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  1. Yes I am interested, I’ll send you a private message later today, the man with the P100 hasn’t replied and it’s not clear to me when he placed his ad, it could be very old.
  2. Well, you never know, someone may have one going spare, even if it needs a bit of work. There's one on ebay, but it looks a bit ropy to me, with rust spots even inside. I'm not prepared to take the risk.
  3. Is there much transformer hum? That’s my biggest gripe with the Krell. The other problem is remembering to turn the bugger off. I’ve never met Nick but I have spoken to him many times and I get the impression that he’s a decent chap, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again. How much does it weigh? Did it take the two of you to get it from the car to the top of the house?
  4. The room with my Quad ESL 63s is about to have some building work done in it, so the speakers will have to be moved. They have never been serviced and they sound wonderful. Any advice about how to minimise risks when moving them?
  5. I think it’s clear that people who like Krell - and I’m one of them - really love them!
  6. Jesus! 300! How much did it weigh?
  7. A KSA 100. Apart from the service issue mentioned above, anyone thinking about that one (which is very big) should investigate transformer and fan noise, and indeed the weight of the beast. And of course why they would need so much pure class A power. My KSA 50 weighs 30 kg, the KSA 100 is twice as big. Having said that my KSA 50 Mk 1 is very good, the best amp I've heard. Nothing whatsoever follows for other KSAs, and it's probably always best to hear the amp in system first.
  8. I bought a faulty Krell KSA from someone who had bought it originally as serviced from Midland Audio Exchange - it failed dramatically for him after a few months, blowing expensive speakers. Be careful. I would say anyone buying an old class A muscle amp should think of expecting to invest £500 for replacement parts and at least that amount for the labour and transport costs if they can't do it themselves. These things are old now, and they run very hot indeed.
  9. Ah yes, I didn't see the pictures of the insides.
  10. There's one of these for sale on ebay right now, a MK II, and the comments on this thread make me curious enough to want to hear it -- I don't know if I can persuade the seller to deliver it to me. But my real question is, does anyone know the difference between the original p100 and the Mk II?
  11. I have four DACs -- a Deltec, an MSB (not an expensive one -- Gold Link), a Museatex and a Theta. I resently compared them all with each other -- apart from the Museatex -- and I was astonished how good the theta is, for both the quality of the bass and the liveliness and 3D nature of the image. These DACs were expensive new but I paid about £250 for mine on ebay. As a result of the experiment I've just bought myself another Theta, at much the same price. The one that I felt was least satisfactory was the Deltec (Bigger Bit.), it seemed unnaturally forward and bright. I've never tried a chord DAC, but I guess that they would be similar. As always I suppose, taste and synergy matter -- both Deltec and Chord are pretty widely appreciated. The experiment was with Spendor SP1s and Electrocmpaniet ECI-2.
  12. The smallest room I have a hi fi system in is 13’ by 18’ - though there’s a chimney breast which takes up quite a lot of space. For aesthetic reasons as much as anything else I’ve put a pair of Rogers JR 149s in there, their bass driver is 110mm, and I’ve been experimenting with lots of things to get the bass response better, by changing the system. The quality of the bass has been improved by four things - the amp, the DAC, the speaker placement and a strange sort of room treatment. Initially I had the speakers on wall brackets, but the bass was too boomy for comfort. I now have them about 12 inches from the rear wall and more from side walls. Initially I had a Quad 520 with the speakers. Bass was improved very much when I changed to a Radford STA25 Mk 3. Initially I used a DPA Deltec DAC. Bass was improved enormously when I changed to a Theta DAC. Initially I had one of the speakers on a wooden table. Bass was improved noticeably when I covered the surface of the table with some foam. I still wouldn’t use them to play music from an organ with a 16’ pipe. But slowly I’m getting there, and I feel pretty optimistic that with trouble and some not inconsiderable investment of time and money, small speakers in a small room can be very satisfactory.
  13. Ah yes, well I think its best to be transparent, Keith knows my reservations and that I’m curious and that I can put my money where my mouth is if it’s good enough to merit it.
  14. Someone on pink fish told me that they had excellent results with a Croft series 7 and an ESL 63. There was a pair of Croft OTL monoblock amps on eBay which I thought was tempting. Let me know how you get on. Gradient subs can ingrate well enough with the ESLs with the crossover I use because there’s a time delay control. I don’t think that the original Gradient crossover had this facility, and it was one reason why it was unsatisfactory IMO. The sound I have isn’t splashy at all, at least, that’s what I think!
  15. It’s probably not clear from the photo but the rack is very hidden, in a corner in a part of the room which no one looks at. I liked the absurdity of having it on the top - something that looks so heavy floating improbably, unfeasibly, on a glass shelf high up, that appeals to me! And the height has two advantages: 1. The hum from transformer and fan is right in your ear when no music is playing, which helps me to remember to turn it off. 2. The switch is in easy reach. The KSA 50 is such a wonderful amp! Every speaker I put it with sounds so real, so magical. For the first time I’m hearing how special electrostatics can be.
  16. Won't you be restricting the ventilation by piling up equipment on top of it like that? Anyway, yours may be bigger than mine, but mine's shinier.
  17. Well I’ve plucked up the courage to do this, light a candle for me, say a prayer
  18. I think I can get it onto the bottom, but I was worried about clearance for ventilation. How much clearance does it need?
  19. Where do you put your big Krell amps? I have a KSA 50, which is still enormous - a small elephant is not small! I’m scared to put it on a hifi rack because of the weight, mine has glass shelves and the amp weighs 30kg. It’s too big to hide and although I could be convinced it has a brutal beauty I think it’s quite an interior design challenge. Pictures of successful designs appreciated! Mine looks like a dog’s dinner at the moment and it’s not acceptable