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  1. Just checking... who is this reply addressing? Myself (Sotosound) or Ian?
  2. Most current politicians spend their time saying just how awful their opponents are. They also say how bad the world is and how it was created by their opponents. Not sure that most of us are so horrible and negative. Yes, there are bad things going on, but there’s more good stuff than bad, else we’d all be dead by now. The news media, however, focuses on the negative, which skews our view. I’d rather that we Wammers ran things. There’s a lot of honesty on this forum. The truth might not always be nice, but it’s what we have to deal with in the end. And that’s a lesson that we’ve all learned the hard way when choosing new kit. Also, this forum is full of the joy of people who are enjoying good quality hifi. As a consequence, we’ll never get into national news. We’re too relentlessly positive and, instead of slagging each other off, we help each other. Hmmm! Just read the post above. A bit negative and political. Please can we stick with hi fi before we all fall out?
  3. Then it’ll never have a successful career in politics. Openness and honesty don’t mix with 21st century politics.
  4. My modified Micro 25 (mono switch, single motorised volume control with remote, balance control) and modified Series 7 (90W/ channel) were shipped to Glenn yesterday for some component upgrades. I like the sound and presentation of the base (not Basic) amps but want them to be the best that they can be. Looking forward to their return. Meanwhile I’m getting to know my Arcam Delta 290 integrated again. Lots of dynamics at higher volumes but dull-ish at lower volumes. Also loads of distortion compared to the Croft. Wondering what the 290 would be like with same circuit design but better quality components. It’s a nice amp until compared with Croft. Glad that you’re enjoying your enhanced kit.
  5. An issue for me is that it’s swung a bit the other way such that you’re more likely to become an announcer these days if you pronounce “th” like an f or v. There are already two generations like this, and if they say “I’m free.” it’s hard to decide whether they’re telling you their age or saying that they’ve just escaped from prison. Mighty For, Vur God of Funder anyone?
  6. Many thanks to Tuga for sharing this. Lovely! I found it interesting that much of the terminology hasn't changed. Words like "linear" are still in use today. Obviously, much of the technology has changed but, as yet, the true sources (mainly musicians and instruments) and the true transducers (microphones, speakers, ears and brain) currently remain analogue. (Will we one day end up with DAC implants in our brains to bring the source into our heads and remove the whole noise and room acoustics issues? Now that would b*gger up the hi fi industry!) And there's still a debate to be had as to the exact nature of an audiophile. Music or technology or both? Also, the BBC hasn't changed. It's still capable of a slightly patronising sneer at its audience. I was once interviewed for a job by the legendary BBC producer Angela Bond, who had one of her acolytes sat with her and looking on. Angela Bond told me that the purpose of the BBC was to educate as well as entertain. An admirable aim in some ways, but in order to feel as though one is educating, one must also feel that the audience is lacking in education. And perhaps this explains why the BBC is as it is. It actually has things the wrong way round. For instance, the BBC always sneered at the original series of Star Trek, which was a programme that I loved. In retrospect, however, Star Trek moved the world on but the BBC's attitude certainly didn't.
  7. Sheesh! That would b*gger my lounge up, then. Our TV sits between the Red 150s with its screen at a similar distance from the wall as the front baffles. When Russell Kauffman visited, he advised me to remove some figurines from the tops of the speakers because the cabinets are "live" and the figurines would affect the sound, which they did. He didn't say "Dump the TV." however.
  8. My Russell K speakers have an associated set-up guide, and it works well for me. What do PMC say?
  9. When I was auditioning DACs, I tried a Rega DAC R and an Audio Note DAC 0.1x, which cost around twice the price of the Rega. Each DAC had very much its own distinct sound, but I preferred the more emotive and communicative Audio Note DAC over the Rega. I found the Rega to be harsh sounding in comparison. After this, I then had to choose the right coaxial digital interconnect, and found that not all of these sound the same either. Again, I tried two and purchased the one that cost twice as much as the other. The more expensive interconnect had a better and fuller mid-range and communicated far more emotion. YMMV.
  10. My Rotel RCD965 BX LE Discrete, which I purchased in 1995, lasted for 20 years or so before it started to have problems reading discs. Any other Rotel owners out there with similar stories about durability?
  11. Oo-er. Perhaps this is why Audio T in Oxford stocked it in the first place.
  12. Not possible in my living room, I'm afraid, but many thanks for the suggestion.
  13. I think that this is about US singles made from styrene. My own experience with styrene singles is that they seem to survive any decent stereo cartridge and stylus but don't survive cartridges such as the ACOS GP91 that I had on my first disco console back in the 70s. Regarding vinyl, I've never had an issue unless cueing up a single backwards using an ACOS GP91 or similar.