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  1. Sounds promising, do you or anyone else have a way of contacting him?
  2. Anyone got a recommendation for someone who can do a quick job on a Quad? I like in Wimbledon and I'd like to be able to just drop it off to them. Taking it to Quad in Cambridge basically takes the whole day so if there's a possibility nearer then I'd prefer it. It's a 520, dead in one channel.
  3. About 10 years ago I talked to Quad about the right size amp for my ESL 63s, at the time I was using a Quad 303. They said that if I used a more powerful amp I may notice a difference on the attacks of notes, the start of the note. I duly upgraded to a quad 520 and it made a difference though I’m not sure it improved things. Now I’ve learned that I prefer the sweet sounding 303 to the 520, though I’m not using either with the quads. At at the moment I use an Electrocompaniet ECI - 2 with the ESLs (they are with Gradients, so I guess that means that the Electrocompaniet has less work to do) The setup sounds very good . . . but not good enough. It has presence, with a big 3D image, but the image isn’t as firm and airy as in the Spendor/Krell system, which captures more of the details of voice and instrument separation and placement. Like Bencat I have a Mk1 Krell KSA50, which I’ve been assured delivers about 75W per Chanel Class A. This sounds fabulous in a system with Spendor SP 1s, better than the Quad system for imaging. I intend to swap the amps soon (it weighs 30kg, so to lift the Krell around is a pain!), No preamp in all cases; volume control digital through the Logitech Media Server; Theta and Museatex DAC with Spendors and ESLs respectively,
  4. Quad 34 serviced by Quad with box £225 plus postage.
  5. To be got to me in London.
  6. I really want these but I just don't have the room. Please do not tempt me.
  7. I'll need to get it to my house in London.
  8. To be delivered to me in London.
  9. I may be interested in the amp, but not the speakers. And we'd have to find a way to get them to London! But that will be possible. Can anyone find any info for me on the amps. What is class AA? How powerful are they? How much do they weigh etc.
  10. I believe that Class A amps draw full current at idle. And the maximum theoretical efficiency is 50%, in reality probably much less. I have one of these amps, it doesn't get hot enough and it's not heavy enough for 50W Class A. There's no fan. I can touch it without burning my hands. It doesn't heat the room much in winter.
  11. 70W for a 2 x 50W O/P into 8 Ohm does not suggest class A all the way to max output.
  12. Rogers JR149 with brackets, I have them mounted on a wall driven by a 50W amp and they're good. You'll be able to get a pair for around £400 from ebay, and I noticed a pair of brackets on there the other day for £40.
  13. Does anyone know if this runs in Class A up to a certain point? If so, at what point does it switch to Class B?
  14. This pre-amp looks extremely stylish. If you have never heard one you're in for a treat because it is so much more than a regular pre-amp. It boosts low frequencies in small speakers, so you don't need subs. And it lets you keep your equipment close to the back wall without creating boomy bass. It compensates for poor source material and it even allows you to change your perspective, so you've always got the best seat. This Quad 34 is rightly famous for its controls, which may never have been bettered. The BASS LIFT control does the best job I've ever heard at low-level loudness compensation. It also compensates well for smaller loudspeakers, acting as an electronic subwoofer, boosting only the very lowest bass without altering the mid- and upper-bass. The BASS STEP control removes bass boom or bloat caused by placing loudspeakers too close to the wall in a small home. The smooth HF filters eliminate high-frequency zing or distortion. The TILT control allows the listener to choose his own seat in the hall. I have the receipt for the Quad service. Everything is working fine, just no longer needed. The box, Quad's own box, made to measure, wraps it in incredibly thick packaging, so you know that nothing will happen in transit. Loads of pictures here Small chip on volume control and light marks to the top. I never noticed until I got it out today to sell. Priced to sell -- £225 plus any postage. You are welcome to collect from London (SW19)
  15. Does the sound quality deteriorate as the capacitors deteriorate? Do properly restored amps sound better? Is an older unserviced amp more likely to go DC? Does a stitch in time save nine? I mean, are you more likely to save yourself an expensive or even impossible repair if you get it serviced?
  16. Mine is over 20 years old, it naturally runs hot, and as far as I know it has never had any capacitors replaced. It sounds fine, but for all I know isn't performing at its best. Do I let sleeping dogs lie?
  17. I want to revive this thread to see whether the feeling of people here is still the same -- which in 2012 was, leave old solid state equipment alone until problems start to show up. I'm especially interested for amps which naturally run hot (class A)
  18. Marantz had a technique called "Quarter A", where bias current was adjusted such that Class A power reached 25% of maximum power output. In a 100 Watt amp, that means the amplifier deliver the first 25 Watts in Class A. I don't know whether this is part of that technology. By coincidence I ordered a Marantz Quarter A amp on ebay today -- it's on a "30 day return" I would be very happy to take this one if I could hear it in my system before committing -- parcelmonkey please PM me if that arrangement suits you -- I'm in London.
  19. This is in fact on ebay, it's in Poland. I want to try a class A amp. And I'm reluctant to import from outside the EU because of the duties. If you see one on ebay which looks as though it's been reconditioned properly, and is class A, please let me know.
  20. Howard


    Yes I'm interested. Will you send it to London, or I can pick it up from you if you're nearby? PM me if the answer is yes, Just one question, someone else may know the answer or I can ring Audio Synthesis tomorrow? What is the recommended input sensitivity of the power amp. Will it suit a power amp with an input sensitivity of 1.5V?
  21. Hi I'm interested in buying an Accuphase amp, and I've found one which looks as though it could be just the job, an Accuphase P-266. But it could need serious restoration. I want to ask a favour. I have some images of the insides of the amp here. Could someone look at them and see if there's anything obviously wrong, any obvious red flags? If it does need servicing, is there anyone who specialises in this type of amp in the UK? I'm in London and it would be nice if I could drop it off rather than post it. There's a description of the P-266 here