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  1. Check out my website
  2. Ive just listed on fleebay an immaculate pair of reference fidelity Venus rca interconnects. Amazing cables for the money. item 223653658128
  3. Having owned shahinian obelisks on castors I’ve pondered this very question with heavier speakers. I recently owned a pair of 80kg Wilson w/p6 and I can confirm they didn’t slide particularly easily on carpet unless you pulled them from a low position. Not ideal. B&w d range have flip out wheels that retract for spikes! Fancy but not available to buy without the speaker. Having just moved a 350kg table saw into my workshop I’d suggest getting some inspiration from heavy machinery bases available from loads of retailers. Often they combine wheels with a screw down feet. This could be done as an integral part of your design and would make a very interesting mini project
  4. I’d second having your room measured first otherwise their is too much guesswork and probably unnecessary expense. Having the room measurements help you target problems and assess the improvements.
  5. I use a smsl sa50 in my workshop and it does a sterling job for less than £50. Works well for me as dust would wreck most open chassis equipment.
  6. Alas every thread about the D&D 8c’s becomes too complicated and it will no doubt probably put some people off. It’s a real shame as most other speakers don’t have threads about the science behind them with this level of technical chat. Most speakers threads discuss if you like them or you don’t, I suppose this is where the d&ds have an edge as the sound can be adjusted to suite but also brings in the complexities too. Personally I’m happy for someone else to worry about these complicated things (Lee in my case) and just get back to enjoying a speaker System that really fits my ear and style of music.
  7. It’s the current use of aes cables which are the 96khz restriction not the speaker/dac. Once the roon enablement project finally lands (d&d are on roons website as coming soon) the DACs onboard can handle 192khz files. I currently feed mine from an auralic Aries g1 and I just tell it to down sample anything over 96khz... tbh I only have a hand full of tracks anyway and the hi res qobuz account tends to be 96khz at best.
  8. As an ex cable junkie I’m enjoying using cheap as chips studio grade aes cables and factory supplied power leads. This is not to say they won’t be changed if sq improvements are to be had?
  9. I also own a pair of d&d 8c’s since the start of 2019. Having always bought secondhand kit in the past when was struggling to find a speaker that worked well in my room (lots of trial and error with some lovely high end speakers from the likes of Avalon, Wilson, sonus faber & boenicke passing through my room). So when I decided on my new speakers (d&d 8c’s) I wanted them installing properly to stop me wondering if I had them optimised. OP Statements like ‘playing around’, ‘experimenting’... was what I’d been doing for years and was exactly what I was trying to avoid with the 8’cs, they deserve better than that. Lee at strictly stereo supplied my demo /speakers which involved hours of measuring my room, locating the speakers, setting the boundary coupling , advising on different cables/connections to existing kit and programming the the all important DSP filters. I’m not someone who has the technical knowhow nor desire to use/learn room acoustics/REW so having Lees knowledge really assured me that I was getting the very best sound from what is a spectacular sounding speaker. I’d strongly urge the OP to engage someone like Lee to help you set the speakers up properly taking any guesswork out of the process and in return you’ll be given one of the finest sounding speakers available. IMHO This is not a plug and play speaker but one that needs someone with a high level of knowledge on room acoustics and how the 8c’s use their surroundings. They do sound good out of the box without the dsp working, but once dialled in are simply spectacular. Nb. Lee sent me some new filters this week and now I have 4 sets of slightly differing dsp filter groups installed that I can switch between should my ears want a change. Historically that would have been a trip to eBay/web to buy a new box/cable/speaker/etc, but with the 8c’s it’s simply a matter of turning on my laptop and selecting the different filters. OP please don’t take any of my comments as criticism as you have bought a pair of amazing speakers, I am only reflecting my experience of ownership and I too are a very happy owner.
  10. If anyone is interested in the amp I’m going to be at cranage this Sunday afternoon and I’d happily bring it along?
  11. I’ll admit up front that I am biased, but having owned both the vitus ri-100 and a sia-025 (in the classifieds) you really can’t go wrong. The ri100 does so many things right and is a brilliant amp but if your budget will stretch to the sia-025 you really do get a huge slice of vitus renowned A class house sound. I’d also add that I wouldn’t be put off by the 25w a class /100w a/b stated as I’ve run all sorts of brands and the sia never flinched (Sonus faber olympica iii, Wilson watt puppy 6, shahinian obelisks mk2, Avalon idea & boenicke). Drop me a pm if you have any questions
  12. My experience with saws is...Buy cheap buy twice startrite make solid table saws and if you fall lucky you might get a old secondhand one within your budget. Repeatability can be achieved in a number if ways but it starts with a good quality motor & decent bed. To keep within your budget you could avoid costly sliding tables and instead make yourselves a versatile cross cut sled. This will give you accurate and repeatable cuts every time.