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  1. That sounds very promising. It’s always bugged me that music streaming is way more expensive than TV, I get both Amazon Prime and Netflix UHD for the price of Tidal. ’troll
  2. Don’t forget - if this solves the problem, then it could be the switch OR one of the cables connected to it. ’troll
  3. Hmm. My first thought based on that behaviour would have been a corrupt music server database, but as you have tried three, reinstalled them and have them working ok with your tv, then that rules that out. The other end of that possibility is the Playlist on the MDSM as it sounds like that, somehow, has URLs for tracks that are out of sync with the server. Is the Playlist one you have previously saved and reloaded? Another thought, is it possible you have more than one DHCP server running on your network? Although that is unlikely as other devices stream from the NAS without issue. Has anything else changed on your network that might coincide with this issue starting? For instance, new router? I’m thinking that the MDSM might not like a network setting, but in the absence of anything obvious, I would suggest contacting the Linn Helpdesk as they might be able to find something if logging is switched on. ’troll
  4. That’s interesting, would I be right in assuming that it just completely misses a track rather than dropping out of one whilst it’s playing? ’troll
  5. If it was Davaar 4.70.300 we would have seen reports before now. As you have tried three servers and two CPs, then I think you can rule those out as culprits. The common factors are, therefore, your DSM, your QNAP and your network. Does the DSM play internet radio without issue? Does your QNAP report any issues in its system logs? Have you changed anything in your network? Have you tried rebooting all net work components, checked cables etc. How is you network set out? There is a possibility that you have some corrupt tracks on your QNAP - is it always the same tracks that cause problems? The more you tell us, the more we are likely able to help. ’troll
  6. Not that I can see currently, although I’ve always gone for beta updates in Konfig, so would never have an update to see in the Linn account. I’m assuming it will be introduced eventually. Just had a look, especially at my son’s Sneaky DS which I know I haven’t updated in a while, and it doesn’t even tell you which Davaar version a DS is running. ’troll
  7. You can sometimes hear the belt ride up and scrape the top of the belt guide on startup, that’s nothing to worry about if it’s that, but the fact that you can hear it when bouncing the suspension makes me think it’s spring out grommet (bushing) related. You can always check the belt guide thing, by fitting the outer platter upside down and then observing how the belt moves on startup. ’troll
  8. My first thought was suspension bushing, either not seated perfectly into the subchassis or spring rubbing against it until the deck settles down. The suspension will “wobble” a little bit on start up, but shouldn’t be noisy - how long does this knocking last? If all the time, then it’s not right. ’troll
  9. This still just appears to be in the US, anyone seen any signs of it in UK/EU? ’troll
  10. That’s a Bluetooth technology? None of the DS range have either Bluetooth or WiFi, apart from the new Series 3 speaker, which has WiFi. ’troll