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  1. They are really nicely made look very professional. Be warned though the spike is very very sharp
  2. Osmo hard wax oil is fab for such jobs! I’m not seeing any new wood finishes? Am I missing something? My w11se’s were in walnut and looked amazing
  3. These are great for the money and seriously sharp
  4. Nice vintage grace F9 cartridge installed and an updated clear lid 😀
  5. Does anyone have a good quality analogue to digital converter that they are happy to part with? im wanting to feed my turntable into my active speakers with a higher quality adc conversion than I’ve currently got. Ideally it would have rca/xlr phono inputs and AES digital output however co-ax would also be fine
  6. Great DIY job there! its a 120 year old stone house with a solid concrete floor. I suspect the majority of the problematic sound is airborne
  7. I’d only need one curtain as it’s a narrow hallway where I have in mind (good job they sell them in singles!). trying the duvet is a good idea, that will. Eva nice Christmas project ad the cabin fever sets in
  8. I wasn’t expecting total sound proofing but if their claim of 15db is true that would probably be enough. Currently the sound travels up two flights of open stairs then through a fire door so I appreciate it’s very sneaky.
  9. Closed treads and I do have a location on the first floor where I could get a Reasonable ‘seal’. it’s low frequencies that are the problem as it’s travelling two floors including a fire door at the top.
  10. Does anyone have any experience of these curtains? Im wanting something that stops sound travelling up an open staircase and these seem to fit the bill. It’s a lot of money if they don’t work so any real life feedback would be greatly appreciated
  11. Yeah works perfect now, thanks again
  12. Not familiar with studio interfaces, what make/model do you use? currently my phono stage feeds matchbox sized ifi powered £40 adc sending the signal 4m across the room via toslink optical which then gets converted from optical to digital AES via another box (studio spares). I know this needs improving. my speakers can be switched to receive an analogue signal (xlr) but this would mean 2x cables across the room to each speaker with one of them being 5m &8m respectively. I may move the lp12 to the middle of the speakers if I choose this route.
  13. Knipester

    Mains cables

    What a timely thread to stubble upon...👍 my active speakers (1000w per side) are currently running with the very basic factory provided power leads however I always intended to upgrade these which I’m about to do. My plan is to use a vertex AQ Tiga mains block then using some furutech plugs/iec connectors I already have to build two 3m power cables using Belden 19364 screened cable. From what I’ve read/researched the drain cable in the Belden should be attached to the earth at the source end (ie. iec connector end/my actives) not at the mains plug end. Have I misunderstood this? my cables waiting at the local post office so I’ll be doing this over the next few days.
  14. Thanks Stefan im really chuffed with the end result. a big thanks must go to @Tristan for kindly helping me to get the grace arm working and providing his expert knowledge (witchcraft) on setting up the deck. Fortunetlu it’s sounding good too however I’m hoping for a jump in performance on that front when a ultra rare grace F9 cartridge arrives I’ve just secured. From what I hear they are top draw and a perfect match for the vintage arm. my one dilemma is that as my system is fully digital/active getting the analogue to digital conversion (aes) From my Graham slee ERA is still a bit of a cobble as the ADC I’m using is without double the weak link. Recommendations welcomed for a good methods/fix.
  15. Those Arts listed on eBay are from a guy I once met when he was selling a pair of immaculate Wilsons. I didn’t buy from him but I can certainly vouch for him as someone that is a serial box swapper but also really looks after his stuff.