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  1. stressed

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Never available when you want one!!!! GLWP
  2. stressed

    SOLD: Bluesound Node 2 Streamer

    Very good kit at a great price. GLWS
  3. stressed

    Rogers speakers

    Brilliant - thank you
  4. stressed

    Rogers speakers

    Hi, I have just purchased a pair of JR150 from this forum. The foamy wrap round black speaker covers are in need of replacing, any suggestions from whom i could get them from? Thanks in advance, Jonathan
  5. stressed

    Steaming help / advice required

    Hi All, Thank you very much for your expert help. Know which way to go now, Once again thanks. Kind regards, Jonathan
  6. Hi All, I am wanting to start streaming, listening to Spotify, internet radio, I Tunes etc. I am looking for a unit that I can attach and play through my intergrated amp and speakers. I have had a quick look around but I am confused with all of this. I am looking to spend £400 - £600 on this. Would you be able to suggest a model for me please? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Jonathan
  7. stressed

    Linn LP12 complete with Ittok, Dynavector 10x5, Lingo 1

    That is a very good price. GLWS
  8. I paid a lot more for mine - love them GLWS
  9. stressed

    More vintage tastiness

    Impressed he has still got the boxes.
  10. Final reduction, down to £2500-00 delivered in the UK or £2460 collected from Effingham in Surrey.
  11. stressed

    Dali 104s (first LVs?)

    Amazed they did not sell, they have been relisted at the same price.
  12. stressed

    Tasty Vintage

    Watching with interest.
  13. Absolute bargain. On my wish list. Heard it at one John's bake offs. GLWS Regards, Jonathan