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  1. Testing valves means different things to different people. A seller might just have a simple 'good' or 'bad' indicative tester, in other words it works or it doesn't. Some testers were only designed for simple diagnosis such as that because they were designed for instance to be used by troops out in the middle of a field. Other more refined testers will give an actual figure for anode current (mA) and gain (mA/V) which can then be compared to the standard spec for that type of valve. Good testers will also test other things such as leakage, gas etc. Rarely testers will have a loudspeaker so one can listen to see if a valve is noisy but this is not a normal feature. If one is used to testing valves on something like the AVO VCM163 then it is sometimes possible to get a 'feel' for whether a valve has issues even if it measures OK. For instance the needle of the meter might flutter slightly etc. But, no, just because a seller claims a valve measures 'good' it does not mean it will perform as you expect it. Indeed I have also been surprised at what some sellers claim to be 'matched pairs'. Some of them are really just saying 'they both work' whilst others will say that the measurements are within 5% or maybe 10%. Also with power valves it is the current matching which is more critical and with small signal valves it is normally the gain which is more critical.
  2. I don't know. You brought one when you came to my house ages ago and I thought you were going to try the newer one. But like I say, it was ages ago.
  3. Good luck in finding one. I suspect you will find that the thread you created now has a life of its own!
  4. George, did you get the new preamp and if so how are you getting on with it?
  5. Ignore all the tangential comments, get a Music First passive pre and connected it to your ATC actives for the best possible sound. Apart that is from connecting a Chord Dave direct to the ATC Actives. Now that would be something special. I know. It’s what I do.
  6. A good transformer does not add or subtract anything (well, not much compared to an active pre with either solid state circuits or valves) and that is why they are so good in passive pre amps. Edit. Autoformers also work well and some people prefer them.
  7. Haha, don’t judge the rest of the country by the 6 or 7 people in the Remainers club on the wam AKA the Brexit and Peoples Vote threads.
  8. I do not know that and neither do you. Anecdotally many remain voters have changed sides now that they have seen the shitty side of the EU. Perhaps it is because of the company that I keep but I would say about 80% of the people I meet are in favour of brexit and I high proportion of those would prefer a no deal exit. As it happens I would prefer to remain rather then have a poor brexit deal. By dragging out the whole sorry affair for this length of time I suspect the most widely held view is that most people no longer care what happens as long as it is over soon. The big reason for not having another referendum is that whichever way it goes it is doomed to reinforce the divide that we have in our country. Having said all that I actually think that the EU will do a deal with Boris.
  9. You betray and confuse your personal opinion about brexit with the argument for resolving the ‘do we don’t we brexit question’ with an election. By the way, which useless tossers would you prefer instead of the ones you claim we have at the moment?
  10. There has to be an election in order to move forward. There is an argument that an election fought on stay or leave would have been a better option than the original referendum and that argument still applies for any who promote another referendum.
  11. I suspect you have hit on the part of the Boenicke presentation that you either love or hate. There is no doubt that they have plenty of character and clearly for many people they are exactly the sort of sound that they are striving to achieve. But if you have any doubts about a fundamental character then it might be wrong to think it will lessen that much with running in. Speakers do not change that much and best to be happy with the sound straight out of the box and for it to perhaps get even better rather than hope that an aspect that you are not so keen on will lessen to any great extent. A friend and fellow wammer learned that lesson to his cost recently.
  12. Fourlegs

    'Don't Skip'

    Many modern bands don’t do an album with any concept behind it other than being a collection of their latest songs. Oh for the good old days of a prog rock concept album or even for that matter for a whole classical symphony on a cd. I personally blame streaming which promotes flicking around and that is part of the reason that I still play CDs and also DO NOT use the CD player remote control.
  13. What is better than a XA30.8? Why, two of them in the form of a pair of XA60.8.
  14. The internet is your friend . . .
  15. Just looking at Amptastic's own power supply it delivers 13.5volts and up to 7.5amps. Your power supply appears to be rated at 12v and 1.5amps so on that basis is seems underpowered. That might be why it gets hot. The Amptastic power supply is not cheap but is no doubt the correct spec for the job. You could probably source a cheaper supply matching the Amptastic supply specs (reproduced below from their product manual) or even buy the Amptastic power supply from their website.