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  1. See my earlier link to troubleshooting guide.
  2. OK, I’ve just reread your first post. You can see the DSM from both Konfig and Kinsky on your PC, so that shows that your network, DSM and PC do seem to be playing nicely together. I have seen this before, where Kinsky can see a device but Kazoo struggles. If it’s not your firewall, I would try uninstalling Kazoo completely, downloading it again and reinstalling. ’troll PS the troubleshooting guide section 3.1 might help
  3. Did you have a DS before this and did Kazoo work with that? if not, first place to look is the firewall on your PC. ’troll
  4. Not really. I would expect the rebate for the bass driver to go through most of the front part of the baffle. ’troll
  5. last we heard was it was likely to be in Q4 - I'd almost forgotten about it! 'troll
  6. Can’t you just delete the window and add a new one? ‘troll
  7. Moomintroll


    My bad, John. I think the Majik Exaktbox-I is now the Akurate model, following a recent update. Yes, it is more expensive than a Majik 4100, but Exakt is a lot better than analogue Aktiv and the Exaktbox will work with, basically, any speaker which is 4-way or less, so upgrading from the Katans at a later date would be very simple. To answer your questions: 1 Yes 2 Yes, you can use the older stereo cards with the newer Chakra amps by using adapters. (Added - Pennypacker has put a doubt in my mind about this. Somewhere, there is an Aktiv Card Configurations spreadsheet, but I cant find a copy yet) 3 Only you can answer that question. Personally, I’d always prefer to go Aktiv over passive, but once you have the MDSM you’ll be in a position to try both configurations and see which you prefer. ’troll
  8. Moomintroll


    AFAIK, you wouldn’t be able to use the MDSM power amp stage as part of the Aktiv setup, but you could use it as a “pre-amp” to drive an existing Aktiv setup. As the MDSM will have Exakt outputs, an option for the future is to go Exakt Aktiv with a Majik Exaktbox-I as the crossover and poweramps, rather than analogue Aktiv with just a Majik poweramp and cards. ’troll
  9. Moomintroll


    If it was my system, I’d be looking at adding a Kore and be thinking about a Lingo 4 and a DSM and getting the LP12 serviced. A new MDSM would be well within your budget and would replace the Kollector. A second hand ADSM may also be within reach. ’troll
  10. Alan Sircom’s review in Hifi+ suggests that it is too heavy for the LP12 suspension. ’troll
  11. Most likely Linn amps (LK1 or even Kairn + 3x LK280) by then. ’troll
  12. That makes sense, as the cartridge on the Akurate level LP12 is the Krystal, an MC. ’troll
  13. Perhaps suggesting it to the Linn Helpline? ’troll
  14. I’ve just managed to update my Sneaky DS, but the algorithm is still showing as 2.3.3. ’troll
  15. Thanks for the update PeteLinn, I only have an ideal placement set in that system, so that may well explain why nothing has changed. ‘troll