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  1. Speedracer

    Wanted - A valve Power Amplifier

    Yes I am reading this Jake, but sorry I doubt I will ever sell the Quintet, & the Audiozone pre T-1 makes a perfect partner for it so I currently have the best sound I ever have had. Don't know if you realise but I had Ian's Triode for a while, probably the best looking amp I have ever seen in the flesh, but sound wise I think the Quintet is better, plus it doesn't break your back every time you move it, the transformers are massive, over 40kgs all in. Be interesting to know what you end up with, good luck mate.
  2. Speedracer

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    An idiot mate of mine refuses to watch Game of Thrones because he is a Sheffield Weds fan & Sean Bean is in it! The best series ever made in my opinion & he lets stupidity rule his life, & the best bit is Bean is only in the first series.
  3. Speedracer

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Looking back over the year I have made quite a few changes, despite being pretty happy with my system overall & initially thinking all it needed was some minor tweaks. This time last year I had a turntable made for me to my design, & while on the whole I was very happy with the sound & the looks, it was beset by speed stability problems that in the end drove me to distraction. It is now in the garage under a sheet waiting for me to be bothered to get it fettled properly, which I will do as ultimately I believe once the speed stability is sorted it is a good TT. But, I got frustrated with it so allowed myself to be seduced by a Garrard 401, despite the fact I didn't particularly like the way they look, & partnered it with a Jelco SA750D 'arm, & straight away I felt more trusting of it & quickly forgot what it was like listening for speed changes. Bass in particular improved too. Other changes were more recent, I have always had more than a passing interest with passive pre's & TVC's, & I came across one that not only looked the biz but produced a proper "wow moment" as soon as it was inserted into the system, a Audiozone T1 passive pre. I had heard the reputation that they could rob a system of drive & dynamics, but in my system it works a dream & I now have bags of drive & dynamics, now I can really hear what the Art Audio Quintet is doing in all it's glory, & suddenly my system had taken a real leap in quality, to my ears at least & that is all that matters really. One more recent change too, I recently picked up a pair of Auralex subdudes for Jack on my travels, & had a chance to give them a whirl at home before he collected them. I have a suspended wooden floor unfortunately & it does muck up the lower frequencies to say the least, but these platforms totally transformed the bottom end sound of my speakers, bass notes were now much clearer, more tuneful, & deeper too. I had to have a pair, but unfortunately I can't find anyone who makes they small enough for the space I have to fit them in, & I didn't fancy butchering a pair either. so I made my own. Really easy to do too, I cut the size I needed from some composite board I had in the garage, bought some acoustic foam from the 'bay & a nice piece of cloth to cover them in & that was that, done. I would say they sound about 90% as good as the Auralex for a total cost of about £15. I am pretty sure that the 10% loss is because mine are a lot smaller than the subdudes from necessity, & would be at 100% the same if I could replicate the same size, but nevertheless I am very happy with them, & the sound I now have compared to this time last year.
  4. I heard Jack's Cary's for the first time yesterday, the South Coast posse are in for a treat, no jumpers required either guys, they do kick out a little heat!
  5. Speedracer

    2019 £1000 Turntable Challenge

    Better Nigel?
  6. Speedracer

    Experience of hospital

    I have to say I have had far too many experiences of hospitals but whatever the situation they were absolutely brilliant with me & I couldn't fault them. Putting my health issues aside I was once travelling to London with a mate to see Gary Numan & started having palpitations, we were around junction 15 M1 so we went to Northampton hospital, I walked up to the desk & explained my problem & straight away a wheelchair was brought to me & I was whisked for an immediate ECG. As it happens it wasn't a major problem, but they all acted as if I was in a serious situation & I simply couldn't have been treated any better. That is true of all the times I have needed them, in hospitals around the country, & obviously I have been very lucky, but I don't have a bad word to say about any of them.
  7. Speedracer

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    Me either, same goes for the Star Wars films, never bothered watching them, which is strange as I normally love science fiction books & films. Speaking of which, anyone remember Larry Niven's stupendous Ringworld novels? Would love to see a version of that.
  8. Speedracer

    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    For me the Professionals was more fun, Bodie & Doyle had the better cars & more witty throw away lines. It was played tongue in cheek of course, & I always thought the Sweeney was a little more gritty & believable, but I enjoyed the Professionals more simple as that.
  9. Speedracer

    Consonance Basie preamp for sale.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but I am withdrawing this pre from sale for the moment, can a mod do what is necessary with this ad please?
  10. Speedracer

    Consonance Basie preamp for sale.

    Hi Julian, I haven't really had the time to listen to it much yet to be honest, but the bass seems tighter, leading edge is crisper but against that the Basie is more forgiving of some recordings. I would say fed with a good recording it is better, drum thwacks are more convincing for example, but the Basie is an easier listen over a range of different genres. Given the cost difference the Basie does very well indeed.
  11. This one pal, not my picture but is exactly the same. Audiozone T1 pre.
  12. Speedracer

    Consonance Basie preamp for sale.

    Is no-one interested in this super pre? I need to pay an electrician for some urgent work so now offered for £350.