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  1. One for sale here
  2. Nice one guys, dbpoweramp is free for 21 days so I'll give it a try tonight
  3. Thanks for advice guys, I'm just looking to rip an exact copy to hard drive to stream via SBT, dbpower is free for 21 days for the full version then you can buy or use the more basic version for free after trial period, is the cost a one off or yearly charge? I think the issue of taking hours to rip via itunes is due to the CD drive on my laptop being on the way out, will probably have to buy an external cd drive
  4. Hi I'm using a mates SBT for the 1st time and enjoying having his extensive music collection to my finger tips on an external hard drive, I'm surprised at the audio quality compared to the rega planet I was using as a transport into my dac. I'm looking to rip my music collection to the hard drive lossless using AIFF or WAV, I had a go with ITunes yesterday but had some problems with it taking a very long time to rip and also some of the songs were in FLAC and some in AIFF even thou all the setting were correct, I was thinking of using dBpoweramp to rip. I'm looking for any recommendations for the best program to use that is free? thanks
  5. Hi, I use a pair of Beyerdynamic T51P headphones for watching TV, the right side stopped working tonight, if I waggle the cable it cuts back in for a second, I've opened them up and cant see a lose wire but I have no experience with these things or with electronics, can't get them back together again now, nooooooooo right before Christmas, can anyone recommend someone to do a repair/check them out. I bought them second hand from a forum member 12 months ago so don't have a warranty Thanks
  6. evolution is proven, have you heard of something called DNA and genetics...
  7. PM'd, you have to also be a lover of Oatcakes....
  8. Hi Steve I've tried to PM you with regards to the stand but you're not accepting messages, think your in box is full dude, give me a PM when clear
  9. I use the Epos ES11 stands under my Kef Ref, best stands I've ever owned, they just don't make um like this any more, billy bargain for someone GLWTS Paul...
  10. I'm operating from a position of the latest scientific understanding, there is no such thing as an objective existence, even the term contradicts itself
  11. Locus of music is definitely in your brain, there is no such thing as sound, it doesn't exist, sound waves in of themselves don't make any sound whatsoever, it's your ear and brain interpreting these fluctuations in air and then creating the impression of sounds from these signals. The old question does a tree make a sound if there is no one there to hear? well the answer is no... Science is now stating that there is no such thing as colour, it's the brain again creating reality.
  12. luvpies

    Nice Crosley

    funniest ebay description I've seen.... very honest...
  13. Nice one Greybeard, look forward to seeing your build dude See link for a great blog of Kef speaker history