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  1. Had a fabulous day. Many thanks to Fred and Nicky for their superb hospitality. I've not been to a bake-off in some time and it was wonderful to see so many old friends.
  2. I have a pair of Quad 12L's in very good condition and piano black finish. Would part with them for a reasonable £180 collected from South Leeds and a stone's throw from motorway.
  3. PM attempted unsuccessfully. I have 2 questions that I prefer to ask privately. With the correct responses I am a keen buyer ! Is your inbox full ?
  4. Is this still available ? Very interested if so.
  5. By the looks of the photograph (cue ball in pocket) you have a table with rather demanding pocket size. Changing the size of balls used would not be the answer as the bounce off cushions would be affected. Gintonic and Slightly Athletic both give sound advice and seem to know what they are talking about. I suspect both will be rather proficient players . The pockets can be re-cut to make them more forgiving but this would be an expensive task and probably should only be done when a re-cloth is also carried out. Please remember that a pocket is more accepting when the ball enters slowly and playing the pot with the minimum pace required to make position is highly recommended. With this same thought, if anything could be done to speed up the cloth this would also help matters. If all else fails, perhaps a few lessons with a World Snooker coach, like myself, would be advantageous !
  6. Would love to come over if there is still room ?