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  1. Oops sorry Tony. Asking £700 or sensible offer. Also now added photo Below of JCAT/PPA battery PSU for USB.
  2. This is a dedicated audio PC that was built for me by ‘Hifidelit’ 3 years ago. Streacom case fanless Intel PC uses Windows Server 2012 with Audiophile Optimiser software, JPLAYFemto audio player, Paul Pang Audio 32Gb SSD, JCAT USB card, JCAT/PPA 5v battery PS (separates 5V and signal feed to DAC). Power is supplied by an HDPLEX Linear Power Supply (19V/12V/9V/5V outputs available). This PC provides an excellent way to stream music to an external DAC. Would prefer collection from my home near Purley (just inside M25). Original cost £1800+. Asking £700 or sensible offer.
  3. like anubisgrau I had the BYOB amp and DAC and used them with Avantgarde Duo horns. I 'only' paid a few hundred for the amp about a grand for the dac with every option. The current prices are taking the p!ss. The sound with the horn system was actually quite involving and less 'hi-fi'. But if you were to assess directly with most kit it lost some detail retrieval. I tried to sell both a while back and now use it in my office system.
  4. I am using a BENT Audio TVC into an Atmasphere OTL amp with balanced connection. If you can use balanced then cables up to 10m should be ok. If not then I would try to borrow a TVC unit with some cheap interconnects from Maplin etc. I have tried passive, TVC and active preamps (and no pre amp) into DAC and my preference by some margin is TVC. Best of luck.