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  1. Have DACs really improved?

    You mentioned Led Zep 4 and so I pressed the play button. Ah, I see what you mean. Maybe too precise, maybe too refined, no raw emotion. Then I plugged in Blu2. Yesssss. That’s better. Turn the volume up. And then a bit more. ( because SWMBO is out). Vinyl but on a CD. Possibly cheaper than many of the fancy turntables, cartridges, preamps etc than come with the vinyl package. But there again probably not.
  2. Streamer/DAC options

    Don't forget you get more money if you don't just sell empty boxes.
  3. MQA Comes to Auralic Aries

    I have come to the conclusion that MQA not something that I am excited about. I was excited but then I forgot about it until I saw your question. Are you excited about it? Have you heard MQA? You are streaming spotty. Does that have MQA? Is it going to happen? if you are serious enough about MQA for it to guide your streamer choice then maybe consider going over to Tidal which does have MQA. If you swopped to Tidal would that change your thoughts about which streamer to get? If you are not bothered enough about MQA to swop to Tidal if spotty doesn’t do it then maybe MQA isn’t important enough to impinge on your streamer choice. Just random thoughts.
  4. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    Yes, that's the guy. After a long telephone conversation I am his new best friend and he remembered the adverts I used to do for Definitive Audio many years ago with old horns photoshopped onto vintage trucks. We did an even better deal than it was advertised for so it is always good to talk.
  5. Regenerator

    I have a very low threshold for foo and prior to having a regenerator I might have classed them as unnecessary. In many cases that is probably the case. However I now admit that they do have a valid role to play in some circumstances and where that occurs they work very well. The arrogance referred to also includes a current trend on the Wam for smart arse measurist or even faux measurist comments that suck the genuine debate out of many threads. Along these lines would be the claim that all properly designed Hi-Fi kit should have power supplies capable of coping with the uk mains supply warts and all. However, even within this there are some instances where regenerators play a role. I have said why I have mine and why I like what it does. Others have said why it helps what they want to achieve. In fairness others have said why in their instance they no longer use the regenerator. So far then this thread has more or less managed to stay on course.
  6. Regenerator

    Did you mean to post that here although the effort to open out the discussion to other areas of hi fi is appreciated?
  7. Regenerator

    As I said earlier, I have no experience with the AG1500 but with my PSAudio regenerator I now find my 845 amps are physically quieter (less tranny buzz) and the valves are now easier to keep within bias. My mains varies between 240v and 254v and with that variation it translated through to a related variation in bias but no more.
  8. Regenerator

    I’m glad to see the electricity puns continue.
  9. Streamer/DAC options

    I will not Pass on next week but I have in mind maybe a Lab test. But enough of that. On the basis that your dedicated Hi-Fi ring/spur is intended to stop unwanted leccy noises getting to your magic 13a Hi-Fi sockets I wondered whether a simple test of the efficiency of that theory would be to plug one of those mains network boxes into your non Hi-Fi ring and one in the Hi-Fi ring and see if they manage to talk to each other. Just in case you say you do not have any, I do and am happy to lend them. We could also try the same experiment through my P10 to see whether it properly isolates the regenerated leccy from the dirty leccy. Edit, sorry, forgot to confirm that my full fat Aries is indeed run off an identical PSU to the one I will be selling.
  10. Regenerator

    Well I’ve been running a PS Audio P10 and I am very very impressed by it. Rather than this degenerating into another typical dismissive type of thread (which seems to be the general tone on the wam these days) how about we wait for someone with experience on the model asked about to chime in? I have not noticed any problems at all with running two power hungry amps through the P10 and I really like its soft start feature for high current devices. i was thinking of an AG1500 but a nice P10 popped up at a good price instead. Oh, and the pun wasn’t intended but it seems to fit.
  11. Streamer/DAC options

    I bought the PSU when I had a Mini but then bought the full blown Aries before I got around to using the Linear PSU with the Mini. It will go on the well known auction site the next time they email me with a £1 maximum fees offer. By the way, how do you charge your phones at home or do you have old fashioned wired ones? ie do you not have any wall wart chargers anywhere in the house. (thinking about what you said about not wanting to taint any of your pure leckitrickerty).
  12. Streamer/DAC options

    The need for that might be open to debate but I have a spare unused genuine Auralic Aries linear PSU if you end up with the Auralic Mini.
  13. That is a very interesting statement. I have just done a search on the internet for double blind speaker cable tests. The first two I came across showed a statistically significant preference for certain cables? I gave up looking after that. I am sorry but this thread is a complete waste of time.
  14. Keith, at some point you need to man up and accept that many amplifiers and DACs do indeed sound different. Equally, I am prepared to accept that some do indeed sound the same. But merely to try any claim that most amplifiers, pre amplifiers, DACs and cables all sound the same (correct me if I have incorrectly summarised your position) and it is only the lack of unsighted level matched conditions that prevents this is ludicrous.