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  1. Does the sound quality deteriorate as the capacitors deteriorate? Do properly restored amps sound better? Is an older unserviced amp more likely to go DC? Does a stitch in time save nine? I mean, are you more likely to save yourself an expensive or even impossible repair if you get it serviced?
  2. Mine is over 20 years old, it naturally runs hot, and as far as I know it has never had any capacitors replaced. It sounds fine, but for all I know isn't performing at its best. Do I let sleeping dogs lie?
  3. I want to revive this thread to see whether the feeling of people here is still the same -- which in 2012 was, leave old solid state equipment alone until problems start to show up. I'm especially interested for amps which naturally run hot (class A)
  4. Marantz had a technique called "Quarter A", where bias current was adjusted such that Class A power reached 25% of maximum power output. In a 100 Watt amp, that means the amplifier deliver the first 25 Watts in Class A. I don't know whether this is part of that technology. By coincidence I ordered a Marantz Quarter A amp on ebay today -- it's on a "30 day return" I would be very happy to take this one if I could hear it in my system before committing -- parcelmonkey please PM me if that arrangement suits you -- I'm in London.
  5. Howard

    Accuphase Owners Club

    This is in fact on ebay, it's in Poland. I want to try a class A amp. And I'm reluctant to import from outside the EU because of the duties. If you see one on ebay which looks as though it's been reconditioned properly, and is class A, please let me know.
  6. Howard


    Yes I'm interested. Will you send it to London, or I can pick it up from you if you're nearby? PM me if the answer is yes, Just one question, someone else may know the answer or I can ring Audio Synthesis tomorrow? What is the recommended input sensitivity of the power amp. Will it suit a power amp with an input sensitivity of 1.5V?
  7. Howard

    Accuphase Owners Club

    Hi I'm interested in buying an Accuphase amp, and I've found one which looks as though it could be just the job, an Accuphase P-266. But it could need serious restoration. I want to ask a favour. I have some images of the insides of the amp here. Could someone look at them and see if there's anything obviously wrong, any obvious red flags? If it does need servicing, is there anyone who specialises in this type of amp in the UK? I'm in London and it would be nice if I could drop it off rather than post it. There's a description of the P-266 here
  8. Thanks for asking, I'm sorted now.
  9. The L550 is affordable, and I'm wondering why. There are lots of different varieties of them, and it's not obvious what the differences are. I can't even get clear about output.
  10. Anyone had eny experience of the Luxman L550?
  11. No valves allowed. I ask for integrated because I'm scared that the preamp I own won't work, it's a Quad 34. But if you have a power amp which fits the bill and is sufficiently sensitive to work the the Quad, then please say. I think that buying a new pre to suite the power will be too expensive. 40W p c because I need to be sure that it will drive the speakers well, JR 149s. If you have a less powerful amp and are prepared to let me audition it with the speakers, then please let me know. I'm in London.
  12. It's for youtube and various iplayers on my desktop computer, integrated or power -- I have a little passive pre I could use if needs must.
  13. Howard

    Sugden A21 power amplifier

    Thanks for the kind offer, but on reflection I’ve decided to pass up the opportunity. The reason is, I would like a Master Class, and I will bide my time patiently until one comes up at a price I’m willing to pay.