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  1. Knipester

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    Nice short film on one companies take
  2. Knipester

    Viynl art looks cool

  3. No worries each to their own that’s what makes our hobby interesting. For me room placement was very important and the d&d’s fit that bill perfectly without compromising sq, active atcs just wouldn’t have worked in my room. Regarding kegworth I hope that my d&d’s didn’t put anyone off as they sound much better in my space than in room 107.
  4. Might I suggest it would be worth auditioning a pair of Dutch & Dutch 8c actives. , sorry about the curve ball
  5. Knipester

    boenicke Owners Club

    I’d try to forget about critical assessments for at least another months worth of use, the boenickes can’t be rushed and I suspect they actually need far more than the 200hrs to start revealing themselves.
  6. Knipester

    Roon radio - awesome

    Having been using roon since the start of the year I must say a feature that’s really impressing me with the service is roon radio. Switch it on then when your chosen album finishes roon starts curating a playlist of new artists who offer similar styles of music. It’s suprisingly good at finding new artists/bands that suite your ear. I’ve always loved streaming to hear new stuff and roon radio is making my search for new artists so much easier.
  7. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    So when you have speakers that have been set up very accurately against a set of REW room measurements how do you ensure they stay/return in the same place when you move them for cleaning etc? Solution...4mm drill hole, medium filler
  8. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Always happy to break off from what I’m doing to listen to some music, please feel free to drop me a line if your are ever Leeds bound and we can make it happen. They sounded pretty good at kegworth but they sound much better in my room.
  9. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Good spot... mr Fox has indeed consumed the hare but the other change is not easy to the sound! In picture one the sound was very very good but in picture two there’s an even wider and deeper soundstage, the imaging is much better and to my ear they sound simply sensational. Thanks to Lee for today doing the final room measurements and installing my custom parametric EQ filters. I don’t pretend to know what he’s does during the set up process but the skill and knowledge he has around room acoustics is very impressive. I’m so pleased with what my system is doing and now I can get back to enjoying music and not reading reviews.
  10. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    spot the two differences?
  11. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    The only way is up
  12. Knipester

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    Thanks for the compliment @Nopiano, tbh there was quite a bit of work involved in making them so they were never really. intended to sell. I make so much stuff for others that I never get to enjoy, it was nice doing a project for myself. Big day today as Lee from strictly stereo is returning for their final calibration & install. I have to say even with my rough and ready set up after Keggie they’re sounding great. Next project will be to build myself a new oak rack to match but with less spaces as my box count has dramatically reduced and the 6 spaces in my current light walnut rack is no longer needed.
  13. Both Tina Turner and AC/DC could be heard whilst the measuring of my room was taking place and I didn’t play either. The floor on level one seems pretty creaky so I think what’s above and below you plays a part not just your immediate neighbours at either side. Maybe a different hotel for quiet music and kegworth for volume & bass
  14. I think one of the big rooms could be set up with a blind test rig (different kit hidden behind a cover out of sight that is switched over at intervals and the audience are asked to comment). This is where anyone claiming to possess golden ears can come and have them checked out. Tests could commence at set intervals during the day or once has a good number of punters are seated: Guess the speaker type: electrostatic, passive, active, omni, diy, etc... guess the amplification type : valve, ss, various classes a, a/b, d, etc... guess the source: cd, viynl, rip, tape, stream snake oil challenge... cables, cable lifters, fuses & bluetack finally a free hearing test to check how good your hearing actually is.