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  1. Just on a side note it’s been suggested that I’ll need a BSC circuit to balance the sound? Is this normal with the ufonken designs?
  2. The top,bottom and sides are all 36mm And the front & rear are 12mm. This solution means I don’t have to stress over the internal volume/tuning but gives me plenty of scope to attack the outside surfaces with some dramatic cuts.
  3. today's competition... guess the number of clamps required
  4. Thanks, the fun bit for me will be when I start to carve away the over engineered sides and top.
  5. What’s best to line them with? I have a donor speaker that has wadding. Do you have to fill the whole inside or should I just line the insides alas the instructions aren’t clear on this just stating ‘line’
  6. @bigrod At the start of this year I embarked on finding a new set of speakers and after trying a number of very capable speakers I was struggling to find one that worked until I stumbled across the d&d 8c actives. Part of the demo process was for my room to be measured (mic & rew) by Lee at strictly stereo (Who really knows his stuff just like keith) to assess my rooms characteristics. Once the rooms issues are found (mainly low stuff) you can start to implement changes to reduce its influence and let the other frequencies shine. The d&ds have this facility built in via their parametric EQ but theres obviously other way to do this. I learnt a great deal over the process including sound waves are sound waves, they don’t care which speaker has produced them, once they’ve been set free of the cabinet they are However very fussy over what they are met with, be it walls, furniture etc. Three options available to you are 1. Live in ignorant bliss and enjoy what you have, 2. Start guessing the issues by adding/ moving physical stuff to your room and hope you fall lucky or 3. Get the room measured and decide what solutions available are right for you (either learn how to do it or get someone in to do it in consultation with you). do I now understand room acoustics? No, do I want to understand room acoustics and how REW works.., not really, do I now own a system that works brilliantly in my room...yes!
  7. Having owned spendor D7, Avalon idea, sonus faber olympica iii, boenicke w8 & w11se and a pair of Wilson watt puppy 6’s in recent years I’d say that the SF best attribute was that they imaged brilliantly. the cabinets were exquisite but the boenickes easily matched that without being so dominant in size (w8’s not the w11se’s). the boenickes are beautifully made in Switzerland from solid wood and feel every bit as classy as the SF. I actually didn’t keep any of the speakers listed above instead I settled on the fully active dsp based Dutch & Dutch 8c’s. In my opinion they comfortably beat all of them for sound but maybe not quite on the looks department but interestingly my other half preferred the 8c’s over the boenickes W11s (which was quite a surprise) The 8cs go lower than an other speaker listed, work better close to the rear wall, the inbuilt dsp irons out anomalies in your room, cardiod midrange produces laser sharp imaging and the two rear firing subs create bass that is 20hz deep yet taught and powerful by cleverly linking to your front wall. Amps/DACs/preamp all built in and eventually they’ll be roon endpoint enables too. Not cheap at £9k rrp but they outstripped my previous set up worth many times more. Lee at strictly stereo has his demos for sale currently saving you the vat plus most of your kit can be sold to fund the purchase
  8. Thanks chaps, itching to get going
  9. Does the thickness of the materials used affect the fonken designs as 12mm seems a bit thin for what I have in mind