the greenhouse!
  10. Speedracer

    Horse Racing

    Please keep going with this Jack, although not a betting man as you know I do read your racing posts & I am sure many others do too.
  11. Speedracer

    Phono Stage to Passive Pre?

    It does look similar Phil yes, mine has Stevens & Billington transformers, is that what the Stereo Knight has?
  12. Speedracer

    Phono Stage to Passive Pre?

    Yes I have recently added a Audiozone Pre-T1 passive with a Welborne Labs Compleat phono stage & a Partridge SUT. Works beautifully, has two gain settings (high & low) so get more than enough volume. My initial worry was losing the drive & dynamics provided by my previous powered pre, but the reality is I have more of those qualities now, not less, so I am very happy with it.
  13. My Quintet is only 15w per channel & my 91dB Triangle Antals sound bloody lovely on the end of it, trouble is I can't get them in the car! Well I say car, it is more like a skateboard really!