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  1. I love painting speakers <3
  2. What a glorious little cupboard
  3. I’ve two sets of speakers and an amp that are a good ten years older than my wife and I.
  4. I'm cool with it how it is at the moment. I've stooped lower.
  5. I don't know lads, it's running in and is a nightmare to package/shift etc. I'll likely come over regardless but I doubt I'll have this deck. I could bring along a Pro-Ject debut carbon esprit for any interested parties. I can't take credit for the deck itself, but I think aesthetically the system works, or is starting to work! A little bit of cable tidying when I'm set on what I'm using, then a couple more boxes and we're good! >>> It's what Jake said! I'm not quite sure why I didn't mention its name.
  6. New deck turned up just in time for Christmas, all 57 Kilo's of it Really happy with how it sits with the amps. Hopefully will get some decent hours on it over the next week or so.
  7. I've got one too and I've never considered using DAB considering how good the internet radio is when I want to listen to it. Maybe the poster didn't/doesn't know the Naims capability with the Net radio feature of the Unity line. It's really very good.
  8. Does the DAB upgrade offer anything over the Net radio that the Unity Nova comes with as standard?
  9. Any chance of you coming anywhere near Portsmouth/Southampton? I'd love to take this off your hands but I've no way of collecting it!
  10. I'd love to take these, but I've no way of getting to collect them. No chance of shipping if I do the leg work? Other than packaging, of course.
  11. Great guy to deal with. The little 40's are currently sat on some stand 20's in my living room
  12. They're gorgeous! Local lad! I'm in Portchester, my workshop is in Segensworth/Whitely