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  1. szczemirek

    Linn Akurate DS

  2. szczemirek

    Linn Akurate DS

    Linn Akurate DS in great, like new condition. Original box and unused remote control. Collection or postage. £1100 ONO
  3. szczemirek

    FS - Harbeth M30.1

    Unopened boxes. In cherry. £2.300 Collection from PE38 Thanks
  4. szczemirek

    Accu clone looking great

    Accuphase P-5000 Clone looking tasty. Price reasonable. Worth a look.
  5. Hi, I have this one
  6. szczemirek

    DAC/Streamer Project

  7. szczemirek

    Raspberry pi 3 psu choices

    Cheap and really good
  8. szczemirek

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Thanks [emoji120] Just one problem - they are... expensive! I have four boards. One more question: what bias have shunt regulators for DDDAC board ver. 3.0? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. szczemirek

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Nice 👍 Could you compare sound with Cinemag and Sowters? Please
  10. szczemirek

    Pi Id Jriver I2S W4S ?

    I need I2S on my Raspberry ID jRiver but, like I wrote - jRiver in this version not support that.
  11. szczemirek

    Pi Id Jriver I2S W4S ?

    Unfortunately jRiver ID doesn't support I2S. Shame PS. I have ID and it's make me unhappy
  12. szczemirek

    SALE POWER INSPIRED AG500 AC ReGenerator 500W

    Withdraw from sale. Sorry
  13. szczemirek

    SALE POWER INSPIRED AG500 AC ReGenerator 500W

    Offer no actual. Sorry
  14. "Power Inspired's AG500 AC ReGenerator is a true online double conversion system providing the highest degrees of power protection, with a stable unwavering high quality power waveform for sensitive and critical loads. Unlike other online units the AG500 is practically inaudible making it suitable for where high quality power is required but without the noise, and unlike other systems the bypass is disabled by default ensuring that raw mains power never reaches your equipment, only clean pure power at all times. The AG500 contains internal batteries to provide a full 9 minutes of runtime at full load, and this can be extended by the addition of external battery packs via the rear DC port. Pure Sinewave Output Stable 230V Output Low Noise - Virtually Silent Rack Mountable Lightweight & Small Footprint LCD Display Extended Run Capability" This is a heavy item. I don’t have boxes or suitable packaging, so it is collection is the best option - PE38 £ Thanks