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  1. Back to Millennium now, as it seems that I misunderstood him. He will have the first refusal, so if anyone else is interested please let me know by this evening.
  2. Just a few notes. Sadly, I can't offer audition as this is at my storage space in Brentford. I've never had a chance to compare the version with the new modules, but they should be sonically equal as they are based on the same baseline technology.
  3. Reason for the sale is fairly simple. My listening space is compromised at the moment (as my daughter is moving in), so for the last few months (sadly) I'm doing a bit of the clear-out and downscale of the main audio system.
  4. Any takers at £1550 ? as I've just got an eBay offer. Would need to know by tomorrow afternoon, the latest.
  5. Bump. Forgot to mention that free UK shipping is bundled in the offer.
  6. Buyer mysteriously disappeared, so there you go. Offer still stands I've been asked some frequent questions and might be worthwhile to answer them in a public way. Compared to the standard designs readily available (ladder type with resistors upgrade), this is a completely redesigned passive-pre design, custom ordered and relay based with shunt + Vishay Z-Foil upgrade and with a single resistor on the path. This design is fully integrated with already superb Hypex NC500MP dual mono power amp modules. They are the latest revision from Hypex as I've sourced them separately and within the warranty period. Interesting to mention, I had (previous to this) ladder type version with Tekman REX and prefered this one on sale. It's very transparent but extremely clear pre. Speaking of the amp itself, speaker control is exemplary (you shouldn't have an issue to drive highly demanding/difficult loads) and neutrality combined with excellent dynamics and transparency is very difficult to achieve at this price level. Among other benefits, passive pre-amplification is contributing to the extremely low noise floor (and you have that pure black background emerging from the speakers). This was bought from new ... only tested a few times by me, hence I'm offering the 1-year warranty from the point on purchase. It's a very reluctant sale, but my listening space is compromised (my daughter is moving in) so I have to scale down my audio system and clear out the components. This is at my storage space at the moment. The remote is included. I have the silver version as I thought that it looks nicer :-) For the last two years or so. I was mostly involved in custom made amps as my new stance is that if such tech is packed inside the well-branded case with the badge price will be 2x-3x ... as more often then usual one is paying a premium just for the brand. In that respect, value is unbeatable. Hope this might help someone in decision making!
  7. Anyone could offer £1750? as I have an ongoing offer outside of WAM?
  8. Hi, Well, thanks for the reminder about the second add! As I didn't bump that one for a while, completely forgot that I already advertised the sub here hence the second resurrection Anyhow, I'm not sure about the exact age as I'm the second owner. It was bought in immaculate condition from the first owner and left in my storage space for 80% of the time. Original packaging is present, as shown in one of the pictures.
  9. Excellent, almost reference quality subwoofer from highly respected Ken Kreisel. I was highly impressed how this sub excel with music material but it's equally good for home theatre duties (and movies soundtracks in general). Here is the relevant review and I would agree to most of the aspects mentioned there: For more information about the tech: My 2.1 system (as part of the secondary system) is not in use any more, hence this is now surplus to requirement and available for sale. It was very well taken care of with original accessories and original packing. As this is rather a heavy item! I would prefer local collection. £790 + associated shipping costs or collection from TW8 area (preferable)
  10. Any takers at £650 ? I have a standing offer on eBay and considering to accept sometime tonight, so just to verify if anyone here (preferably) is interested before it's sold.
  11. Any interest? Great DAC for the price with upgraded PSU unit.