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  1. Knipester

    Circular saw recommendation for speaker box building

    My experience with saws is...Buy cheap buy twice startrite make solid table saws and if you fall lucky you might get a old secondhand one within your budget. Repeatability can be achieved in a number if ways but it starts with a good quality motor & decent bed. To keep within your budget you could avoid costly sliding tables and instead make yourselves a versatile cross cut sled. This will give you accurate and repeatable cuts every time.
  2. It’s a real shame that this amp is boxed up and not in use. It deserves better as all it wants to do is be used and make its owner extremely happy. £8995...I hope this price helps someone acquire what is without doubt one if the finest amplifiers ever made.
  3. Knipester

    Exogal comet

    Just ignore the screen & unless you are wanting to use the preamp volume control the remote can be packed away too. The UI of their app is actually ok and dead easy to use plus it loads quick.
  4. Knipester

    Exogal comet

    I owned a exogal comet plus (inc the lps) and its performance as a dac is very good. It replaced a chord Dave and didn’t give up much to its far more expensive competitor. Its well made but did have a couple of frustrating features. 1) the screen is almost impossible to see and therefore is a complete waste of time 2) the remote is so cheap and poor it’s really embarrassing that they even include it. You can download an app for preamp volume control and input selection which makes the physical remote redundant. The supplied remote works on Bluetooth so you can’t replace with a better quality alternative. I never tried the headphone amp. If you want a dac to just sit in your system and do its stuff then it’s certainly worth a look
  5. Help would be offered if need be. Good lifting technique certainly required but one person can move it.
  6. Open to offers in the region of £9100
  7. Price reduced...£9250
  8. Anyone wanting to join this rather fancy club please feel free to check out my vitus sia-025 class A amp in the classified section. Having owned both the ri100 and the sia-025 I can confidently say that the sia-025 offers more performance in all the right places so if your wanting a sia-025 for ri100 Money do get in touch.
  9. For sale my much cherished and extremely rare to the secondhand market Vitus sia-025 class A integrated amplifier that when new retailed at an eye watering £19,000. It delivers on paper 25w A class, 100W A/B class but to be honest ignore this as Vitus are well known for understating their amplifiers power outputs (or other manufactures overstating theirs?). It will drive pretty much any speaker you care to use period give its high current delivery. There are many reviews online with magico, yg acoustic, Wilson audio, etc being used. I’ve driven Avalon ideas, shahinian obelisks mk2, sonus faber olympica iii & even Wilson watt puppy 6’s with it. The huge vitus transformer is the heart of this amazing amplifier providing enough current to grip even the most challenging speaker loads. The sale includes: - Vitus sia 025 mki integrated amp (manufactured late 2011, originally sold early 2012) - Vitus andromeda power cable - Vitus rc-01 recharebable remote control & charger I have the original box, cloth cover and user manual. Although not a physically big amplifier it weights over 42kg so I would rather the winning bidder collection the item or I could perhaps meet you somewhere. The amplifier is full working and in excellent cosmetic condition with only the odd marks on the casework. The extremely heavy solid aluminium remote holds its charge perfectly and works as it should however some of the printed logos for the buttons have worn slightly. Doesn’t affect the useability whatsoever but I’d rather mention it. Questions & sensible offers welcomed.
  10. Knipester

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    Nice short film on one companies take
  11. Knipester

    Viynl art looks cool

  12. No worries each to their own that’s what makes our hobby interesting. For me room placement was very important and the d&d’s fit that bill perfectly without compromising sq, active atcs just wouldn’t have worked in my room. Regarding kegworth I hope that my d&d’s didn’t put anyone off as they sound much better in my space than in room 107.