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  1. Does the DAB upgrade offer anything over the Net radio that the Unity Nova comes with as standard?
  2. Any chance of you coming anywhere near Portsmouth/Southampton? I'd love to take this off your hands but I've no way of collecting it!
  3. I'd love to take these, but I've no way of getting to collect them. No chance of shipping if I do the leg work? Other than packaging, of course.
  4. Great guy to deal with. The little 40's are currently sat on some stand 20's in my living room
  5. Show us those bloody speakers Free bump.
  6. They're gorgeous! Local lad! I'm in Portchester, my workshop is in Segensworth/Whitely
  7. Incredible sounding speakers these, far bigger than their box count. Some of the most complete midrange/3D imaging I've ever owned.
  8. Apologies, not quite sure how I've missed the images out, it's in lovely condition. M1Dac (mk2, although notoriously there is no mention of this on any of the mk2 shells, just the appearance of the asynchronous USB port that the mk1 doesn't have) I hope that helps. Carl.