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  1. Shakey_Studioincar

    I need another service man.

    This sounds like my guy. Superior knowledge of onions is always a winner with me.
  2. Shakey_Studioincar

    Man caves...

    So, with our new house we inherited a 3.5x4mtrs summer house, it's a little bit more than useless as a room for me to do my thing in. So, my wife agrees that we need a 7x5 hard standing putting down the bottom of the garden and I can build on this for a home cinema and hifi room. Now, excuse me if I've missed other similar threads but I have a few questions I would like to ask, and maybe strike a discussion! 1, Is there a specific company people have used for such rooms? 2, A normal "summer house" affair is way to thin, leaks sound and is just no good. What sort of spec's am I looking to be quoted for to keep my sound in, keeping neighbours happy and keeping their noise out I suppose. 3, Who's been through this and done it before? What did you learn? I'd appreciate any help, it's not something I've done before and would really like not to have to do it twice. Many thanks, Carl <3
  3. Hi There,

    I don't know if I can help you but i run a repair, upgrade and new build service from Wimbledon, so reasonably easy to get to from Pompey! I specialise in valve equipment and Dacs, but do some other solid state stuff as well particularly upgrades. Here's my Website      If you search on HiFi Wigwam or AOS you'll find plenty of recommendations.



    1. Shakey_Studioincar


      Hi David, 

      I'll have a read through the website and get in touch!



  4. I'll have those stands off you Nigel if we can figure out a way of getting them down here!
  5. Shakey_Studioincar

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    Good topic this, I love chopping and changing different streamers/DACS. I've never understood higher-end integrated streamers, I just see them as awkward to use usually with some form of remote control or app control and clumsily trying to put all of my music into one control software for no gain in SQ. Alas, I'm not sure as I've not listened to enough of them I think, in the same scenario, for me to judge.
  6. Shakey_Studioincar

    I need another service man.

    I'm pretty sure Robin and I have already had the conversation, Pete, but something put me off. I can't quite remember what although I'm sure we'll cover it again if/when he has seen this post.
  7. Shakey_Studioincar

    I need another service man.

    Or woman. Truth be told I'm really fed up with the service I'm getting from my current amp repair/service/mod man. I go through a fair bit of kit, I like to keep my kit serviced and I have no preference on what kit I own really so it can vary as to what I have done. My question to you lovely lot is this - Who do you recommend to service/maintain my kit as if it were their own? Who can, if the case arises, be prepared to take equipment back if the fault/work isn't complete. I'm certainly not looking for cheap, I really don't mind spending money for what I want, but I detest wasting money on inferior services. Any help would be great, I'm the kind of guy that will keep a reliable source forever, but a bad (or at least badly managed) job will only ever be done once. I'm on the south coast, Portsmouth/Southampton, local(ish) would help but I'm not shy of travelling. Many thanks, I hope you've all had a great weekend. Carl.
  8. Shakey_Studioincar

    FS: Dynaudio Audience 70 speakers

    I'll buy the littl'uns off you if you fancy shipping? Drop me a PM and let me know if so. Thanks
  9. Shakey_Studioincar

    FS: Luxman Limited Edition Pre and Power Amps

    Bloody hell, gorgeous, have a bump <3
  10. Shakey_Studioincar

    Few bits to go (upgrade fund)

    No problem.
  11. Shakey_Studioincar

    Few bits to go (upgrade fund)

    I'll buy the EA2'S
  12. Shakey_Studioincar

    Amp for B&W 801d speakers

    You'd have no trouble finding that son of a bitch.
  13. Shakey_Studioincar

    WANTED - Luxman L530/550/590 etc

    You're right.
  14. Shakey_Studioincar

    WANTED - Luxman L530/550/590 etc

    I want to add a big Luxman integrated into my amp collection. I know there's a 550 on eBay but the guy's off his tits. Let me know what you may have In fact, I want to add all sorts of big 70's/80's/90's integrated amps so always worth letting me know. Thanks!
  15. Shakey_Studioincar

    SB Acoustics 16 MTM speakers - Troels Gravesen design

    Hi Gordon, Thanks for your reply, apologies for not picking it up until now. Fantastic hobby you have, very jealous! I've looked through your flickr, I'm also a flickr user ( Mostly work stuff ). If you dig deep enough you'll find some of my refurbishment speaker projects. I'd love to hear all of these builds, I especially like the illuminator 4 build you've done, not to mention the space shed! Do you document your builds anywhere online? Thanks for sharing! Carl.