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  1. incognito73

    Ken Kreisel DXD-808 subwoofer

    Slight nudge. Might take reasonable offers...
  2. incognito73

    HDPlex 200W Linear PSU

    Well, that's a thing. This version is ideal as LPSU hub with the tendency to clear out any PSU clusters in place one may have. Let alone the fact that with 10A on each 12V/19V rail one could power up some rather nice PCs, media servers, streamers etc this is an extremely versatile unit with all adjustments in place. USB-C port will give you additional 5V for free! you could either charge or power up your phone/tablet or use it for other 5V duties. Great LPSU and rarely available on the used market. I thought that I have another unit at my storage space, but it must be that I sold it some time ago (had two of them!). At the moment, I just need decent 5V feed (nicely supported by iFi Micro IUSB3) so HDPLEX was not used much during the last few months especially as my secondary system was dismounted. That being said, I will probably return to it at some point as I don't see anything else on the market remotely close to its feature set especially rendered at price point and overall vfm. It's in Dave's hands now. Sorry mate! I wish that I had another one for you ...
  3. incognito73

    HDPlex 200W Linear PSU

    Hi Dan, long time no see Hope things are well there! ... ps might have another LPSU, have to check my storage space today. Not sure what was the background swap story with Dave lol
  4. incognito73

    HDPlex 200W Linear PSU

    I have on offer excellent HDPLEX 200W Linear PSU. This particular version is with 2x5V/5V-19.5V/12V/19V power rails (output) with adjustable 5V-19.5V voltage via external pot. Also, 19V output can be adjusted 15V-19V via the internal pot. It’s in immaculate, as new, condition with original packaging box with all cable accessories and still within the warranty. This is probably best valued linear PSU around with exemplary spec and performance. You can power up, in parallel, high current devices (like HTPC, Mini PC, Streamers etc) with low current DAC devices or 5V USB converters. Maybe the most appropriate term is Linear PSU hub for all devices you may stack up, and that’s ultimate design advantage of HDPlex linear PSU. It's also worth noting that adjustable voltage is future proof for any device you may have in the future, so quite sure long-term investment for someone. This particular version was customised with the white front led and a new type of external adjustor, as suggested by HDPlex as the previous version was not particularly reliable. PS Weather conditions for taking photos were not overly good, so I apologise for slightly darker photos than usual. £290 + shipping fees SOLD
  5. Excellent DAC with the really extensive feature set. It's ideal as the main hub for your multimedia and TV as HDMI ARC is supported. Effectively, DAC is capable to capture HDMI output from your source and capture the audio stream only with HDMI (video) out forwarding to your TV set. That way, you could easily route HDMI audio from your source. It's a really great feature not commonly supported. Apart from HDMI support 2x analogue (front 3.5mm and rear RCA ports), optical, coaxial and USB inputs are supported. Also, DAC features balanced and single-ended outputs together with digital output (passthrough). Really great connectivity on offer. You will be hard-pressed to find any device with a similar feature set and sound quality at this price point. This was taken out of the original box for picture taking, but otherwise as new condition. There is still a screen protector in place and device packaging itself includes all original accessories intact. £215 with free UK shipping
  6. Excellent, almost reference quality subwoofer from well respected Ken Kreisel. I was highly impressed how this sub excels with music material but it's equally good for home theatre duties (and movies soundtracks in general). Here is the relevant review and I would agree to most of the aspects mentioned there: My 2.1 system (as part of the secondary system) is not in use any more. Hence this is now surplus and available for sale. It was very well taken care of with original accessories and original packing. As this is a heavy item! I would prefer local collection (London TW8 area) from my storage space. Might review shipping options if anyone is seriously keen to have this. £860
  7. incognito73

    Dual Mono Hypex NC500 Power Amp

  8. incognito73

    NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Amplifier

    Exemplary amplifier form NuPrime. This was imported from US as it was very difficult to source NuPrime audio components without the official UK distributor presence (to this date) It is roughly 1 years old in perfect condition with original accessories (including Bluetooth dongle) and packing. £650
  9. incognito73

    Dual Mono Hypex NC500 Power Amp

    Custom built Hypex NC500 power amplifier to the highest standards. It's dual mono edition with single NC500 and SMPS1200 per channel encapsulated in single enclosure. High quality signal and speaker interconnects throughout with careful placement and routing with ferrite cores at the relevant power input sections. Please note that all crucial wire end-points (signal and speaker namely) are directly soldered (with Cardas quad eutetic) to the connectors (speaker binds, Neutrik XLR, NC500 Molex signal input and speaker output spades). It was a bit tedious job but, simply put, I'm not huge crimping fan! as featured on majority of other NC500 builds. As significant feature, NC500s are using Class A input buffer board (Rev C) from Nord Acoustics with pre-installed Sparkos Labs SS3602 OpAmps. I will also include extra pair of Sonic Imagery 994 OpAmps for free! (£160 value) so that one could experiment further with sound signature. It's relatively easy to swap the OpAmps. Enclosure was sourced as one-off special edition from Ghent Audio. There is a very discrete blue light at the front with adjustable levels (with off feature). It's worth noting that thermal paste was used for each amp module mount, so effectively enclosure is acting as one huge heatsink. It's a exemplary NC500 power amp, really nicely built with great attention to details. It's great purchase for someone and at the same time great value considering the tremendous sonic performance. Let me know if you have any further questions. Please note that I will offer 1 year warranty, as amp components are sourced from new and still within the warranty. Photo gallery: £1580 UK shipped (international delivery on request) Thanks for reading!
  10. incognito73

    Active speakers servicing ...

    Yes, indeed! After a bit more careful look just spotted the big transformer unit, so absence of switching supply, proprietary amp modules etc is surely helping factor. Actually, it shouldn't be much different then servicing any dedicated amplifier (only non-relevant difference here is the physical placement inside the speaker itself). Looks nicely built though and it's nice to see that amp is isolated in compartment behind the driver units. Anyhow, it would really help if anyone is aware of any reliable technician or amp service company near Leicestershire area! It's a good starting point as I don't have much faith that Elac will happily service out-of-the-warrany S/H speakers.
  11. incognito73

    Active speakers servicing ...

    Thanks for following up! Just managed to source a bit more data about this. Peculiarly enough, speakers were absolutely fine on my end (and tested before packing up and left in storage space for some time) and new owner reported crackling noise on particular one as soon as it was unpacked and powered on. It was unrelated to power socket/lead, source, volume ... in other words just with the speaker powered on without anything connected (apart from the power lead). It did cross my mind that speakers suffered some type of transit shock (so that something was loosened inside) but new owner reported absolutely no impact damage to the packing box or the speakers itself. Now, strangely enough, crackling completely disappeared after a while (speakers were left powered on 24x7) and it was fine for about month or so and then new owner got in touch few days ago to report that issue is back and this time with the vengeance as there is additional hum noise in place. In effect, playback is still heard but ruined because of the fault noise. As far as I remember, Elac AM180 integrated amplification is Class A/B based with mid/bas and tweeter units separately amplified. Not sure if PSU is switched type or not. Only (vague) inside picture I managed to source online:
  12. incognito73

    Active speakers servicing ...

    Few months ago I've sold rather nice Elac AM180 active speakers and quite unfortunately for the buyer one of the speakers developed buzzing/hum as constant background artefact on top of the normal music playback. It could be something rather trivial, but nevertheless I would presume that it's worthwhile that competent service engineer check them out ... as buyer can't exactly afford to write them off at this stage. He is based in Leicestershire, so any servicing hints are greatly appreciated!
  13. incognito73

    Recommend me an espresso/coffee machine

    Hi Nigel! I'm somewhat biased towards Ascaso grinders. Have Mini one myself and it's extremely reliable, robust/great build quality and excellent value. It's compact, with large flat burrs, doser-less (no major issue as I dose/weight the beans per session) and step-less/infinite grind control for rather fine grind adjustments for espresso. Actually, effortlessly fine grinds and fine enough to even choke the espresso machine! Maybe a bit more difficult to adjust the grind via step-less method, but great headroom is quite rewarding. I did find that adjustment for different espresso beans was ... say ... just a turn or two and probably quarter to half turn as the beans aged. Yes, adjusting the grind for the same beans after the few days is really beneficial! Certainly nice match for Gaggia Classic and perfect espresso grinder (but hustle if different brews are required in parallel). However, sadly, over the budget if bought from new. Baratza Preciso is another option, but then again second hand within the budget. I would say that good espresso grinder with fine enough grind and precise adjustment doesn't come cheap and £100 is absolute bare minimum ... second hand preferably for better value. Actually, just came to my mind, if you want something readily available (from new) and within the budget Iberital MC2 could be a fine choice.
  14. incognito73

    Finally back into vinyl

    Well, that's the thing ... and ultimately pure advantage for digitally stored, distributed or on-line media (with the bonus of exploring the new and undiscovered music). It's such invigorating experience and music libration in pure sense. Honesty, these days I do find online SQ excellent, even with Spotify premium service (I prefer the most). Another advantage of CD rips is safety! (if proper backups are in place) as danger of mechanical damage is sidetracked ... and surely no downgrade in sound quality as digitally stored rips are binary identical.