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  1. Shakey_Studioincar

    B&W 803 Diamond / Plinius / Musical Fidelity / Peachtree

    Offers, you never know
  2. Shakey_Studioincar

    B&W 803 Diamond / Plinius / Musical Fidelity / Peachtree

    Up she goes
  3. Shakey_Studioincar

    B&W 803 Diamond / Plinius / Musical Fidelity / Peachtree

    I'm around pretty much all the time should anyone want to inspect/listen to any of this kit. Cheers, Carl.
  4. Shakey_Studioincar

    B&W 803 Diamond / Plinius / Musical Fidelity / Peachtree

    My apologies, I actually thought that price was per unit, I'm certainly not suggesting that's what they owe me. I'll amend that now. No phono stage in this pre, maybe an addition to the amp from Plinius or one of their own Koru Phono stages. Edit - Also, Joolz, I didn't get time to check them when I got home last night, I'll have a look this evening. Carl.
  5. Shakey_Studioincar

    B&W 803 Diamond / Plinius / Musical Fidelity / Peachtree

    Hi Joolz, I don't know how old the Plinius pair are, and I wouldn't like to say they've had any work done, certainly not by me. I will have a look this evening if there are any tell tails on the boxes for dates etc and let you know. Comparison wise, they have everything the Hautonga had but in a larger dose, more space, higher grip on whatever speaker you couple them with. I love the Plinius house sound and these pair are a definite step in the right direction, It's hard to explain really. What I find common with Plinius equipment is the way they just get hold of a speaker and make it sing to their tune, each speaker I use with them has responded fantastically. /fanboy I hope that helps, you're more than welcome to come and experience them, although my living room is dire at the moment, a bare-walls-wooden-floor nightmare. Bring rugs. Carl.
  6. Evening all. To start the shift out of most of my kit, I'm letting these four go. B&W 803 Diamond - £4500 Brand new boxes from B&W - These are 8/10 at the moment, the only reason I say that is because the previous owner obviously let their kids run wild with food/hand prints. They're currently in the detail bay having a full machine polish and possible PPF protection, either way, they'll be sealed and tip top. I'd much prefer collection, however, the boxes are brand new and more than capable to be shipped. PLINIUS M8/P10 COMBO £3500 Bought these to upgrade my Hautonga, which they did, by far. As with the bowers above they just aren't getting used and I can't really see them being used in the next 2 years, so they're off. Price is an absolute bargain compared to their new price, pretty sure one is still a current model. All have their respective boxes, billet remote, paperwork with matching S/N etc. Best amps I've had. Spotless condition. Again, I'd much prefer not to ship, but all original boxes etc are present so it isn't out of the question. Musical Fidelity M DAC mk2 £375 This is one of the newer version with asynchronous USB input. Brill DAC this, I've not had it long (6 months) and I spent £450, Take a look online for reviews etc but all the usual support, USB/COAX/SP-DIF etc. Balanced output also, this is how I used it. Peachtree Audio Nova 300 £1250 Big little integrated with DAC, looks killer and 300w to drive anything, very well regarded piece of kit this, especially at its price point. No box but can still ship, I do have the remote etc. I'm willing to do deals on multiples, I also have various cables I can chuck into deals, like Chord Co Epics, Balanced cables etc, I'll get round to listing more stuff individually if there are no multiples sold. Hope you've all had a great weekend, do yourself a favour and by my stuff so I can blow it on drugs, strippers and fast cars. Cheers, Carl - Portsmouth/Southampton. <3
  7. Shakey_Studioincar

    Just an update for those who may be interested

    Did you figure out why 9/10 fuses had blown?
  8. Shakey_Studioincar

    I'm getting the hump...

    Put her in the classifieds if I could mate.
  9. Shakey_Studioincar

    I'm getting the hump...

    Those big boys are just sat in the corner of the summer house not being used, I had them in the living room for around 24hrs a couple of weeks ago and my wife didn't speak to me for 2 days. Poor things, they're possibly my most sentimental piece considering the work it took to bring them back. The 911 is just an example as I'm working on one at the moment. Not sure I really like the way they drive. Half my problem at the moment is the business bought a van so I'm just driving that around all the time bored out of my mind. Keep the old Yam kit, sell the rest I reckon So, I listen to music constantly, its always playing in the house, the car, my workshop etc. I've got a Naim Unity Nova and Dynaudios in the living room which gets a couple of hours a week, at work I have two systems, Ns1000 + Arcam and a Peachtree Nova 300 with B&W 803 Diamond. These all get fair use but my main system has no home really, it's sat in a summer house outside at the moment and not really getting used at all. That said, music means more to me than any of my kit so with or without a system I'll still be constantly listening, and singing, likely dancing... My kids have a great time listening to music and even with them being 5 and 2 they understand daddies hifi bits. It may be time for a thin out, quite like you've done. I feel there's too much squeeze and not enough juice in my HIFI habbit. The only way around it I can see is to reduce the Squeeze to even up the ratio. Wise words Rabs, cheers <3 It's looking imminent! I think I have a list to write! Joolz, I'd rather thumb lifts than own a kit car. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, that's exactly where I'm at, it feels like it's just sat there and is not being used, it's through no fault of anyone really its just life at present. Money wise it's not really that I need or could do with the money, it's more so as hobbies go the amount for enjoyment it currently returns to me for the cost I could be doing other things I'll get more enjoyment from. God knows it's pissing me off. I think a lot of it spans from the fact I sold my M3 and Clubsport to fund the house, so now I'm without them to give me my fix, the house is nothing but a pain in the arse and ironically it's sucking up all my listening time. It's likely I've just got the hump for a few weeks while real life kicks me in the arse, it'll all come good in the end haha! ======== Cheers for all your input though lads, I knew I wouldn't have been the only one that's been here! Carl <3
  10. Shakey_Studioincar

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    They look fantastic ^^
  11. Shakey_Studioincar

    I'm getting the hump...

    Nigel, I'll likely just end up in the same position if I try and assemble a very best system. To be honest I can see my self being happiest with my old Yam CA1000ii and NS1000's and rid myself of the rest. Hi Danny, I have a headphone set up too. I'm a vile spendthrift. That said, it gets by far the most use. Actually, come to think of it I'm using it right now!
  12. Shakey_Studioincar

    I'm getting the hump...

    Found myself having a chat with one of the lads tonight about the fact I've got a ton of kit that I listen to around 1hr a week. Truth be told I've got a decent Porsche 911's worth of kit sat in and around various places not being used. Kids take up most of my time, which I absolutely love. New house eats up most of the rest of that time and my business has the rest. Maybe life's just in the way at the moment? Wondering if it's time for ten years off HIFI and put my pennies into something I'll actually get the chance to enjoy, rather than constantly buying equipment, persuading myself I need it and then never bloody listening to it! I'm having a meltdown. Anyone else got the hump? Previously had the hump? Help a brother out...
  13. Shakey_Studioincar

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    Absolutely. I agree on it being a better system than the majority of the others, in the most part I find it's the dynaudio drivers forcing their smooth house sound, but the VW system needs firing into space, it'll likely still piss people off up there.
  14. Shakey_Studioincar

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    I wouldn't let that trick you, the Dynaudio system installed with a pre-equalized useless VW head unit is nothing on the experience of a true Dynaudio speaker. Think big brands getting together to sell cars and you're on the right path. Their aftermarket car audio speakers, however, are incredible. Here's a part of what I do - Dyanudio - Mercedes E400 Burmester removal More than happy to speak at length on the topic. I have a set of special forty's also, and contour 60, and audien..... Oh god, I may have a problem.