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  1. Sotosound

    A mystery

    Me too. I popped two of them on stands and they kind of just sat there. No sound came out of them at all.
  2. I don’t like discussing current affairs. Time to listen to some AC/DC.
  3. Back in my student days, the main joint decisions amongst my fellow students on D floor were “Shall we have a smoke?” and “Dark Side Of The Moon?” Occasionally they also spoke to my friend Jack.
  4. What does your girlfriend think would look good? Does she not really want speakers in the room, or does she think that there's a colour mismatch or incorrect proportions or what? It would be interesting, therefore, to hear about what she visualises and what she would like to see. I personally think that Response 1SCs are very small speakers and that they look dwarfed by big stands and, as per my previous post, a big floorstander would look more elegant. Having said that, there appear to be a lot of people who really love their Response 1SC speakers and wouldn't part with them for the world. Is this you, and does your girlfriend also appreciate how they sound?
  5. That sounds too much like "No Deal." I'm sure that a deal can be done.
  6. I'm imagining an illusion whereby the Proacs appear to be floating in the air with no visible means of support. Love it!
  7. To widen the conversation slightly, how does your girlfriend feel about floorstanders? To my wife and myself they look more like pieces of furniture, with a tall elegance that standmounts can't quite match. Plus, they do bass really well and can, in many instances, also image really well. Additionally, what colour are your speakers? In our household, they have to be black to complement the black 46" plasma TV that sits between them. Teak veneer or beech or white, for instance, don't get a look in. For me, this is fine since most speakers can be purchased in black. I suppose that I'm suggesting that instead of worrying about stands, perhaps you ought to consider changing your speakers for some that both sound better and have more WAF. (A win-win.) For the last 20 years or so, my wife has been a co-conspirator in choosing speakers, and this has worked well for us. We both audition them and we both think about how they'll look. Our first purchase was a pair of black B&W DM602 standmounts with yellow drivers. I loved how they sounded (and their price given that I had limited funds), and she liked how they sounded and how they looked when sat either side of our black Sony 26" TV. It's also like buying a new car. If you buy the right one then parting with the old one is much less of a wrench. My Kef Coda IIIs were therefore quickly forgotten after the DM602s arrived. Would you be prepared to change speakers if this helped, and would your girlfriend be prepared to contribute a pair of auditioning ears and some funds if the result looked better to her? Just a random thought.....
  8. Bolleaux? Don’t you mean gateaux, pronounced ‘gattocks’?
  9. That's a power amp with a volume control whereas the OP requires a preamp stage as well with a minimum of three separate inputs. It does look dinky, however.
  10. If you're able to find a different place to put the amp then you could get a full-size amp, in which case there's quite a variety of nice-looking black integrated amps available on ebay for £60 or less. If not, then height as well as width is going to be a real problem since every amplifier needs some room above it to allow for ventilation. That rules out even TEAC products. If you can compromise on height but not on width then my own experience is that TEAC products are really great, but you'd need to double your budget. I have a TEAC AG-H380DAB receiver and it's great. There's plenty of power under the bonnet and the sound quality is fabulous. Funnily enough, there's a TEAC AG-H380DAB in black on ebay right now. So why not take a peek? If it's in good order then it's good value from my perspective. I would also double-check, however, whether or not the LCD display is OK. There's also a non-receiver version on ebay, but it looks a bit battered, despite the product description. The link is too long to include here, but it's described as a sponsored item. It's a shame that the H300 tends to come in silver, because that's a fabulous piece of kit as well. (My son has one which I acquired for him back in January.) Last December, I also acquired a TEAC CR-H700DAB all-in-one unit for my sister-in-law and that is absolutely wonderful. This is slightly wider and deeper but not full width. There's also a TEAC NP-H750 integrated amp on ebay, but it appears to have had a hard life and the asking price is way too high given that it's battered and is missing its remote. Finally on the TEAC front, there's a complete H380 system on ebay, and it might be worth asking whether or not the seller would split it up and sell the amp to you for an agreed price. On the very small front, you might want to consider a Project Stereo Box. This is very, very small and it'll also blow your budget three times over, but your 731i speakers are probably efficient enough with 89dB sensitivity to be driven by one of these and it will fit where you want it to go. In the end, however, I suspect that something will have to give.
  11. I've just come back from a visit to my son's house, where we played around with speakers. He has a TEAC system mounted on storage unit backing onto a wall, and connected to TEAC bookshelf speakers that have a clearly noticeable upper-bass hump and that are slightly sucked out in the mid-range. I brought with me a pair of Q Acoustics 2010is and also a pair of 2020is. In short, neither speaker suffered with placement near the wall. The 2020is were the best of the bunch and, IMO, the 2010is were second best. My guess is that the 3010s will show the same qualities of musicality and refinement as my two sets of speakers and will similarly be OK backed onto a wall.
  12. Many thanks to you guys for this. I was more worried about something resting on the controls if the Node 2i were in a stack since I already know that I can control the device from my office PC, laptop, phone and iPad. (Perhaps the Node 3 will include a thought control option.) Thinking on, the Vault and Node really look like standalone items, being quite narrow, short and lightweight in construction. My Vault 2 has a dedicated shelf on the main hifi stand, but my second system and speakers all stand on top of a small cupboard. The only place where the Node 2i could possibly go would therefore be on its side between the Teac stack and a speaker. Does anyone have a Node stood on its side?