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  1. It wasn’t just me though, it was everyone else in the room at the bake off. The best way though is always to listen to different ones in your own system. We had about 8 to listen to and they were all different.
  2. In the XLR bake off we had at my house the star quad cables all sounded slightly bright. The twisted pair ones generally sounded more natural. The length of all of them was 2m. My favourite ended up as being Beldon 8760 Equivalent which usually costs less than £2 per m and just solder on some XLR plugs.
  3. Exactly! Or even a Pass Labs - oh, wait we don’t need to imagine that because Nigel brought the (now similar) black ones round to my house and they sounded divine with my Pass Labs.
  4. Thank me anytime for introducing you to that album.
  5. Not promising as I haven’t heard it but do not dismiss it. I have been comparing a £2000 LPS to a £50 medical grade SMPS feeding a dac and yes there were differences but only the listener can decide if it is worth it.
  6. Indeed, and I have taken a pair of Mains WiFi Extenders to a friends house where he has a dedicated consumer unit and dedicated audio mains supply. I plugged one in the normal house ring main and the other in the dedicated audio mains. As you might guess they talked to each other quite happily thereby proving that there was no RF isolation between the two different mains circuits even though they were on different consumer units.
  7. I have seen good reports from people using the SBooster or MCRU or LDA with the 2Qute but don’t dismiss the iFi version which although an SMPS has very low noise and that at the end of the day is most of the benefit of using an after market power supply.
  8. Nick, thanks for listening. It is interesting what you heard when for me the difference in bass definition between the two was quite noticeable. Of course we probably have no overlap in our system specs apart from them both being plugged into the mains! With access to a removal truck it would be interesting to swop components from my system into yours until the point where you heard the same. I have loaned the two versions of the track to @TheFlash and it will be interesting to see if he hears it in his system having already heard a difference cogent he came over to me. Thanks again for reporting back and humouring me.
  9. I use Belden 8760 xlr cable with my ATC 150 active speakers and have yet to find anything better so will be interested to know how you get on.
  10. Sure, will do. I am playing with Sean Jacobs LPS supplies (he who does the supplies for the Innuos Statement etc) and am also looking at seeing how close I can get a SMPS to the sound of a good LPS.
  11. Keith, trying to play your normal (childish) games again? No none apart from you is suggesting that the Dave power supply is anything other than 'decent' or 'proper' to use your language. If you had bothered to read the link from Hummer you will have read at length what excellent characteristics it has and why it is used in the Dave. But as Tuga has suggested even Porsche, BMW and Mercedes engines are tuned and tweaked by after market firms to extract extra performance. Do you actually have anything constructive to contribute to this thread? Don't bother answering as I am also putting you back on ignore.
  12. Streamed is fine. I heard exactly the same differences with the streamed versions. Listen to the bass definition.
  13. Correct. Cost is always a factor, having a selling price of £8500 does not mean that there is no cost constraint for the cost of the power supply. I know how much the SMPS in the Dave costs and to get a LPS to outperform it would cost a LOT more. Then there is the physical size. The LPS I am using with the Dave is itself quite a bit bigger than the Dave.
  14. Possibly. Previous surgery on the Dave had created a 50cm umbilical lead coming out of the Dave to accept DC power from a LPS. I was merely plugging into that umbilical lead. The next mod is to remove the flying lead and install one or possibly two chassis sockets on the back of the Dave so that I can easily plug in a variety of power supplies for listening.
  15. Oh, you mean this PSU seen here being kept alive and with a beating heart outside the host body in the name of research. By the way, thanks for the link, I am active on Head-Fi and was aware of that post by RW. He is honest enough to say in that post, "its just a question of how much budget I have available to solve these issues". In all designs there are compromises, even in high end expensive ones, and that is why there is often room to tweak. As an aside I often discuss things direct with RW and he is gracious enough to accept when my tweaks give real improvement.