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  1. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    I use British hardwoods
  2. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Almost there! key features include: ventilation holes for d class emergency fan cable tidy rear legs (1 for power, 1 for audio feed) weighted central stainless steel column (2/3rd full to lower center of gravity levelling bubble for install eventually they’ll also have some very fancy steel outriggers with lovely spikes to widen their stance. They are somewhere on a container heading this way as I write this. They currently measure 530mm but will increase to nearer 580mm. Very happy with the design.
  3. Bump... still available £9,299
  4. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Nearly ready for their final glue up...
  5. Knipester

    WTD - Double width rack

    I will be selling mine in early March...
  6. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    A very crafty trick I learnt many years ago....I measured them when I had them on demo
  7. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    World domination! I like it
  8. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Thanks @TheFlash, the stands that Lee @ strictly stereo has available are very nice steel models but I’m a timber guy. if your speakers are sold with a USP of being clad in solid oak then it only seemed right to continue that onto the stands.
  9. Ahead of the arrival of my shiny new d&d 8c’s I thought I’d build them a welcoming present In matching oak / black steel. The stands will eventually will have cable management slots down the rear legs (active & networked so a few cables to hide), a black steel central column that is filled to create a low heavy dampened centre. There’s a set of steel outriggers/ spikes on their way too to widen their stance! more to follow... and I hope to have them at this years show for those attending to see.
  10. Knipester

    boenicke Owners Club

    Mix and match is so on trend for 2019. ... you also get a glimpse of my carpet/moving platform I knocked up for them to aid moving them around. Saves chasing that pesky ball bearing around everyone you want to tweak their position!
  11. Knipester

    boenicke Owners Club

    Just send a set of light wood swingbases to France. I’ve been feeling guilty not offering a light wood set fir anyone who has the lightest finish....they really do look nice & work exactly the same as the rather expensive aluminium ones.
  12. Knipester

    boenicke Owners Club

    I didn’t pay £12k+ that wouldn’t be good practise
  13. The w11se’s do sound lovely with they loaner Hegel H590 amp.