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  1. Thanks Ovlov. Will look out for the LCD2. I can make my own cables, so will probably experiment.
  2. The closed back wood bodied ones. I may also be interested in a pair of LCD -2 or 3. PM me with what you have thanks
  3. Dan K

    Allnic H1200

    I'm looking for one of these in unmolested / near mint condition for a 2nd system. Please PM me if you're looking to sell Many thanks Dan
  4. Dan K

    SOLD: Rare Linn Ittok LVIII Mk2

    Darn it! I've been looking for one of these to fit my Alphason Sonata. If anyone has one please PM me. Thanks 😃
  5. Dan K

    DAC/Streamer Project

    A quick Google would suggest 'not yet'.
  6. Dan K

    DAC/Streamer Project

  7. Dan K

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Really interesting work Brum Jam (and David)...perhaps a stupid question, but have you compared the integrated DAC/server to a CCA using an optical interface? At £15 is a very cheap solution. Perhaps this is 'old hat' and a Pi is far better. I've no idea.
  8. Interesting stuff. The Concordant that looks to have just sold is the other one that I serviced. Eastone, that Croft/Teknifi was an Anode follower output, the Exhilarant is a cathode follower - it's designed for a SS power amp. Spen, if you have the space for one large box then go and buy the JVC integrated from Canada. You'll never need to think about DACs or phonostages or amps ever again. Job done. Dan
  9. Dan K

    WANTED reasonably cheap turntable

    I've a very nice Sony. Yours for £100 It's like new and on ebay right now
  10. Dan K

    For Sale - Concordant Exhilarant Line Preamp

    Still Still sale. Make me an offer!
  11. Dan K

    For Sale - Concordant Exhilarant Line Preamp

    Yes I do Ronnie. Send me a PM and it's yours.
  12. Dan K

    Wanted - Looking for a pair of 12AX7 tubes

    I've a pair of Sylvanian 12AD7's that I used to run in my Jolida FX DAC. Ultra low noise vibration proof direct replacement for the AX7 - £60 delivered in the uk.
  13. Dan K

    For Sale - notts analogue hyperspace and morch up4

    Very tempting, how does the Morch compare to a NIMA or a Notts arm?
  14. Can I interest you at all in a swap for a Concordant Pre? I'm in Shoreham during the week, so would be very easy to arrange.