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  1. Fourlegs

    Valve amp suggestions for Harbeth 40.1

    I heartily recommend the icon audio mb845 mk2 as being a considerable step up from the mk1. The huge output tranny and other improvements make them very desirable.
  2. Fourlegs

    Chord M Scaler and Qutest DAC.

    Paul, if you can get one to borrow it will probably take you about an hour to decide! Perhaps even less. Do I take it from your avatar that you are in wales? If so I cannot help but if you are a migrant welsh person living near Melton Mowbray then you are welcome to try mine.
  3. Fourlegs

    Audia Flight Owner's Club

    I have it on my watch list. I am sure someone will give it a happy home and allow you to move the punctuation around.
  4. Fourlegs

    Sugden owners club

    Hilarious perhaps, but that is what happened. They just fudged the allowed voltage to fit what was there. Interesting. I have always had a soft spot for Sugden amps after having an A48 Mk1 from new many many years ago.
  5. Fourlegs

    Audia Flight Owner's Club

    If I take anything from today's listening session with the Audia Flight and Pass Labs it is that amplifiers DO sound different. I was prompted to post this because my wife has just said to me that she found today interesting because she could hear such a clear difference between the amplifiers (and no, it wasn't the classic "my wife said from the next room, what have you changed?" She was stood directly behind Nigel and me (when she should have been scrubbing floors etc). Audia Flight and Pass Labs are two very fine amplifiers indeed, they are both class A and they must both be be full of heavy bricks to weigh that much. So how come they sound so different? And more importantly how come some people think that all well measuring amplifiers sound the same when they clearly do not? For the moment all I know is that my (now empty) glass of Italian red wine was delicious, I enjoyed listening to the Audia Flight very much and that for anyone who likes the double bass on Till Brönner's A Thousand Kisses Deep then they could do worse than trying the first track on the second CD of Gregory Porter's Live in Berlin album. Turn it up loud and then listen to the whole album after the first track. I normally find his albums a bit sugary but this is much more raw energy.
  6. Fourlegs

    Audio Innovations Series 500 Amplifier

    I have always tried all the output taps on any valve amp and then stuck with what I thought sounded best. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere to use teh one that sounded loudest but that might be a false memory.
  7. Fourlegs

    ATC Owners Club

    Ah, Fun times ahead! Having heard an ATC pre amp with ATC actives, my own personal opinion is that I prefer something like a Music First Audio transformer passive preamp with the ATC actives. I find that much more transparent than the ATC preamp. On the other hand that is just my personal opinion and I know that others like the ATC preamps. Of course you can use more or less any preamp with the actives and as you say you could find a second hand one to use.
  8. Fourlegs

    Audia Flight Owner's Club

    The Audia Flight has been and is now gone. I think it made friends with the Pass labs twins. Thank you to Nigel for bringing his new friend over to play. Note that we paid particular attention to ensuring that both the Pass Labs and Audia Flight were powered from the same mains source to eradicate that as a variable.
  9. Fourlegs

    Audia Flight Owner's Club

    Waiting for @TheFlash to bring his Audia Flight amplifier this morning to make friends with my Pass Labs amplifiers. There is a nice space for it between them . . . . . .
  10. Fourlegs


    I also bought one. Then sold it fairly quickly. I will try to do some thoughts . . . .
  11. Unfortunately from my experience there is a good chance they have been driven too hard and the voice coil is rubbing but I have occasionally (once) been able to realign cones which were rubbing. Good luck and will be interested to see how you get on.
  12. Fourlegs

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    You are basically asking the wrong person if you think I can help. My car is 15 years old and will still do 120 and my hifi is worth several times the car value. My horses are worth more than the hifi. That is the right balance.
  13. Fourlegs

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    Just think how much home hifi you are missing out on by buying a lump of metal instead.
  14. Fourlegs

    Valve info

    I can see printed on the glass of your valves - "CV181 - T". The TII do sound better (IMHO). I might have a spare left over pair you can try but I will have to have a tidy up before I have any chance of finding them . . . . . . (the pair I photographed are old 'dud' ones). I found more or less everything sounded better than the pot belly!
  15. Fourlegs

    Valve info

    John, I tried those pot belly Psvane 6SN7 but didn't really get on with them. I thought that the Black Treasure you mention are Shuguang CV181-Z? My all time favourite 6SN7 is still the Psvane CV181 TII (photo of one of mine attached). Your photo of the Icon Audio looks like one of the earlier Psvane CV181-T as opposed to the TII.