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  1. I really like the 104s, we have them on their column stands rather than wall brackets. I’d actually like another pair if the price was right. I’m told they are amazing on the end of a pair of Solos... ’troll
  2. Oh, that’s wonderful. A new service launched that could well become the most popular and it probably won’t be supported. I’ll bet Naim integrate it... I presume the same will apply to Apple’s service, too. ’’troll
  3. Not that I’m aware of. Both of my Sneakys are using SO. AFAIK, ALL Linn DS (M)s can use SO. ’troll
  4. I don’t see any issues with that, in fact it sounds like a great idea. Alright, the room isn’t huge, but with Space Optimism you can have the speakers against the rear wall, so a decent distance from your seat. Incidentally, I heard from a friend the other day, that the Linn Harrods dem room is, possibly, even smaller. ’troll
  5. That’s a good question. I really don’t know. I’m under the impression that a reasonably up to date Konfig would have the Space tab anyway, so assume if it encountered a DS(M) with an ancient version of Davaar installed, it would report the fact that the DS didn’t support Space. ’troll
  6. Yep, it won’t take me long to wonder why I continue to pay £19.99 per month for Tidal. I certainly have no brand loyalty to streaming services. ’troll
  7. Yes, as long as they are running a sufficiently recent version of Davaar, I can’t remember when it was introduced. (But somebody will...) ’troll
  8. I see that the link to the Exakt beta release notes has been fixed: Beta Release: 12 Sep 2019 (4.62.395) Fix for occasional audio drop outs when daisy chaining Exaktboxes 'troll
  9. I’m baffled by the idea of a Kustom (install) DSM - wasn’t that was the Sneaky DSM and Sekrit DSM intended for? So, is this just an updated, therefore more expensive, Sneaky? I imagine that the Series 3 will be Linn’s take on a “smart” speaker - but one for small room, add another for stereo and have then talk to each other, or have 5 or 7 for surround sound. Might make existing Exakt owners investigate surround sound. ’troll
  10. well, I'm going to hazard a guess that the change is simply to add the wifi ds speaker doubrie thingie to the list of Exakt products and nothing to do with the EBs or speakers at all. There, I've said it... 'troll
  11. Ive just noticed that there is a beta for my Exakt 350s too, but, again, no Release Notes (link points to public releases) = I've emailed Helpdesk' 'troll